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Elegant Kings: Not So Elegant After All?


I normally do not recommend anyone buying Artifacts such as Watches and Jewelry online since they might appear

one way in the picture, however, the product sent to you will turn out to be nothing close to the one seen on the website. That

withstanding, Elegant Kings of Norway (which is a fairly new company) has distinguished themselves as one

of the very few that offers quality products at the cost of nothing (Minus Shipping) which is something you don’t see every

day especially from companies that sell products like Chains and Watches. However, with all that praise they get from me,

there is something quite important you need to know about Elegant Kings Shipping before making a purchase with them.

But we will discuss more of that in the review of Elegant Kings.


Name: Elegant Kings of Norway

Website: elegantkings.com

Affiliate Signup: Elegant Kings

Products: Watches Chains and Bracelets

Quality: 4.0 out of 5.0

Shipping & Payment: 3.9 out of 5.0

Price: $0.00

My Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0


Elegant Kings Quality: Not your Everyday Rolex or Michael Kor but can still Put up a Fight!!

Elegant Kings

The watches and bracelets sold at Elegant Kings is in my opinion great quality for products which are given for free. It’s also

true that they don’t come close to famous trademarks like Gucci or Rolex however, the idea behind their brand is to give

people the opportunity to look their best without having to pay a huge sum to appear or feel that way. A good example of

this can be seen with myself & that’s because when I got my Hotz watch from Elegant Kings, I was praised by my peers for

procuring such a fancy Timepiece (Little did they know I got it for basically nothing) Moreover, the reason why all their

products are free is due to a simple marketing strategy called “Word of Mouth”.

You See, Elegant Kings Of Norway firmly believe that Word of Mouth is a strong marketing technique and, by having

thousands of satisfied customers who share their online store with friends, family, and colleagues, it grows their customer

base, which in turn generates sales of their products. So instead of investing several thousand in marketing like Facebook

ads or google ads, they choose to invest in YOU the CUSTOMER.

However, with all their noble deeds of giving stuff for free, there is something to be said about the Shipping at Elegant

Kings which will be covered in the Shipping and Payment phase of my review. But before that, Click Here to find out more

about Elegant Kings



Elegant Kings Shipping & Payment: All it Takes is a little Patience

Elegant Kings Shipping

If you noticed at the beginning of my Review, I was dropping hints on the fact that there’s something Noteworthy of

Elegant Kings Shipping. But before we get to the Needy Greedy, let it be known that the reason why Elegant Kings gets a

3.9 rating from ME, for their Shipping and Payment, is because they offer “Worldwide Shipping” which is a Factor I Firmly

view as a Plus in my books. But the Sad part is you must wait 30 Days for your order to arrive (for Regular Shipping)

meaning if you don’t have patience, then you won’t consider that as an option. In addition, the standard shipping price is

$14.95 while faster shipping is $17.95 meaning you have to pay $3 extra dollars to get your order fast.


How Fast?


I don’t know since I paid for regular shipping but if your Daring, you could give it a shot to see how much difference it will

make and if it’s worth the three dollars you or anyone else is spending. Also, another great thing to know is the fact that they

have a “30-day money back Guarantee policy” just in case for some reason, you’re not satisfied with the product

you got.

But that’s not the best part about Elegant Kings because their Affiliate Program is something that can earn you some quick

cash if you leverage it properly. However, before we dwell more on that aspect, Click Here to check out Elegant Kings

Website for more information about Shipping and Payments.


Elegant Kings Affiliate Program: Clout is the Key to Success

Elegant Kings

I’m happy to say that Elegant Kings of Norway offers an amazing affiliate Program for everyone and anyone interested in

making money whether you’re a Novice or an Expert at affiliate marketing.


So How Does It Work?


To begin making money as an affiliate of Elegant Kings, you will be required to submit your First and Last Names followed

by a preferred password and finally your PayPal email address.

When it comes Commission, you receive Twenty Percent for every sale made with your Affiliate link. Meaning if someone

gets the Shipping for $14:95, they receive a $2:99 Commission and if they get the $17:95 shipping, they will

receive a $3:59 commission which is paid into your PayPal account 2-5 days after a sale has been made. That is why

Clout is a key factor that can bring much success to anyone that joins their affiliate program. And that’s because the more

friends, and colleagues you show, the more money you can possibly make. For example, if you shared your affiliate link

with 20 people (who paid for the $14:95 shipping) you could make $60 easy. Moreover, if you’re an experienced Affiliate

marketer (Like myself: p) and promote your affiliate link on Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. and get 100 people to buy

a product from Elegant kings, you could make $299 with very little effort.

But don’t take my word for it, to learn and understand more about Elegant Kings Affiliate Program Click Here.


