September 29, 2021

12 thoughts on “Ewinracing: A Sanctuary for Elite Gaming Chairs

  1. When I started gaming, I still remember, I used the old kitchen chair at mom and dad’s home. That was more than ten years ago. I have moved out since then and don’t use kitchen chairs to play my favorite games anymore. But after all this time, I still don’t have a gaming chair. But now is the time, I’ll purchase one and am grateful for the encouragement in this post.

    1. That’s a great idea, Paolo 

      Also, I can’t believe you used a kitchen chair to play games… that would leave anyone with severe back pain. Fortunately, the gaming chairs offered by ewinracing have adjustable seats that are perfect for gaming. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed 

  2. Hate to say something so cliche, but you do get what you pay for sometimes. And paying for a quality brand name product that you know you’ll get a ton of use out of totally makes sense. 

    I never understood the need for a gaming chair until I had some chats with friends who are gamers. I want one just for blogging!! Would that be weird?

    1. Het Katie 

      Nah your not weird at all. In addition to gaming, I also use mine to make youtube videos. That’s why I love them. it can serve so many other purposes other than gaming. 

      Youll be glad to invest in ewinracing if you really need one  

  3. I love your blog I am really a huge Anime fan as well.

    Your review is great. Most of us don’t think much of our computer chairs, It may be the most important part of your setup, the reason is you want to have comfort while playing and have your rear end thank you for it seriously!

    Since most of my time is spent gaming might as well invest in one that is great.

    Do you have a list of top 10 anime list I would love to hear them?

    1. Hey Michael 

      It’s always great to see another fan of anime on my website. Unfortunately, i do not have a top ten anime list at the moment. However, I do have a post talking about the top 5 anime that will change your life. You can check it out here => Ill probably blog about that someday as well as do a youtube video on it 

      Also, it’s great that you would love to invest in ewinracing cause they offer the best gaming chairs online (in my opinion)

  4. Hello Kemdi! First of all I wanna thank you for that advice, getting a gaming chair or any other other products from a no name brand is wrong as the duration of that product is not guaranteed.

    One of the chairs from Ewin I love is the knight series as it features the addition of a third pillow for more comfort for those long work days.

  5. A nice review for a gaming chair. I’m not a fan of gaming thus had no idea of a gaming chair until reading this article. From your review, it points out the qualities that distinguishes the Ewinracing gaming chairs from other competitors out there, this encouraging any buyer to know what he or she should look out for when getting the gaming chair. Thanks for your review. 

  6. Hey Kemdi – You look good in that chair brother!  Seriously, I am not a gamer but I work from home and spend a lot of hours in my chair and I am about due for a new one.  Like an old pair of shoes it just grows on you.  But a  EWin Knight Series chair is certainly worth considering.  You mentioned their guarantee regarding defects in material or workmanship which is excellent but what is there return policy?  Do they offer a trial period?

    1. Hey Nathaniel 

      Thanks for the compliment!!.. Also, Ewinracing offers a 5-year warranty on any defective product as long as you still have the chair in your possession. That’s one of the things that makes them an amazing online store.


  7. What actually matters to me always isn’t the price but the good quality of every product I purchase.

    I like this chair being with soft guide wheels that offers good resistance against any objects which enables the chair to be rolled effortlessly on all types of surfaces while preventing damage, considering that I have 3 kids who really love to play around every corner of my house with their small toys. With this gaming chair,  am I right in assuming neither their toys nor this chair won’t be damaged whenever rolled on?

    1. Hey Julius 

      Tbh your right about the product having good quality… but to me, if the price is high then I shy away from the product. That’s why I love ewinracing cause they offer decent prices as well as offer promotional codes.  Moreover, if you role the Knight series on a teddy bear or lego’s nothing is gonna happen. I guarantee that 

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