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Gaming Today : Is it still worth it?🤔


Even though Anime has been a huge part of my life while growing up, it would be Criminal to deny the obvious fact that, games

have also made an enormous impact on my Existence?. TBH, before I began watching anime, gaming was always one of my

favorite hobbies to indulge in. Moreover, I often told my friends that the only reason why I would quit gaming would be as a result

of my arms and legs being amputated from my body? (who said playing games with your feet is impossible?)  However, as time

would have it, that notion has slowly begun to change. I no longer feel excited or drawn to games, as much as I did in the past?.

Most gamers out there would certainly agree with my opinion and, would highlight reasons such as Predatory Micro-

transactions, Unwanted Remaster’s, and Political Correctness for being the main cause of this slow but steady decline.

This is true, but since these reasons have been repeated several times, I feel at this point listing those ones would be the same as

flogging a dead horse?. That’s why I would like to emphasize two other points, which patterns to why I feel gaming today is no

longer viewed as pleasant as it was. And those reasons include


Lack of Creativity


Gaming As A Service (AKA GAAS)


Lack of Creativity

Death Stranding

I don’t give a damn what anyone says but the gaming industry has Regressed when it comes to being Original and Creative.

The only criteria I will give them credit for is their amazing creativity in promoting Micro Transactions?(by all means

necessary). However, some may disagree on the idea that games lack creativity by pointing out games such as Doom Eternal,

Final Fantasy 7, etc., and argue that these games have creative qualities embedded in them. Thou this is true, I still beg the

differ. Because these games have been around for a while ( Remasters and Remakes). When I say games lack originality

/creativity, what I truly mean is there are fewer games that are made from scratch these days. The only two publishers that have

done a great job of making games that go against the norm are Fromsoftware? (e.g. Sekiro, Nioh, Bloodborne) and Kojima

Production??(Death Stranding). However, these games don’t get so much love and support because they are not your everyday

Shooter or Battle Royale like Call of Duty and Fortnite. Also, most game publishers are terrified when it comes to being

original because making a game from scratch requires lots of Money as well as Time. And it will be a huge loss if they fail to

make their money back. So instead they play it Safe by doing the normal thing that works in order to secure Sales and make

Profits?. That’s why I miss the good old days. Because back then, different games were made for different kinds of players.

You always had something to pick from and could easily make a switch from being a First Person Shooter to a Third-person

Player and vice versa. But in today’s gaming climate, the only games that most people play are Battle Royale or FPS games.

That’s one reason why I feel Games are not as exciting as they once were. However, the main issue that causes games to lack

creativity /originality, in my opinion, stems from the Sinister practice of always trying to make Games run as a service.


Gaming As A Service (GAAS?)

Destiny 2 Shadow Keep

In the past, once you beat a game, it was a done deal??‍♂️. The only reason you will consider replaying it was to relive the

Experience you had while you played the game. This method was also used to judge if a game was Good or Bad. Because if the

game was truly amazing, you wouldn’t mind replaying it from the beginning (in my opinion). Now everything has changed for

the worse?. Beating a game these days is nearly impossible. Because when you’re done, the developers come out the next month

with another DLC or Expansion Pack, which often consists of content that was removed from the game (Intentionally). Also,

what baffles me is the fact that Gaming as a service has always been around??‍♂️. And it all started with Massively Multiplayer

Online games (MMO’s) such as World of Warcraft, League of Legends, etc. But the difference between Then & Now is the fact

that these games were FREE TO PLAY. And the only time you had to pay was if you needed new weapons and cosmetic

skins that could also be unlocked from playing the game. However, what is seen today is developers taking that free to play

model to the next level (in a diabolical way?). Whereby they still charge you for the game and in addition, promote predatory

Micro-transactions. And these Micro-transactions are embedded in such a Ruthless way that makes gamers Gamble

Hopelessly?for a particular weapon or skin that they want.  In my opinion, Bungie were the first developers to come up

with the scheme with the game called Destiny?. And to make matters worse, they even take it a step further by cutting out

content that was in the game in order to sell it back and make more Profit. This is the main reason why I feel gaming today isn’t

worth it these days. Because it Sickens me that most developers care so much about Money instead of the Game as well as the

various Customers (gamers) that support them.


My Final Thoughts

The Last Of Us

If you’ve read up to this point, you might be thinking that I’m just an old-school?? kind of guy who doesn’t like or believe in

Change. But on the contrary, I am a firm believer in Revolutions. That’s why it doesn’t bother me when games try to be

Politically correct, as long as it doesn’t affect the core gameplay (The Last of Us 2??‍♂️). However, what truly disturbs me is

when game developers become less Creative OR, try to promote their Games As A Service just for financial benefits ONLY.

Don’t get it twisted, I don’t think there’s anything wrong in trying to make more money. Nonetheless, when developers as well as

publishers become Lazy, and demand more money from their games through the use of Micro Transactions, That just gives

me less Enthusiasm and makes me feel that gaming today isn’t worth it anymore?.

But let me know what you think in the comments!!! Do you think Gaming isn’t pleasant and there’s no need for Hype?

whenever a new game is announced? Or, you’re one of those who thinks there’s nothing wrong with the current state of gaming

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As always, Thanks so much for reading my post. I truly appreciate it??. Also, if you enjoyed the post, feel free to share it with your

friends and loved ones

Until next Time






  1. OGG

    Sweet post!!!

    Yes, games as a whole have been mostly the same: Riddled with microtransactions, some are a mess, some are creatively lacking, and some are just downright bad. But, as an avid gamer myself, I still try to enjoy the games. Video gaming is on a boom, even though creative-wise, some are questionable. But there’s no doubt that some games out there are gems (God of War and RDR2 being examples). These are the games I look out for, the games that will immerse me with its story, challenge me with its gameplay, and relate me with their band of characters.

    I just avoid the games that are, quite frankly, very dumb (looking at you Fortnite). 

    • Kemdi

      Hey OGG 

      thanks for the comment… I think me and you are on the same boat when it comes to games that are immersing especially story games like God of War. I also hate Battle Royale games like fornite and think its part of the reason why games these days lack creativity 


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