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Edward Newgate: The Importance of a Family


One of the greatest relationship I’ve ever seen on earth is one between a Parent and a Child (Children). The reason this Bond is

so amazing is that the parent has nothing to gain from their child’s Success but, has so much to lose from their child’s Failure.

And most times, the reason a parent would choose to Sacrifice so much for their kid is because they are Biologically related.

Which makes it hard to stop supporting them or worse, abandon them when they (kids) are in dire need of assistance. However,

that doesn’t mean a parent must be biologically related to a child in order to exhibit such love.  Edward Newgate (aka

Whitebeard?) understood this very well because, above everything, all he truly desired was a Family whereby he acted as the

parent and he’s subordinates acted as his kids. That’s why they were one of the greatest pirate crew that ever sailed the

Grandline. Because nothing could break the Strong relationship of the whitebeard family. For that reason, I feel it’s necessary

to discuss the Importance of having a family as well as the Strength it offers when all hope seems to be lost. And I will explain

by giving 2 simple reasons which are:







Edward Newgate & Portgas D Ace

To most people, Honesty connotes positive and virtuous qualities such as integrity, truthfulness and being straightforward.

But that’s not all. because to me, Honesty also involves having important attributes such as being Trustworthy, Loyal, Fair,

and Sincere no matter who’s involved or what occasion you might find yourself. And TBH, the most honest people you will ever

come across in your life are your Family. And that’s because they have no reason to be untrustworthy, disloyal and

Insincere with you ANYTIME. Sometimes we get amazing comments and compliments from our friends and other folks,

who just want to be around for the fun of hanging out. Which is why they will say things that aren’t true in order to get you to like

them. However, when you seek help or advice from a family member, they often come out as Cold or Negative towards your

opinion(s). But the reason they come across this way is because they must be Objective at all times to give you the best answer

which comes from being Sincere and honest.

A good example of this can be seen is the life of Edward Newgate during the War of the Best. In episode (482) after Luffy

rescued Ace from captivity, Whitebeard asked Ace if he had been a good father to him as well as other subordinates. Since he

knew he was on the verge of death. Whereby, Ace fell to his knees and assured him that he had been the greatest father he had

ever had (even though Gol D Roger was his actual father). The reason I find this scene to be very Moving and Inspiring is

simply because despite all the appraisals he had gotten in the past, (which came from various islands as well as people he had

assisted along the way) he still felt it was necessary to ask that question. Because, while others viewed him as a great pirate (which

plagued their judgments), Ace, on the other hand, viewed him as a Father. To which he showed Truthfulness and Sincerity at

all times.


You See

Having a family keeps you in check at all times. Because they are always going to be the first to inform you about what’s

True and what’s False in any condition.  Which stems from the ability of being Sincere and Honest. However, that’s just 50%

of what makes a family very important in the real world. And that’s because the other half comes from the Undying Support a

family can offer when your back is against the wall.




Edward Newgate

There is a saying that “Good friends always support each other in times of need”. However, the problem with this is the

fact that after a while, the support given by a friend begins to diminish (especially when there’s no benefit to be gained). But on

the contrary, the support one receives from a family is Unending. Simply because there is nothing a family desire’s more than

seeing a member achieve Success from their own (family) endeavors. Some may argue that friends still offer Undying support

to one another as long as they understand each other & have experienced life together. But I beg the differ because every

“friend” has his or her own goals in life. And that goal is always going to get in the way of the support being offered. However, no

goal can come between the support given to you by your family.

To explain further, I will use Edward Newgate as an example. During the Paramount war, Whitebeard brought with him

16 commanders to combat the Navy & 7 warlords. However, those weren’t the only people he had by his side. Because in

addition to the sixteen commanders, he brought an entire fleet of New World Pirates who got their own Pirate crew to assist

White Beard in battle. One might ask why another Pirate who has Dreams, would be willing to assist another pirate team

(especially given the scenario). But the answer is simple because whenever a family is in need of help, all Goals are set aside in

order to back another member. (even if it means suffering or dying on their behalf).

In Life, When the going gets Tough, Sometimes, your friends might abandon you. However, your family would Never leave you

to suffer by yourself. Because, if there’s one thing families are good at doing is SUPPORTING one another during times of great

peril. Just as Edward Newgate and his entire Pirate Family? came together as ONE to assist and rescue Ace from bondage.


My Final Thoughts

Edward Newgate & Whitebeard Pirates

Just to be clear, a family mustn’t be related Biologically to show love and support to each other. Sometimes, a family that’s

related by blood might turn out to be very Distant from one another. For example, if you take a close look at the Big

Mom Pirates, you would discover that Even though most of them are biologically related, they still lack Trust and don’t value

each other in comparison to the Whitebeard pirates?. That’s why it’s important to understand that a family isn’t just

about Blood rather, It’s about the people in your life who want you in theirs, the ones who accept you for who you are and,

would do anything to Support and love you no matter what. That’s why Edward Newgate desired one above any

Treasure (including the One Piece ?) because the best place to get genuine Honesty and Support (at all times) are from

those you’ve chosen to belong to which most refer to as a Family.


Now that’s all I have to say. But let me know thy thoughts in the comments below. Do you think a family is the best place to

receive Honesty and Support at all times just as Whitebeard OR, they are just Fake and shouldn’t be valued so much?

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As always, Thanks so much for reading my post. Really appreciate it??


Until next Time








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