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Evil Controllers: A Sinister Way of Gaming😈


For those who are unaware, there’s been a long-time skirmish between PC and Console Gamers which has lasted for Decades.

And, one of the main issues is the argument that gaming with a KEYBOARD & MOUSE🐭 is better and more Efficient than

gaming with a CONTROLLER. In my opinion, the real reason why most lean towards keyboard and mouse is because of the

Accuracy it gives players who have no time for lags and Dead zones. But on the flip side, having a controller is also great for

gaming cause it’s more Comfortable as well as Portable. In essence, it all depends on Personal Preference. However, what

happens when someone who prefers Comfort over Accuracy suddenly gets his hands on a gaming controller which makes his

every move as precise as a Keyboard and a mouse. Well, that question has now been answered thanks to a company called Evil

Controllers. You See, Evil Controllers is an online store that specializes in controller Customization for gamers who are not

always able to game the same way as PC gamers, that have unlimited Mobility/Accuracy. That’s why for this post, I will be

reviewing Evil controllers as the most Sinister Way😈 of Gaming for Console Gamers. SO, if you’re into Console Gaming, then

this review might be the stuff you need to raise your gaming performance if you’re into Fortnite or Call of Duty Warzone.


Name: Evil Controllers

Website URL: JUST CLICK Here

Product: PS4 Gaming Controller’s

Price: $79.95 (Starting Customization Price)

Quality: 5.0 out of 5.0

Shipping: 2.5 out of 5.0

Warranty: 5.0 out of 5.0


Evil Controllers Quality: Specs that will give any PC gamer a Run for their Money

The Elite with an Evil Controller

When it comes to Quality, Evil Controllers is one of the best in the industry because they dedicate Time and Effort into making

controllers that meet the needs of all customers through Technology, Ingenuity, and Creativity. Also, one great thing about

Evil Controllers is the fact that they’ve partnered with The AbleGamers Foundation, which is a Nonprofit Public Charity

dedicated to disabled gamers. This helps them (Evil Controllers) work directly with the foundation to create controllers that

meet the needs of any gamer with a disability which in turn makes their brand less evil as they seem. But let’s not dwell too much

about Evil Controllers’ Ethics and Focus more on the Specs of their Products. First off, Evil controllers come with 29

Gorgeous looking Faceplates, which helps give every controller and Aesthetic🥰 look and feel to it. Not to mention, they also

give one the ability to add a customizable Tagline to the controller which further helps beautify the product. Also, Evil

controllers have included Shift features such as Shift Buttons and Shift Paddles. This helps integrate 4 extra inputs that allow

you to maintain Thumb-Stick Control for performance play. On top of that, Evil Controllers also offers a Shift Remapping

feature that Remaps any input on the controller to any Shift (and this takes under 3 seconds with no tools required and up to 15

custom profile layout). Moreover, the Best part of Evil Controllers (In my Opinion), is their Master Mod. This is the main

reason I feel having an Evil Controller makes one a Sinister Gamer😈. And that’s due to the fact that the master mods enhance

the controller software to mod gameplay that suits the gamer’s need. Some of these mods include

  • Adjustable Rapid Fire

  • Drop Shot

  • Tactical Rapid Fire

  • Auto Aim

  • AutoRun

  • Fast Reload

  • Autoscope

  • Auto Spot and many more

This is the reason why all evil controllers are Banned from legal gaming tournaments🙅🏽‍♂️. Because, it gives the player an

UNFAIR Advantage in multiplayer games such as Call of Duty, where a second is all it takes to Win or Lose. Nonetheless,

since I’m a man of little words, I’ll leave a link Here for anyone interested in discovering the Greatness of Evil Controllers.


Evil Controllers Shipping/Warranty: Everything Great always has its Setbacks

Evil Controllers Shipping

The only Negative thing about Evil Controllers is their Shipping😔. Since the Controllers are Hand Made as well as customized

from scratch it will obviously take some time to have it ready to be shipped out for delivery. To be precise, it takes 3 weeks for

your controller to be ready to be shipped out for delivery. But it’s not over. In addition to the three weeks’ wait, you’re then forced

to pay for a Shipping price which takes 7-10 Business days😡. Also, evil controllers also offer other shipping options that can

Expedite your order. However, this means you’ll have to pay more to get your order as soon as possible. if you ask me, I’ll stick

with the Basic shipping, since every order takes Three weeks to be ready🤷🏽‍♂️. Therefore, it’s pointless paying for faster shipping.

