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BloodBorne The Game: Best Soul’s Game Ever ??


Every gamer reaches a certain point in their gaming career where they reluctantly ask themselves a sinister question which is

CAN I ACTUALLY BEAT THIS GAME???‍♂️.The reason why this is so Disturbing to ask, or even think about is that before

that very moment, you had played several games and obtained the necessary skills to surmount that ordeal. But for some reason,

you find yourself struggling to pass a certain level or Boss in the current one you’re playing. And since I am just an average

gamer, I Too have come face to face with the same dilemma. Which saddens me to say that the first game to ever bring me to my

Knees is the one called BloodBorne. And if you’re a seasoned veteran in gaming, then you should be aware that the Soul’s

games (Dark Souls, Demon Souls etc) can be Unforgiven and Brutal in terms of the way their gameplay is structured. And me

being a Foolish Gamer, jumped right in without giving it any second thought (Since it was a Sony Exclusive). And as a result, I

swiftly got decimated by the evil creatures in the game. However, after one year of trial and error, I finally conquered

BloodBorne the game and even got the Platinum trophy as a reward. Though what I’m about to say may sound Funny or come

as a Joke to some readers, it should be known that this game literally changed my life (for the better). Which is why I am about to

give you MY TWO reasons why I feel Bloodborne the game should be rewarded the title of Best Souls Game ever created.


Now Just to be clear, my two reasons are not going to be based solely on how the game was Created nor the gameplay itself.

However, it’s going to be centered on how BloodBorne the game can affect one’s life Positively (Even though it’s filled with

Violence and Gore). So Without further delay, my two reasons include:









Patience indeed is a Virtue. Which is one that I lacked before venturing into the game known as Bloodborne. if you’re an

expert Souls Gamer, then you must be aware that beating a game like Bloodborne requires a degree of Patience in order to

dodge some of the Gruesome attacks executed by those unruly beasts that have chosen to take refuge in Yahrnahn (an

environment littered with booby traps that spell GAME OVER to all those who fall prey). Moreover, before playing bloodborne, I

had never spent so much time trying to beat a game in my Life?. The reason being that I would always rush the process and not

spare some time to experience the true nature of the game. My guess is because gaming has gotten so much easier to the point

where beating a game takes the average gamer a week or two to complete. However, when it comes to a game like Bloodborne, it

would require  nothing less than 4-5 weeks to complete (Unless you’ve played a souls game in the past.)Nonetheless, the reason I

use patience as a point in my post is not to argue how long it will take to beat the game. Rather, its to show and prove my point on

how Bloodborne can convert one into a Patient Human being.


Being patient doesn’t just mean waiting for something but, knowing When & How to act in any given circumstance. These days

you often hear the words Now or Never uttered time again because most people are always looking for Immediate results. Also

in most cases, we tend to rush and never take the time to fully understand the extent of our Tasks or Problems. However with

Patience, one can invest meaningful time in anything without Giving Up or Giving In when Pressure comes. And the best way

to acquire such a skill is by playing a hard game like BloodBorne. Whereby it teaches you how to control the Impulse to not act

on the desire to win or defeat a boss quickly (even though you may have the upper hand in the fight) In theory, BloodBorne

instills in you, the ability to appreciate the Slow and Steady route. This eventually turns you into a Patient individual that is

highly regarded in today’s society. That is why BloodBorne is an Amazing game in my opinion. But Patience is not the only

reason I think Bloodborne the game should be rewarded the title of Best Souls Game ever created. Because above everything, one

must possess the ability to Persevere in order to achieve success and become the best version of themselves.




I’m quite positive that most of you reading have come across these words “Perseverance leads to success”. Well believe or

not, but those same words also align and resonate in Bloodborne, which will be discussed further in a brief moment. However,

before that happens, lets elaborate more on what it actually means to Persevere.

Perseverance is simply the ability to keep doing something in spite of obstacles that SHALL arise on the way. And if you’ve

played Bloodborne and beaten it in its fullness (including the DLC), then you probably know that the game is designed to make

you or anyone that plays it SUFFER?. This suffering goes beyond Perseverance in my opinion because dying 117 times to the

“Blood Starved Beast” can make anyone lose all hope as a gamer. However, that’s what makes BloodBorne a great game. It

doesn’t give you victory on a Silver plater like most games do these days.  It forces you to strive to the very end no matter how

unfair the circumstance might be for the player.


