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Anthem the Video Game: Can EA Surprise Us?


In case you haven’t heard, or you’ve been living under a Rock for the past year, the Brand-New IP EA & Bioware have been

working on called Anthem which some may refer to as “The Destiny Killer”, has been set to release during the First Quarter

of Next Year. Nonetheless, there’s been lots of concerns and speculations surrounding the game and that ’s because EA is

infamously known as the Buggy Men of Gaming since they employ Heavy Microtransactions in all their games. But after the

backlash, they got from their disastrous attempt at Star Wars Battle Front, some may think that EA might come back to their

senses & ease up on their “Greedy Predatory Loot Box Systems” and begin adopting better solutions in the implementation

of Micro Transactions (Or Just Get Rid of it entirely). These thoughts have constantly plagued my mind for quite some time,

which has finally urged me to present to you Guys and Girls, my Honest opinions on why Anthem the video Game might

just defy all odds and leave up to the Hype.

And those reasons are


  • Bioware’s need For Redemption

  • EA’s New Year comeback.


Bioware’s Need for Redemption.


Before the Catastrophe known as Andromeda, Bioware had always taken one of the top spots for being great game developers

which could be seen in their Mass Effect Games (especially 2 & 3). However, after the terrible release called  Andromeda,

gamers expectations were utterly crushed and as a result, the franchise was put on Ice (including future DLC for Andromeda) due

to the backlash and poor sales it got.

But that could all change because EA has given Bioware another opportunity to prove themselves worthy of earning that

top spot again. And Since EA is Notorious for shutting down studios, Bioware has begun to step up their efforts in the

development of Anthem to prevent the studio form taking its last breath in the gaming industry. Also, Bioware has done a

great job by showing off lots of Anthem Gameplay in order to clear some doubts as they work tirelessly on the game.

Which is why I believe Anthem the game has the potential to meet Gamers expectations this coming spring and that’s

because their desperate need for Redemption is the Fuel necessary to Make Anthem a Playable game without any Bugs 

& Frame Rate Drops this time around.


But That’s not the only reason I think Anthem is going to live up to the Hype this Spring and that’s because EA has a

chance to surprise us by pulling a fast Comeback next year.


EA’s New Year Comeback

Now it should come to no one’s surprise that Electronic Arts have constantly gone back to back, for claiming the title of  “Most

Hated Company in America”. And this is so because they impose Greedy Micro Transactions in most of their published

titles especially in sports games like Madden and FIFA. The worst could be seen when they tried to make gamers grind up

to 40 hours, in order to unlock One Main Character in Star Wars Battle Front which caused an uproar and as a result,

was later changed but it was too late because it had affected sales poorly. Moreover, they’ve been criticized heavily for their

statement claiming, “Single Player games are no longer Popular as they were in the past” which was debunked by

many gaming outlets including “Sony”. But all these Negatives listed, might all turn out to be a “Blessing in disguise” on

EA’s part because with the horrendous sales made from Battle Front, they can’t afford to piss off their shareholders & to

prevent this, Anthem has to perform extraordinarily well in sales. Meaning, they must do whatever it takes to make Anthem a

pleasant game for players (Which begins by excluding any form of Micro Transactions from the upcoming game.) 

The Fact that EA cares more about Profits than Gamers, gives me a valid reason to believe that they can pull a New year’s

comeback because they don’t want another repeat of Star Wars Battlefront incident which cost them a lot in Profit.


My Final Thoughts

Now let’s not deceive ourselves by expecting the Best out of Anthem the video game especially when rumors of it having a Ten-

year plan (just like destiny), is spreading like wildfire which to some gamers spells “DOOM” for the franchise. Also, since

Electronic Arts have the final say, I’m quite Positive they will be willing to Delay the game a Year longer if it means adding

some form of Micro Transactions to it.


So why do I still believe EA can surprise us?

Well, the truth is I don’t believe EA or likewise, any publisher like them. If you’ve taken notice of the new trend that has been

going on for some time now, Company’s often show off their best product in events such as E3 in order to generate “Pre-

Order Sales” that could boost profits overall. And once the Final Product is released, we are left with something entirely

different from the one we saw earlier, either in the form of Downgraded Graphics or Missing Mechanics that were

fpromised in the game. In essence, What I’m trying to say is the only thing we can do now is HOPE that Anthem the video game

doesn’t go through any drastic changes before its release. Come to think of it, EA can actually surprise us both in a

Positive and Negative way, however, we all hope it will be in a good way for the sake of Bioware and all other Gamers

wishing the same. After all, “Hope is what makes us strong. It is why we are here. And it is what we fight with when 

all else is lost (Pandora, God of war 3)”.


That’s it, I’m done Ranting!! & as usual, let me know your thoughts down in the comments below. Do you think EA can

actually defy all odds and surprise us with a great game next year?, or do you think they are a lost cause and no one

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As always, Thanks so much for reading my post. I truly appreciate it ??

Until next Time





  1. John

    EA have lost a lot of trust in the consumer due to their microtransaction policy. They have produced some brilliant games, but they seem to have this fascination with adding these transactions to all games. I was particularly bothered by the Star Wars battlefront 2 situation.
    Hopefully, it doesn’t impact BioWare too much and this game doesn’t get too delayed for the important party the customer.
    Thanks for the post

    • Kemdi

      Your Welcome John 

      Ea are scumbags but we hope they dont interfere so much with Bioware this time  

  2. Renton

    Alas! There may be light at the end of the tunnel for EA Games! Quite Frankly I terribly miss the days when you could buy a game once, and through dedication and perseverance you could actually accomplish goals and unlock stuff. I understand that game makers also need to make money, but its like you can’t even walk in a game without having to buy and download stuff! Want a left leg? DLC Want a right arm Microtransaction. I know that seems a bit extreme but that’s what it’s like playing games these days.

    This is why I have gone back to PS2 games, the graphic compared to now are obviously worlds apart but the lack of interference and general attention to the stories and actual fun are something the some of the newer games have lost (like Battlefront). Even Battlefront on ps2 was better than the new one!

    PS: God of War is great on any console. Yes, I am biased.

    • Kemdi

      lmaoooo Your not wrong to think that way Renton 

      Games these days aren’t what they used to be in the past so i dont blame you for going back to old Ps2 games

      Lets just hope Ea and Bioware can deliver on Anthem  next Year 


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