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Ezcosplay: An Emporium for Cosplayers!!


If you’re into anime, then you already know that Cosplay is a Fetish? that’s often admired by most anime fans! Why?

Well, that’s because it feels Amazing to wear an attire which is similar to the one(s) worn by our favorite Anime characters.

In addition, The rapid growth in the number of people cosplaying as a hobby has doubled Since Anime has become Mainstream

in most countries!!. However, the only problem is most times, it’s very difficult getting our hands on Authentic Cosplay Attires

that can match the ones seen in Anime. In addition, we’ve seen so many Online Stores that promote costumes that look amazing

on Screen however, turn out to be a Disaster? upon delivery. That’s why as a dedicated Anime/Game Blogger, I had to go

out and find the right store that beckons to all the needs of those interested in the Art of Cosplaying. Which finally led me to an

online store called Ezcosplay?. So for this post, I’ll be reviewing the Online Store in terms of how it can serve as a Cosplay

Emporium for all fans of anime that are interested in procuring Alluring costumes. However, I would be doing this by

reviewing The Mera Mera no Mi? which was given to me by Ezcosplay.


Name: Ezcosplay


Product: Mera Mera no mi (CLICK HERE)

Price: $23.99 (Minus Shipping)

Quality: 5.0 out of 5.0

Shipping: 3.0 out of 5.0

Warranty: 4.0 out of 5.0


Ezcosplay Quality: Top quality Cosplay Artifacts!!

The Elite With the Mer Mera no Mi

Now the only reason I would say Ezcosplay lacks Credibility when it comes to its Quality would be because after eating the

Mera Mera no Mi, I did not get the same firepower as Portgas D Ace & Sabo?. That withstanding, Ezcosplay is one of the best

stores that offer Top Quality Cosplay Costumes to fans as well as customers all over the Globe?. That’s because they take their

time to sew each costume that is ordered from Scratch in order to provide Customer  Satisfaction. In addition, Ezcosplay

takes the Time and Effort to procure the best materials that would not just resemble the ones seen in the Anime but would last

for a long period of time after they are worn. Moreover, since they tailor all costumes from scratch, Ezcosplay gives one the

ability to pick their own Unique measurement which ranges from Extra Small3X Large (which consists of other categories

including Height, Shoulder Width, Chest, Waist & Hips;). This gives the customer Full control of how their costumes are

being made and what to expect upon Delivery. Even though Ezcosplay is known for their various Cosplay attires, you should be

aware that they offer other artifacts besides cosplay costumes such as


Hoodies (Anime Related)



Contact Lenses (For Cosplaying)

Necklaces /Headbands

And So much More.


The reason why they have so much stoked in their inventory is because they’ve been in the business since 2009 which makes

them very Steadfast and Reliable when shopping with Ezcosplay. However, if you think this is false, Click Right Here to get a

better understanding Quality Ezcosplay Has to offer.



Ezcosplay Shipping /Warranty: Its, Expensive It Slow But Very Trustworthy

Ezcosplay Shipping

Just Like J-list Japan, Ezcosplay has made their shipping cost very pricey?(Checkout my Review of J-list to know

more!!). However, the main reason for this is as a result of them being located Outside the United States. In addition to

having a pricey shipping cost, Ezcosplay has a Very Lengthy delivery time. But this is because they take the time to sew the

costumes from scratch which takes 2-3weeks (Tailoring period). Nonetheless, they offer two delivery options to customers which

come at different costs (depending on the item ordered).  they include :


Standard Delivery (6-9 days  )

Express Delivery (2-4 days )


Which is why I would advise anyone interested in making a purchase  to have it done as Early as possible so it would get to you

ON-TIME. However, it should be noted that if you order something like the Mera Mera no Mi or, anything that’s not a

costume (Necklace, contact lenses etc.) it would take a Shorter time to get delivered??. Since the tailoring period for making the

costume(s) is removed from the delivery process. I know this for a fact because it only took a week (8 days to be precise) to

have my Devil fruit?delivered at my doorstep. However, if you weren’t aware of all these things before ordering don’t

Fret because Ezcosplay has a great Refund/ Exchange Policy for disgruntled customers.

First Off, you should know that all orders (including Costumes) can be canceled within 24 hours free of charge, with no

questions asked. However, orders may not be canceled after 3 business days upon making a purchase. In addition, since all

costumes are Custom Made, it’s very important that Ezcosplay maintains great Customer Satisfaction which is why they

offer a Fair and Reasonable return/exchange policy that grants one the right to return their costume(s) to get a Full or

Fair Refund. Which depends on the condition of the costume. That’s why I stand by my heading which states Ezcosplay are

indeed Trustworthy despite the fact they offer very Expensive Shipping and Slow delivery. However, let me not be the

Judge Jury and Executioner for this post. To know more about Ezcosplay Shipping/ Warranty, Just Click Here.



My Final Thoughts


You may or may not be into Cosplaying. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a Niche of people out there who take the art

Seriously. Moreover, since Halloween? is fast approaching, I feel Now’s the right time to start getting your costumes ready

for the Spooky Season. However, what holds most people back from buying costumes (Online) is the Fear of ordering an attire

that seems Great on screen but looks silly when worn. Some choose to play it safe by going into local retail stores to find

Decent costumes to Don. But the problem with these stores is the lack of Variety, as well as the Inability to make your own

costume from Scratch. But fear not because, Ezcosplay has negated these problems by giving every customer the opportunity to

order Amazing costumes that aren’t just tailored to fit you but makes you stand out from the crowd thereby, boosting customer

satisfaction Tremendously. Of course, they have an expensive Shipping cost (since it’s located outside the United States )

coupled with a slow delivery time/process (just for costumes). But that doesn’t mean they should be ruled out of your list

because they provide great Customer service through their amazing Warranty Policy. For those reasons, Ezcosplay will be

getting my Elite Approval making it an Emporium for all Cosplayers?.


Nonetheless, since Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I would love to give you all, the opportunity to tell me what you

think about my review in the comments below. Do you think Ezcosplay is a great Online store which deserver’s all the praise

I’ve given them in my post? OR, You’ve seen a different Store that Knocks them out of the park? However, if you don’t trust stores

that aren’t located in the USA (which I totally understand) don’t worry because you will find Right Stuff Anime and Slick

Wraps to be up your ally. Finally, if you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to share it with your friends and loved ones who are

into Anime and Cosplaying!!


As always, Thanks so much for reading my post. I truly appreciate it??.

Until next Time






  1. Tom

    Hi Kemdi,

    I always wondered where cosplayers got all their stuff from. I understand that a lot of it is homemade, using a lot of skill. But the amount of detail these guys go in to means that it must take them such a long time to make these costumes. It is also amazing that there is enough demand for people to make a living from the costumes. It is awesome to see people making money from their interests.

    • Kemdi

      Your completely Right Tom!!

      Ezcosplay has been in the business for a while so they should be making lots of money since they are one of the best online stores. Also since Anime is now popular, the amount of cosplayers has doubled thereby making the demand for costumes greater 

      Thanks for sharing  🙏🏽

  2. Vicki

    Hi Kemdi

    My grandchildren love cosplay and I tried to click on the link to go check out the website but unfortunately, it didn’t link and I am hoping to come back here so I can buy some goodies for both the kids

    What a fun thing to do and also great for the imagination

    • Kemdi

      Hey Vicki 

      I’m Soo glad your grandkids are into cosplaying… that’s awesome  😎

      However, the reason the links weren’t working was because the website (Ezcosplay) was under maintenance. So, it should be working perfectly right now!!

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!!!  


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