Before playing Bloodborne, I never had it in me to persevere. Once things got heated or tough, I quickly pulled out and

withdrew from the situation without even trying or giving the issue a second thought. Which is what most of us do when we feel

backed into a corner. We withdraw from the tense situation and feel the need to run without putting up a fight. Running from

our Fears is what everyone seems to be good at doing. But in the end, running only makes us Weak as well as prolong the

inevitable. However, beating a game like Bloodborne has made me realize that sometimes one needs to Persevere to the very

end in order to be successful in whatever they do. Dying multiple times is Painful and Excruciating but that pain is what

separates the Winners from losers in both fields (Game and life). Which is why I truly believe BloodBorne, is the Best Souls

Game ever created. And with no doubt, can affect one’s life in a positive way.



My Final Thoughts.


Now it’s very clear that the creators of Bloodborne (Japan Studios) had very Bad childhoods while growing up. And I say this

not because I know them personally. However, it will only take a disturbed mind to come up with the various beasts seen in

Bloodborne (Orphan of Kos). Nonetheless, these same unsettling beasts can also serve as a Double-Edged Sword to Some

because to beat a Great game like Bloodborne, you must possess the skills of Patience & Perseverance. Qualities that are also

guaranteed to make one a positive and better person in the real world. Furthermore, even though Bloodborne was released 4

years ago (March 2015), it is still played by many gamers worldwide who also want to experience the feeling of being a Crescent

Moon Hunter. Which serves as a  testament to how great BloodBorne the game really is. Therefore, making Bloodborne the

Greatest souls game made for Elite Gamers?.


Well, That’s my BloodBorne Review. Let me know what you guys and girls think in the comments below. Do you think

BloodBorne is a great Souls game that still deserves the attention it gets till this day OR you prefer Dark Souls, Nioh or the

upcoming Sekiro! In addition, if you’ve played BloodBorne let me know your Hardest Boss Fight in the comments.

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Bloodborne Youtube Video


As usual, thanks so much for reading my Post. I really appreciate it??.

Until Next Time






  1. Mike Viray

    Nice write-up you got here. It’s always nice to hear from gamers through blogs and personal websites. I’ve heard about the epic difficulty surrounding the soul’s games but haven’t tried them yet. How would you compare this against the more recent sekiro? Would it be harder or relatively easier?

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Kemdi

      Hey Mike Thanks for your comment 🙏🏽

      I just ordered Sekiro So I don’t know how Hard the difficulty is compared to BloodBorne 

      But once I play it ill do a comparison  review on my website and inform you  👍🏽

  2. Fabio

    You will die. About 1 million times. I don’t know how people enjoy that. I don’t. The graphics are good, the environment and engagement into this game are great. But they really need to add an easy mode for those who don’t enjoy playing every game on the most difficult level. It reminds me of Megaman. You basically need to memorize each level and what’s coming next.

    • Kemdi

      Lmaoooooo 😂😂😂😂

      I feel your pain Fabio But that’s what’s fun about the game.

      I lost count of how many times I died before I finally beat the game but I don’t think mines up to a million😂. Never played Megaman tho but I’ve heard about it.

      Thanks for your comment really appreciate it  🙏🏽

  3. alexandra

    This game looks awesome. I have played Dark Souls before, but that was a while ago. I love the look of this games and I actually like that it takes a bit longer to finish. I wonder if Bloodborne will be as scary as Dark Souls. I freak easy, especially when I get into the game but that’s what’s fun about it. I do like your list on why Bloodborne is the best souls game ever made and how it does teach you things. Great review on Bloodborne.

    • Kemdi

      Thanks So much for your Comment Alexandra 🙏🏽 

      If you’ve played Dark Souls then you’ll have no problem in Bloodborne. Bloodborne is more fast-paced than Dark Souls so you might find it less challenging than Dark Souls. The only one I played was Dark Souls 3 and compared to BloodBorne its a nightmare. I’m still yet to finish the game but one day ill beat it for sure.👍🏽

      And maybe talk about it in my gaming rants  😂

  4. akshaysaxena

    Awesome Kemdi, I actually just heard about this game from my cousin, who’s a gamer. But never played it myself. After reading your article I feel compelled to try it out. 

    Your article is very much complete yet precise and left me with no further questions. Also, you mentioned some awesome games that are upcoming, that’s really cool. 

    Thanks for sharing.

     I’ll share with my friends as well. 


    • Kemdi

      No Problem 

      You should give it a shot. But I must warn. Before You embark on your journey, you must have patience and be prepared to die 

      A lot 😂

  5. Brent

    Great review on bloodborne. This game is so challenging and consume a lot of time though. But yet I must agree with you that it teaches patience and perseverance. I really struggled to beat those monsters. Also spent a lot of time in some areas. I think most people may lost interest in playing bloodborne because of the difficulty in beating those monsters.  but I personally like the challenge and fun in the process. 

