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Fortnite: I Cant Stand Battle Royale🤬


Just to be clear, this post isn’t aimed at Fortnite alone. but it also targets other games that have battle royale elements embedded

in them, for example, PUBG & the highly-praised Apex Legends💩. But to be fair, I have a strong bias towards single-player

games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted, and all other games that have nice Stories. In addition, I also enjoy playing

games that are designed to punish the player such as Sekiro and Bloodborne. And the reason I play these games is because of

the feeling you get after beating a boss that defeated you sixty-eight times in a row💀 (check out my Bloodborne review).

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that Fortnite, as well as other Battle royal games like Apex Legends, are bad but the hype that

continually surrounds them baffles me to no end. That’s why I am going to destroy the Hype by listing out two reasons why I

personally can’t stand Battle Royale games. And those two reasons are


No Friends, No Fun

Inconsistent/Bipolar Gameplay


No Friends, No Fun



Since I already mentioned I have a bias towards Single Player games, you already knew this was coming. But to be honest, I’ve

never considered a game to be Fun and Exciting if I can’t enjoy it alone. If I must have friends at all times to appreciate a game I

paid for by myself, then that game can NEVER be considered fun. Some might make the argument that Fortnite has a Squad

mode so you don’t need to have your friends online before you could enjoy the game. But I disagree. I rather play on my own than

play with a bunch of random players that have no idea what’s going on. Moreover, since the game is called a “Battle Royale game”,

it won’t be fun at all if you win with a squad consisting of 16 players. To explain my point further, let’s take a look at another

game we all Love called Destiny?. To be honest, I would pick Destiny over Fornite as well as any battle royal game??‍♂️. And

that’s because when it comes to a game like Destiny, there are other game modes that can be enjoyed without the company of

friends e.g. Strikes and Daily story/ Heroic missions. The argument I’m making is you will always have fun when playing

video games with your friends. However, if you’re a gamer like me who enjoys playing by himself, you will never have fun playing

a Battle Royale game like Fortnite. Moreover, another reason why you won’t have fun playing by yourself is due to the

Inconsistent gameplay new gamers go through when playing Fortnite.


Inconsistent/Bipolar Gameplay


Now I’m sure most of yall are scratching your heads and wondering what I mean when I say Fortnite has a Bipolar gameplay?.

Well, this phenomenon occurs when you win a game (while playing with your friends) but then after, you end up losing the next

5-7 games. Another example can be seen when you initially hop out the Battle Bus and you die the moment you touch the

ground. But what makes this game TRULY BIPOLAR is the fact that each time you die, the game comes to an end. Thereby,

respawning you back to the lobby. Meaning you would have to wait a while before hopping into another game. This

inconsistency is what turns some players off. It’s understandable that every game takes a while to get used to it. This signifies

that in order to become a pro in any game, you would have to go through inconsistent moments of wining as well as losing to

get a feel of how the game works. But this is not the case with Fortnite.

You see, other games like Destiny that have multiplayer components are designed to keep you in the fun. This means even

though you may win once and lose several times, you’re still engaged in the Action because when you die, the match doesn’t end.

You could respawn back in 5 seconds and keep on going.  On the contrary, since Fortnite is a “battle royale”, the moment you die

the game is over. Meaning you would have to wait a while before getting back into another game. Consequently, giving it an

inconsistent and bipolar feel. Which proves my point of why I can’t take it anymore.


My Final Thoughts


Of course, It’s obvious I’m being very Subjective when explaining why I can’t stand Fortnite as well as other Battle Royale

games. It’s quite clear Epic games have succeeded in making a product that attracts millions of players around the world. (250

million to be precise). In addition, more people find Battle Royale games to be the new wave of gaming, which is sad for Lone

Wolfs like me?. Don’t get me twisted, I understand how it feels when one becomes the last man standing in an arena littered

with people ready to kill you at a moment’s notice. However, these facts can’t stop me from speaking out on how the battle royal

genre has become a Pandemic in the gaming society. That’s why Gamers like myself need to join the fight and speak up in order

to purge this plague called Battle royale✊.

But that’s just my Opinion/Rant. let me know what you guys think about all this. Do you think Fortnite, as well as other Battle

Royale games like Apex legends, should cease at once? Or your part of the majority that enjoys Fortnite and wishes games like

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your Friends and loved ones.


As always, Thanks so much for reading my post. I truly appreciate it ??

Until next Time







  1. Parveen

    Hey kemdi, Your post is great. I agree with your Bipolar point. That’s also why I hate battle royale games. It’s not fun when you die soo early in the game and have to leave cause it’s over once you die.  I will share it with my friends. I also checked out your review about wealthy affiliate. it looks real. ill try it out since it’s free  


    • Kemdi

      Thank you SOOOOO much, Parveen

      You’ve really been helpful and I really do appreciate. Also nice that you’re willing to check out Wealthy Affiliate. If you need any assistance just let me know anytime. 

  2. Linda

    I like your post and awesome website!!!. Something I found really interesting is when you mentioned you like having fun and enjoying games by yourself.I’m also the same. if it’s not fun while I play myself, then i wont play it at all. I feel people need to learn to have fun alone; not depending on others. 

    • Kemdi

      Finally glad I’ve found someone who reasons like me 

      Thanks so much for the comment… really appreciate it!!! 🙏🏽

  3. Ashley

    Nice Post!!!. That’s such a number that it’s no fun when you don’t have friends. One of the benefits of online gaming was to avoid that! With everyone’s hectic schedules, it can be hard to sync up game time. Also, The fact that you can’t respawn is also a major downside…. Especially for someone like me who would likely die the moment I land

    • Kemdi

      Hey Ashely 

      Thanks so much for commenting… it’s a Battle Royal game so that’s why you don’t respawn when you die. but that’s why it’s not fun in my opinion. Especially for new players who enjoy playing games solo. They’re gonna have a nice time getting used to it 


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