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About Me


If there’s one thing that pisses me of, is when someone says these words “Anime is for Kids”?. It makes me so angry I feel like

sitting them down & playing them a clip of Parasyte. Then watching their reactions when they see someone get eaten alive. I just

had to get that off my chest. That being said, Thanks so much for clicking on my website. To show my appreciation, I will like to

tell you more about myself.

A Little Back Story

Going back to my early days when I was still a Greenhorn, I’ve always been into animes

like Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, Death Note as well as newer animes like One Punch Man, Attack

on Titan and other new animes that are currently airing.




So What’s My Goal?

The reason for launching this website is to air my Views and Rants about the Animes as well as the Video games  I Watch and

Play, how I feel about them  & how they, in turn, can affect your life Positively? . I’m also into other forms of entertainment

such as Movies,  Music, and Tv Shows so with time, I will also air my thoughts on those aspects as well.


Moreover, since I’m an Affiliate Marketer, I also love to  share links to some cool Anime artifacts like Mangas,

Bento Boxes, Earphones, Costumes and other cool gear on my website (for those interested in acquiring such loots). In

addition, I also promote an amazing affiliate program Called Wealthy Affiliate which could help anyone  (Beginner or expert)

make tons of recurring income online?. Which is basically a gateway to a Free and Elite Lifestyle .


Of course, you’re always free to share your views and thoughts on any post you find interesting in the comments (It doesn’t

matter if it’s good or bad) I will always do my best to reply to your comments?. So let me not take more of your precious time

reading about me. When you could be reading other  Amazing and Inspiring Anime/Gaming posts on my Website.

Also, don’t forget to share any post you find interesting with your friends and loved ones. Like and Follow my various social media

links like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest if you eventually become a fan of Elite Artifacts?.


One Last Thing

If you got time, feel free to check out the very first Youtube video I did explaining what Elite Artifacts is all about. If you love what

you see, then don’t forget to hit the Subscribe!!

Welcome To Elite Artifacts

Thanks So much for stopping by and reading my post. Hope you enjoyed it.

Till next time






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