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Garou: Why We Admire Monsters😈


Before I begin this post, let it be clear that when I use the word Monsters in my heading, I am referring to those Characters who

act as the Villains in Anime. Since that’s been taken care of, we can now proceed. From the start, I always knew my website was

going to touch several topics in anime which might seem Controversial to most. However, since the main goal of Elite

Artifacts is to inspire people with Anime, I feel it would be nice to switch gears and look at things from a different perspective.

Even though I have covered Nakiri  Azami who is seen as a bad person by most, (Check out my Nakiri Azami Post to learn

more) I fill Garou, who’s the main antagonist in the second season of One Punch Man, takes the cake as a True villain?. Why?

Well while Nakiri Azami looked up to Saiba Joichiro for Inspiration, Garou was drawn to monsters as he’s a source of

Motivation in order to become stronger. While most of us might disagree with he’s thinking, we still admire the fact that he’s

able to go toe to toe with he’s opponents (the various hero’s in One Punch Man). This trend can also be seen in other anime’s

whereby the main character is being opposed by a great force yet, we still cheer on the opposing side to come out victorious at the

end. This reality plagued my mind for such a long time because I knew the characters were bad but I still felt the need to support

them despite the odds. However, after watching the second season of One punch man, I soon discovered two reasons why I, as

well as others,  tend to admire monsters in Anime. And those two reasons include.


Their Back story

Their Dignity.


Their Back story

Hero Hunter Garou (One Punch Man Season 2)

Never judge a book by its cover, is a famous quote that’s often used when defending something or someone that’s seen from a

negative perspective by most. Nonetheless, this same quote can be used when looking at Hero Hunter Garou?. Initially, I

thought something was wrong with Garou after discovering he’s reason for training soo hard (Because he admired monsters).

However, after watching the last episode of One Punch Man (Second Season), I soon understood where he was coming from

and why he admired monsters so much.

You See, when Garou was young he was regularly bullied into playing the role of the Monster. And this act made him hate not

just his peers but those heroes who always came out victorious. Which explains his decision to hunt down hero’s after training

and becoming stronger. The point I’m trying to make is if I hadn’t seen he’s back story, I wouldn’t have Pity nor Admiration

for Garou. The same can also be seen in other animes and sometimes in Life. We often Judge and Criticize others for their bad

behaviors without knowing their full story as to what led them to take those actions. Even though they are people out there who

are just evil and seek to destroy the world, In most cases people are victims of circumstances and are Nurtured by their

Environments which causes them to do bad things. That’s why I, as well as others,  admire Monsters such as Garou. Which is

because their backstories make us sympathize with their plight which stares most into gaining respect for them. However,

Garou’s Back Story isn’t the only thing I admire when looking at monsters in anime. Because the main thing most of them have in

common is their Unbending Dignity which keeps them going whenever they’ve been cornered by the Hero.


Their Dignity

Hero Hunter Garou (One Punch Man Season 2)

Most people use the word Dignity every day however do not understand what it truly implies. In my opinion, Dignity isn’t just

about Respect and Honor but also deals with the Values we hold dear which strengthens our resolve whenever we fill backed

into a corner. In order to respect oneself, you must hold something of value that’s worth respecting no matter the situation✊.

Take for Instance Garou The Hero Hunter, The main thing Garou admired about monsters wasn’t their insane strength but their

SELF ESTEEM, which he lacked when he was young (due to the way he was treated while in school). What makes a monster a

real threat is the fact they understand their worth and would go as far as terrorizing others in order to flaunt their Pride & Self-

worth. One might argue that Hero’s (in One Punch Man) also possess Self Esteem and Dignity but I disagree. This is because

99% of the heroes save people because they want to rank up their hero status. In other words, they value Others more than

Themselves.  That’s why most of us (including Garou) choose to admire monsters (in Anime). Because even though they may be

wrong and may act in ways that are Heinous and Despicable, they value themselves so much and, would rather be seen as evil

than lose their dignity which helps them endure whenever the going gets tough.


Final Thoughts

Hero Hunter Garou (One Punch Man Season 2)

They are many things that could be said while talking about the reasons why we admire monsters. However, for this post, we

would stick with the two glaring ones which include their Back Story and their Dignity. To be completely honest, I don’t Agree

nor Disagree with Garou’s way of thinking cause, based on the Conditions as well as the Environment he grew up in, I feel

he did what he had to do in order to get stronger. Most people aren’t willing to go far for what they believe In.  And that’s the main

thing I have a Problem with?. In fact, you could say the reason I  admire monsters (in anime) is simply because they are willing

to go as far as possible in order to defend the IDEALS they truly believe in. Even if it means being seen as evil in the eyes of



But that’s just what I think about the subject. SO, let me know what you guys think about this topic. Do you Admire Monsters

such as Hero Hunter Garou and believe in his way of thinking  Or you Abhor Monsters and feel they should always lose no

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Finally, in case you weren’t aware, I did a Youtube video on Hero Hunter Garou!!. So if you like you could check that out by

clicking the  Image Below.

Hero Hunter Garou Youtube Video

As always, Thanks so much for reading my post. I truly appreciate it ??

Until next Time





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