August 23, 2021

4 thoughts on “Ezcosplay: An Emporium for Cosplayers!!

  1. Hi Kemdi,

    I always wondered where cosplayers got all their stuff from. I understand that a lot of it is homemade, using a lot of skill. But the amount of detail these guys go in to means that it must take them such a long time to make these costumes. It is also amazing that there is enough demand for people to make a living from the costumes. It is awesome to see people making money from their interests.

    1. Your completely Right Tom!!

      Ezcosplay has been in the business for a while so they should be making lots of money since they are one of the best online stores. Also since Anime is now popular, the amount of cosplayers has doubled thereby making the demand for costumes greater 

      Thanks for sharing  🙏🏽

  2. Hi Kemdi

    My grandchildren love cosplay and I tried to click on the link to go check out the website but unfortunately, it didn’t link and I am hoping to come back here so I can buy some goodies for both the kids

    What a fun thing to do and also great for the imagination

    1. Hey Vicki 

      I’m Soo glad your grandkids are into cosplaying… that’s awesome  😎

      However, the reason the links weren’t working was because the website (Ezcosplay) was under maintenance. So, it should be working perfectly right now!!

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!!!  

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