Nonetheless, the One Thing that saves evil controllers from getting a lower score (when it comes to their Shipping) is the

amazing Warranty they offer. You See Any controller purchased from Evil Controllers will include a lifetime warranty on all

Electrical components (non-moving parts). In addition, evil controllers offer other warranties for customers who have special

needs. And these warranties include

  • Basic 12 Month Warranty (Free)

  • 18 Months Warranty ($14.99)

  • 24 Months Warranty ($24.99)

Moreover, evil controllers have an amazing Return Policy. Because they offer a 14-day trial period for all customers. This

means, if you decide to return your controller, it must be sent back to the facility within 14 days from the date of your receipt.

However, be aware that all shipping costs would be covered by the Customer when sending their evil controllers back for

Repair. I’m sure most of y’all reading are Skeptical about the Shipping and Warranty of Evil Controllers👀. But don’t be,

cause, they always respond quickly to all Customers’ Requests (I can vouch for them since I’ve used their service🤟🏽). But if my

review isn’t convincing enough, I’ll leave a Link right Here for those who are interested in learning more about evil controllers

Shipping/ Warranty.


My Final Thoughts

Evil Controllers

If you’re a gamer, then you’ll understand that Gaming is actually an Expensive Hobby🤑 (especially if you’re a PC gamer).

That’s why average gamers (like myself) tend to lean towards Consoles😅. However, this means you’ll always be at a

disadvantage when it comes to Specs as well as Gaming Performance. But thanks to Evil Controllers, that Gap has

reduced significantly due to the Amazing customized controllers they offer. Even though the Shipping might be a bit concerning,

I still feel they do their best to ensure every customer is satisfied with their purchase (by offering an amazing Return/warranty

policy). TBH, the main thing that gives me the Confidence to endorse Evil Controllers as an Elite Product😎is the fact, they are

Heavily involved in Research & Development towards the customization of Newer Controllers that hit the market (The New

PS5 Controllers). Which explains why they get amazing reviews not just from ME but from other gaming companies such as

GAME INFORMER, IGN, KOTAKU, and many more (Click Here to read more reviews). In other words, there is no limit to

what they can do👍🏽.

But that’s just my opinion. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Do you think Evil Controllers are amazing when

it comes to Customized Modded Controllers OR you think they are not as good as they seem? In addition, if you’re interested

in a gaming chair made for Elite gamers, then feel free to check out my  EwinRacing Review for more info. Finally, if you’re

interested in hearing me talk about Anime and Games, then click right HERE to check out my awesome Youtube channel.

Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe😁.


As always, Thanks so much for reading my post. I truly appreciate it. Also, if you enjoyed the post, feel free to share it with your

Friends and loved ones.

Until next Time





  1. Kelvin

    Playing video games happens to be my most preferred way of having fun at home. That makes me a gamer I guess. Now when it comes to choosing between a controller and the keyboard+mouse, I prefer the controller. There’s this high level of intelligence and instinct when using the controller. I will always prefer the controller any day, anywhere. A big thanks to evil controllers for making amazing controllers to give gamers that fantastic gaming experience. Their controllers are actually amazing with cool customized designs. ill be getting one soon.

    • Kemdi

      Hey Kelvin

      Thanks so much for the comment.  I think we’re both similar when it comes to our gaming prefernce. I rather have a controller any day over a mouse and keyboard 

      that’s why I was willing to invest in Evil Controllers. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed whenever you get one… you just have to wait to have it delivered since the shipping takes time

  2. philebur

    Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing. This review is very in-depth and I enjoyed going through it because it’s concise and still straight to the point. Personally, I would rather choose a controller over a mouse and keyboard, Btw…  you have an amazing controller.

    hopefully ill have enough money to get one for Christmas!!!

    • Kemdi

      Thanks for the compliment… hope you can get one before or during Christmas… Evil Controllers are sick af 

  3. Jackie

     Very nice to post. I’ve been looking for a company that customizes gaming controllers at a good price. This is the best I’ve seen so far. . I would strongly be looking to buy one from this company because I love gamepads to the regular mouse and keyboard of course.

    Also like your youtube channel, Keep up the good work!!!

    • Kemdi

      Thanks so much Jackie!!!


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