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Destiny 2 Forsaken : Will it Flop?


I don’t think I’m the only one that feels this way, but most if not all of us have a Love-Hate

Relationship with the game called Destiny. Ever since its initial launch in September 2014, the

game has gone through a series of ups and downs dragging people like me along the ride. But after

3 years of torment, I decided to take things at my own pace by purchasing the base game

only without the two Silly expansions.


Well, that’s simply because I don’t enjoy falling for the same trick Twice since I knew it was going

to be the same nonsense all over again. Which is why I’m so sure Destiny 2 Forsaken

Expansion, bound to release this Fall will be the Saving Grace that puts Bungie back on the spotlight as Elite Game 

Developers. However, my Logic will not be based entirely on the content coming in Year Two but explaining  3 simple

reasons why Bungie cannot mess-up a second time. And  those three reasons are


  • Track record
  • Constant Losing Streak &
  • Competition

Track Record

Now, what do I mean by Bungie’s Track record?

As I said in my intro, it took three years for the original Destiny to reach its Prime. However, within those three years, they 

were Mishaps along the way especially in the early years of Destiny which

included the Game, The Dark Within and House of Wolves (Which were

horrible, to say the least).  However, the game did a 360 when year 2 launched

with the Taken King which put the game back on top. Well, I don’t know about

you guys but if there’s something I’ve noticed in this world, it’s the fact that

“History always Repeats itself”. Knowing this, it won’t take Rocket

science for anyone to realize that they will pull the same nonsense with Destiny 2 where the first year of the game will be

complete Trash while the second year (The Forsaken Expansion) will mark the beginning of success for the franchise.

If you think this is just a mere coincidence, then why did they take away everything that made the 1st Destiny Great 

(including private matches)? I believe they wanted to start afresh with the same process of having us fix their broken game

in the first year and enjoy our Efforts in the second year. And right there is one reason I feel Destiny 2 Forsaken 

Expansion cannot flop.


But wait,


That is not the only reason why Bungie cannot afford to fail this time because above every other thing, they must break

their “Constant Losing streak” if they want to gain the people’s trust again.


Losing Streak

It shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise that Bungie has been taking “l’s” on a day

today basis which can be seen from their online forums and other YouTube

channels dedicated to dissing the game.  However, I don’t think all the criticisms

thrown against them are unnecessary because once upon a time before Destiny,

Bungie was famed for having one of the best FPS game which was “Halo”. If you

can recall in the past when Bungie released a new Halo game, it was always greeted with open arms and that wasn’t because Halo

was a perfect game. Rather they showed love and respect to not just their game but to all gamers who played the game because

what you saw in the trailers was what you got at the end. On the contrary, when Destiny trailer was revealed for the first time,

Fans were promised a whole lot of things from the start but received little (with most of the content locked behind DLC) when

the game released. The same could be said for Destiny 2. With the promise of newer gear and weapons in Destiny 2 at the

expense of our old exotic ones (Which were later reintroduced into the game), Coupled with their shady Microtrasactions

governed by lady Eververse & their constant lies of the fixes being made but never reflected in the game have all contributed to

the Constant L’s, Bungie has been taking all year Long. Which is why I believe Destiny 2 Forsaken will not Bomb. Because

apart from Electronic Arts (EA) and a few other companies who are regarded as the “kingpins” in the Gaming Industry (due

to their intense MicroTransactions), Bungie have also followed in their footsteps and taken a dark turn with Destiny, However

I have faith they’ll rather go down as Heroes than stay long enough to watch themselves become the new gaming villains.


Nonetheless, there’s 1 more reason.


And this is the most Vital Factor of the three listed.

Because if there’s one “Trump Card” that can stop Bungie from making Destiny 2 Forsaken a complete disaster this fall,

is the level of Competition they must face.



Last and definitely not least is “Competition” which is arguably the most important reason out of the three. It goes without 

saying that “Money always Talks” especially in today’s society. But this

can be perceived as a good or bad thing specifically when it comes to the

game called Destiny 2. You see, with the exception of The Forsaken

Expansion, there are other triple-A games that are also set to release this

fall alongside Destiny 2’s DLC. Examples being


  • Marvel’s Spiderman
  • Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Call of Duty: Black ops 4 etc.