My Final Thoughts

Elegant Kings

Just to be Clear, Elegant Kings does not stand a chance against brands like Gucci or Michael Kor in terms of quality but

wearing one can make you feel like an Elite and that’s because you get to wear a bracelet or a watch that looks amazing and

was gotten for free (minus Shipping). The only negative thing is having to wait thirty days for your order to arrive (if you get

regular Shipping). Also, their Affiliate program is one of the best I’ve seen and it’s because little information is required

to become an affiliate coupled with the fact that they give 20% commission for every sale made. In the end, it might not be

an Elite Artifact but they get my Elite Approval for other good reasons it brings to the plate.


Well, that’s my Review. Let me know what you think in the comments! Would you or anyone you know be willing to give

Elegant Kings a shot or you’re very fancy and can only adorn yourself with Exotic brands like Gucci. Also, if you found this

review helpful, don’t be shy to share it with your friends and loved ones


Thanks So much for stopping by and Reading. Till next time







  1. Michael

    thanks for telling us about elegant kings. I really like the idea of being able to wear something nice without going broke in the process of buying it. Also the fact that they ship pretty fast is another big plus I see.

    Do you know if they sell anything for women that would be a good Christmas present? Do their watches look good on both men and women?

    • Kemdi

      Thanks for your comment Michael!!

      im happy to say Elegant Kings also offer watches for Women as well as Bracelets and Necklaces All for  Free!! (minus Shipping)

  2. Karina

    Hi there, 

    Very informative post – I have never heard of Elegant Kings before (and I’m Norwegian ;-). I’m stll confused as to how they make money themselves, if they give the products away for free? I had a look on their website too, and was left a little confused. Are you able to shed some light on their business model?

    Thanks again 


    • Kemdi

      Sure Thing Karina 

      You See Elegant Kings is promoting their brand right now to many people as they can in order to reach the heights of other famed Brands Like Gucci And Rolex And their strategy for this is Word Of Mouth

      That’s why they are giving your their products for Free (Minus Shipping) In order to get their name out to there in public. In order to compete with other brands that choose to use Facebook ads and Google ads 

      On top of that, the reason you pay for shipping is because they offer WorldWide shipping as well as their Location  Also, when someone pays for shipping, you get a 20% commission for every sale Thats the Business behind it.

      I hope this was helpful !!

  3. Cathy

    I came across this brand the other day and was looking to find out more about their range. Interestingly, at the point of reading this article, the merchant currently offer zero dollar sales on all the orders. No kidding! It seems like I am only paying for shipping that cost $15. This is very tempting indeed especially with Christmas just around the corner. Will definitely look around more before I hit the check out page. Thanks!

    • Kemdi

      Hey Cathy Thanks for your comment 

      It’ll definitely be a good thing to check them out Cause  they are Trustworthy and true to their words 

  4. Ngonidzashe Manzwangani

    mmmh, I have been reading and doing marketing for a while now, but Elegant Kings marketing strategy is one in a million. Whoever comes with the idea of zero payment and $14 or $17 shipment only is an amazing marketer. I loved the idea and overall, I loved there watches and bracelets, they are beautiful and I must have my hand on them. I can prefer to wait for 30 days, $14 is much affordable, it worth waiting for

    • Kemdi

      Yeah They really are Amazing 

      Thats why i waited and got one of their Products just to make sure its not a hoax like other Fraudulent Businesses out there.

  5. Nuttanee

    When It comes to watches and Jewelry, I get very picky about it. I feel like every time I but them, it is an investment, so I buy the classic ones always. However since I pay my arms and legs for them I wear it once in a while lol Definitely, not for a daily use lol This Elegant Kings look simple and quite frankly elegant. I think I’m gonna get one to my Gorilla hands of a husband lol Is it durable? 

    Will wait for your reply. Thanks for the review

    Happy holidays

    • Kemdi

      Your Welcome Nuttanee 

      I’m sure the Watches at Elegant Kings are quite durable for your Husbands Gorilla arms:P

      But all jokes aside, They are truly nice watches in my opinion Cause i got mine at the end of October and they still look Brand new even though i wear it everywhere i go !! 

  6. Chas

    Hi Kemdi,

    Thank you for your informative review. I had never heard of Elegant Kings, but they do look like an attractive watch. I was wondering if they keep good time. I have had watches that cost more, that did not. I do understand that they are free, but we still pay shipping right? Do you know what metal they use because I know , if I join the affiliate program my friends will ask me.

    The affiliate program seems to be very generous, and is very interesting. How can you go wrong at 20% commission?

     I also wondered when the 30 day money back guarantee would start? If it takes 30 days to get the watch, I am worried my guarantee would be expired?

    Thanks, Kemdi you have shown me a very interesting offer for sure!


    • Kemdi

      Thanks Chas for your Comment 

      Quite The Fanatic Friends you got!! When it comes to the metal being used, I really cant tell since I’m not very critical in the making of Watches and Bracelets. However, i can say for sure that ive been using mine for quite sometime and i am yet to see even a scratch not to talk about Rust on the Watch 

      Also as you pointed out , Their affiliate  Program is amazing and quite the steal if i may say because if you leverage it properly, you could make so much money overnight with little effort.

      And Dont worry, The 30 day money back guarantee doesn’t start until you get the watch !!

      Hope This was helpful 


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