September 27, 2021

4 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Forsaken : Will it Flop?

  1. Hey Kemdi,

    So i’m right there with you in hoping that the destiny 2 game will be a success. I really like the way you you completely break down why you think the next installation will succeed. Unfortunately, I think Bungie got a one trick pony with the destiny line. I personally liked the first game ,though I suppose I did come in after the second patch,. The problem i see is that once the novelty of the variation on the first person shooter mechanics wore off the remaining product was just another iffy fps.

    While I think it will have marginal success I do not think it will go down as a great or genre aligning game.

    With all sympathy and hope,

    1. I understand Atlas 

      Bungie have gotten better at marketing “Rubbish” so i see where you’re coming from.Thats why all we can do right now is just watch and hope for the best 

  2. Hey,
    I was really interested in your post, I am still a bit unsure as to whether Destiny 2 is worth it – I did enjoy the first one, but can’t see what is really that different for the cost. I don’t tend to go for the expansions unless the story is totally worth it.
    Is Destiny 2 worth it, how much has changed since the first one? thanks in advance

    1. Your Welcome John 

      Destiny 1 actually launched broken but ended up good at the end of the day 

      Destiny 2 on the other hand launched Shity but after the forsaken dropped, most of the  issues plaguing the game were fixed making it better with lots of interesting missions especially when hunting the Barrons and exploring the Dreaming City 

      I wont say it flopped but it could always be better in my opinion. 

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