Which is why The forsaken cannot allow failure and that is due to the level of competition it must tangle with. Moreover,

this should be great for Bungie because “Competition always breeds innovation which goes hand in hand with 

success”. With lack of Competition and no one to butt heads with Destiny 2 Forsaken, there will be little incentive for

Bungie to bring their “A” game to the table which will lead to a mediocre expansion that will lead to bad reviews and poor

sales. So the only solution to this Dilemma is to make Destiny 2 Forsaken as good as possible so that gamers will

have an Easier Choice when selecting the games they want to play with their friends this fall.


My Final Thoughts

The fact that you’ve read to this point just shows how much you and I care about the

game called Destiny. To be honest, Destiny is regarded as one of my Best FPS games

and that’s solely due to the fine shooting mechanics Bungie implements in the game.

However, at the same time their shady Microtransactions, Constant lies about the

game & other stupid business practices, makes me want to scream at the top of my

lungs on how Destiny is the worst Game I’ve ever played. That is why I Hope and Pray that the Forsaken Expansion will be the

last straw in terms of negativity and the beginning of success for the Franchise. In addition, they are making bold moves to

ensure the Expansion will be a success by implementing new things such as


  • 9 new suppers split between the Three Sub Classes!
  • A New PVP/PVE Game mode called Gambit!!. 
  • New enemies with 8 new Barons to hunt down!!!.
  • A New location including the brand-new Dreaming City in the Raid!!!!.
  • New weapons & New weapon slots including Random Rolls!!!!!.


It just goes without saying that Bungie is on their last leg and for them to make a comeback, they need to hold nothing back with

the new Destiny 2 Forsaken Expansion. That’s what solidifies my Resolve in trusting them one last time to deliver on their




But enough about what I think


Let me know in the comments how you feel about the new Expansion coming this fall. Do you think it’s going to be a success? Or

it’s going to flop again just like the other two before it. I’ve also heard some people say they are appalled at the business practices

Bungie has been on lately and because of that, they want no part in the Forsaken expansion. Are you one of these people? Or

you’re just not into games like Destiny?. Tell me your thoughts and I will do my best to reply to each one of them. Also, if you’re a

PC Gamer, you will be interested in the amazing discounts “FANATICAL”  gives when making a purchase from their website.

They have Soo Many  games to offer at great prices. Maybe I might do a review on them someday so feel free to  let me Know

what you think?.


Well, That’s it for today. Thanks so much for reading my post!!. I Need to go now and re-install my Destiny to prepare for

“The Forsaken.”


Till Next time






  1. Atlas

    Hey Kemdi,

    So i’m right there with you in hoping that the destiny 2 game will be a success. I really like the way you you completely break down why you think the next installation will succeed. Unfortunately, I think Bungie got a one trick pony with the destiny line. I personally liked the first game ,though I suppose I did come in after the second patch,. The problem i see is that once the novelty of the variation on the first person shooter mechanics wore off the remaining product was just another iffy fps.

    While I think it will have marginal success I do not think it will go down as a great or genre aligning game.

    With all sympathy and hope,

    • Kemdi

      I understand Atlas 

      Bungie have gotten better at marketing “Rubbish” so i see where you’re coming from.Thats why all we can do right now is just watch and hope for the best 

  2. John

    I was really interested in your post, I am still a bit unsure as to whether Destiny 2 is worth it – I did enjoy the first one, but can’t see what is really that different for the cost. I don’t tend to go for the expansions unless the story is totally worth it.
    Is Destiny 2 worth it, how much has changed since the first one? thanks in advance

    • Kemdi

      Your Welcome John 

      Destiny 1 actually launched broken but ended up good at the end of the day 

      Destiny 2 on the other hand launched Shity but after the forsaken dropped, most of the  issues plaguing the game were fixed making it better with lots of interesting missions especially when hunting the Barrons and exploring the Dreaming City 

      I wont say it flopped but it could always be better in my opinion. 


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