    Great job!

    • Kemdi

      Thanks so much, Brent 🙏🏽

      You made a good point Most people abandon the game due to its insane difficulty 

      I also ran away but I came back cause I couldn’t  take the L  😂

      Also just like you, I like the challenge it brings cause it’s exciting to see those  beasts fall after a long drawn battle 

  6. matthew

    Hi. I like your review on Bloodborne  

    After reading the initial reviews of this game, it was one I decided not to play. 

    The thought of starting it and finding it impossible to finish is not something I wanted to get into. After reading your review and knowing it took you a year to complete, I guess I was right. Props off to you for your perseverance and patience in completing the game. Your skill levels must be amazing. 

    I don’t like the Gore tho. Why do you think they have to make these games so gory, is it purely for the shock value?

    Take care and thanks for sharing. 

    • Kemdi

      Hey Mathew Thanks for commenting 

      Yep, it took me a year but at the end, I succeeded in beating the game and getting the Platinum Trophy. But i took lots of breaks so that’s why it took me that long. 

      However, when it comes to games being Gory,  there’s an ESRB body that enforces ratings, advertising guidelines, and online privacy principles which the video game industry adopts

      Nonetheless, Games aren’t the only entertainment media that have gore content in them. Many movies and shows these days have so much gore and even sexual content which go unchecked every day. Video games may have gore but its nothing compared to other forms of entertainment.

      Brought up a good point. Really appreciate your comment 🙏🏽

  7. Topazdude

    Hey Kemdi, Good review post on BloodBorne. Having played BloodBorne, I know for a fact its is a wonderful experience. Just as you mentioned, it does test some basic characters of life like perseverance and patience. I can categorically say you do need patience and have to be willing to work out Bloodborne’s rhythms. And at its worst, that won’t always seem fun. It doesn’t go easy on you, and you really have to try hard at times to progress especially with the bosses. Few games ask this of you these days. Bloodborne’s journey seems more vital &  memorable. And its tense moments gets my heart-pounding. To see all it has to offer requires upwards of 40 hours, but mostly, this game is all about the journey, not the final destination. Thanks for sharing this wonderful review.

    • Kemdi

      You Hit the nail on the Head when you said its all about the Journey and not the Destination👍🏽.

      That’s exactly the fundamental goal Bloodborne is trying to convey in my opinion. 

      Thanks so much for your comment. much appreciated 🙏🏽

  8. Md moinul Islam

    This is an amazing review I played this game a while ago. Your absolutely right when you say it teaches gamers patience and perseverance. I really struggled to beat those monsters. I never finished the game but I feel like picking it back up after reading your review. I’ve also heard of other games like Dark Souls and Nioh what do you think about those?  Thanks for sharing

    • Kemdi

      You should definitely pick the game back up for another playthrough 

      When it comes to Nioh, I haven’t played that game yet, however, I’ve played Dark Souls and it was a nightmare compared to BloodBorne💀 ( In my opinion ).

      Thanks for your comment really appreciate it 🙏🏽

  9. Jay

    I have to say this is a really interesting post. One thing I really hate are games that are too easy. I normally like to play the most difficult option in a game because I feel it makes me enjoy the game more. I cannot stand playing easy mode or even normal mode.

    I have heard about bloodborne but haven’t played it. From the way you described it, it sure seems it’s going to be exactly what I want in a game. I like the way you review the game in the form of patience and perseverance. That was a creative way to look at the game. 

    • Kemdi

      Hey Jay 

      I think you and I have the same taste when it comes to games. However, it seems like you’re more Hardened cause if I am given an option, i wont willingly choose the most difficult level except ive played other levels and experienced the game (especially if its a game ive never played before.)

      Since you’re into hard games you should definitely give Bloodborne a try since its difficult from the start and won’t give you the option of selecting a preferred difficulty 

      Thanks so much for your comment. really appreciate 🙏🏽

  10. Ranao

    Hello Kemdi,

    This is really an amazing experience you have achieved from the game BloodBorne. Patience and perseverance are the basic weapons we always carry on the journey of success. But most of the time we forget to utilize it and make ourselves helpless. I think that you are very lucky for achieving these important qualities through this game. I didn’t play this game yet. But after reading your thoughts about this game BloodBorne, I just wanted to have a try. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience.
    Always happy go lucky.

    Best wishes,

    • Kemdi

      Thanks Ranao🙏🏽

      Really appreciate your feedback. I think it’s great you’re giving BloodBorne a chance. But I must warn you it can get really hard and painful in the beginning but once you get the hang of it, you’ll see the benefits and, truly appreciate why it’s loved by many Elite gamers 😎


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