September 29, 2021

6 thoughts on “Evil Controllers: A Sinister Way of Gaming😈

  1. Playing video games happens to be my most preferred way of having fun at home. That makes me a gamer I guess. Now when it comes to choosing between a controller and the keyboard+mouse, I prefer the controller. There’s this high level of intelligence and instinct when using the controller. I will always prefer the controller any day, anywhere. A big thanks to evil controllers for making amazing controllers to give gamers that fantastic gaming experience. Their controllers are actually amazing with cool customized designs. ill be getting one soon.

    1. Hey Kelvin

      Thanks so much for the comment.  I think we’re both similar when it comes to our gaming prefernce. I rather have a controller any day over a mouse and keyboard 

      that’s why I was willing to invest in Evil Controllers. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed whenever you get one… you just have to wait to have it delivered since the shipping takes time

  2. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing. This review is very in-depth and I enjoyed going through it because it’s concise and still straight to the point. Personally, I would rather choose a controller over a mouse and keyboard, Btw…  you have an amazing controller.

    hopefully ill have enough money to get one for Christmas!!!

  3.  Very nice to post. I’ve been looking for a company that customizes gaming controllers at a good price. This is the best I’ve seen so far. . I would strongly be looking to buy one from this company because I love gamepads to the regular mouse and keyboard of course.

    Also like your youtube channel, Keep up the good work!!!

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