September 29, 2021

2 thoughts on “Gaming Today : Is it still worth it?🤔

  1. Sweet post!!!

    Yes, games as a whole have been mostly the same: Riddled with microtransactions, some are a mess, some are creatively lacking, and some are just downright bad. But, as an avid gamer myself, I still try to enjoy the games. Video gaming is on a boom, even though creative-wise, some are questionable. But there’s no doubt that some games out there are gems (God of War and RDR2 being examples). These are the games I look out for, the games that will immerse me with its story, challenge me with its gameplay, and relate me with their band of characters.

    I just avoid the games that are, quite frankly, very dumb (looking at you Fortnite). 

    1. Hey OGG 

      thanks for the comment… I think me and you are on the same boat when it comes to games that are immersing especially story games like God of War. I also hate Battle Royale games like fornite and think its part of the reason why games these days lack creativity 

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