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Gazelle 2018 Review: The Elite way to trade your gadgets


FTC Disclosure Statement: This post contains affiliate links which means that I may receive a commission if you click a link and make a purchase.


If you’re a Skeptic like me, then you’re probably shaken by the Disclaimer on top. But I assure you it’s just plain eye service so

don’t let it bother you. So why did I decide to use the words¬†“Elite way

of¬†trading”¬†to begin my review? Well quite¬†frankly, I consider any store where I can

trade my old devices for Cash to be a  Pawn store but Gazelle, on the other hand,

does not fall under this category because their services are too¬†“exclusive” for them

to be seen as one. But before we get down to why Gazelle is the best option for

trading your old tech (Online), let me give you a quick overview as to what Gazelle

has to offer. BTW, I  have something special to say at the end so it will pay to stick to the very end of my post!!



Gazelle : Overview

Name: Gazelle

Website URL: www.gazelle.com

Shopping: 4.0 out of 5.0

Selling: 4.9 out of 5.0

Reviews: 4.5 out of 5.0 


Shopping With Gazelle: Certified Quality Guaranteed

Even though¬† this isn’t your typical “Bestbuy” where the newest¬†gadgets are

at your disposal at all times, Gazelle still offers one of the best deals on

iPhones,tablets etc at unbelievable prices for those on a Budget. Their

arsenal of goods range from Cell phones  tablets, kindles, Also, what keeps

customers coming back, again and again, are the great services they provide

such as


  • 30 Day Return Policy
  • Low Prices
  • Pay with Visa, Master Card and even PayPal


You may be thinking to yourself why should I shop with Gazelle when they have better options like Amazon, Bestbuy etc. The

simple answer to that is “Price”.You see not all of us are filthy rich where we could fork some cash out at a moments notice to get

what we want. Moreover, you could kill two birds with one stone by Trading your device with Gazelle to receive some extra cash

before going on to buy a new one (Seems Logical if you ask me). But the good thing about shopping with Gazelle remains the fact

that anyone and everyone is allowed to buy whatever they desire (Tech wise)  without the fear of being scammed by a bootleg

seller on letgo (Trust me I’ve been there before).

But that’s, not the best part you see. Because selling with Gazelle can be more exciting and you’ll learn why in a few seconds

However, to begin Shopping with Gazelle Click Here


Selling With Gazelle: Sell With Confidence

Most of us¬† who are in the habit of getting rid of old things that they don’t need anymore, often struggle with issues such¬†as

getting a good price for their items at the Pawn store or being in fear of

getting jumped by the person your selling your stuff to on offer up or Let go.

With Gazelle, all those worries are gone because not only are you guaranteed

great prices for all your items or safety of not having to meet a random person

to sell to. In addition, you get paid immediately after Gazelle have received

your device(s). Also, Gazelle gives you the opportunity to track the status of

your devices either by email or a PS/SR number which is given to you after

shipping your item & On top of that, Selling your old devices takes three

simple steps which are


  • Get an offer (which takes less than a minute)
  • Ship it for free( for any device worth $1 or more)
  • Get Paid Fast (with Amazon Gift Card, Paypal or check)


But don’t take my word for it. Check out this quick minute video to see how amazing the process is. In case your still on the fence

about Selling your stuff with Gazelle, It should be known that they’ve paid over $200 million,¬†to¬†millions of happy customers over

the course of time. So you shouldn’t ever worry about getting paid when you send¬†your¬†items to Gazelle. It should also be noted

that if your device is in better condition than expected, they will up the¬†price¬†and you may ask “Why” and that’s because they

want your trust in order to keep you coming back. Furthermore, if¬†you’re¬†not satisfied with the transaction you can always get

your items returned to you for FREE so at the end of the day, it’s a¬†Win-Win situation.

But enough of my yapping.

Just Click HERE if you want to learn more about selling with Gazelle


Gazelle Reviews : Nothing But Positive Testimonies

Till this day, there’s only been positive reviews being said about¬†Shopping or

Selling with Gazelle. I myself am a good example of the great service Gazelle

shows its customers. This is because before I met Gazelle I was always trading

my old devices on Offer up and letgo. Until the very faithful day, I got

scammed and it’s¬†not like I was being careless. So after¬†that, I decided to only

sell my stuff to my friends (who need them at a low price) or to my local Pawn

shop which offers ridiculously low prices. As a matter of fact, I traded my old iPhone 6s (unlocked) to Gazelle for $130. however,

my friend was¬†only willing to give me $90 and the “A-Holes” at the pawn store told me ill be lucky if I sold it¬†for $80. On top of

that, Gazelle is not only reviewed by regular happy customers like me but has gotten the recognition of renowned media

outlets like the New York Times and even giants like the Wall Street Journal on how beneficial the platform could be for


So what’s the Holdup?

Begin now to Shop or  trade your old phones and Ipads at great prices with Gazelle by Clicking Here


 Final Thoughts and Verdict

At this point, if you’re still not sold on the benefits Gazelle has to offer then there’s nothing that can be said to change your

mind. The only reason I feel you or anyone should avoid trading your tech

with Gazelle is if your filthy rich and feel that this kind of service is beneath

you or you have no old items that you need to get rid of. Coupled with the fast

payments, free shipping etc you can even earn more with Gazelle either as an

affiliate Marketer (if your interested in that sort of thing) or get $10 every

time you refer a friend (remember the special thing I promised at the

beginning). To Conclude,¬†Gazelle gets my Elite Approval because it’s a great

platform that aims to serve everyone that has something to buy or sell in the best and fastest way possible.


So that brings me to the end of my Post. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Let me Know what you think about Gazelle¬†whether you’ve

used it or not. Or perhaps there are other options out there better than Gazelle (which I heavily doubt) but that will be good to

know so I can let others in as well. You can also tell me about your horrible experience that occurred while trading your device to

an unknown stranger on Craiglist or eBay (Youll be lucky if it never happened to you). Also, if you would like to know How to start

earning money with Gazelle, as a Wealthy Affiliate, Click Here


Well until  next time







  1. Reyhana

    You’re so right! I am a skeptic, which is why I ALWAYS read reviews on online companies, not just one, but multiple reviews. That’s how I feel I will get the best information to be able to formulate my final decision. But Gazelle sounds like a good place to sell electronics. I have old stuff that I wanted to sell, so this sounds like the perfect place to do that.

    The free shipping sounds amazing as well!

    One question though; how much of a cut does Gazelle take off your sale? Is it possible to turn this electronic-trading thing into a side-hustle?

    Thanks and looking forward to your response.

    • Kemdi

      I dont blame you

      Most companies like to promote their business in a way that’s unethical and deceiving. However,Gazelle is one of the very few that is honest with all the products and services they offer customers that are  willing to buy or trade their devices.

      To answer your question, Gazelle gives 5%-10% cut depending on the product bought or sold.

  2. Loes

    Hi Kemdi, this elite way of trading with Gazelle looks very attractive to me. I read their frequently asked questions page, but I couldn’t detect if they are working worldwide. On the video it looks like they are only operating in the USA. I am living in Europe. Can you tell me if they also have a dependance in the EU?


    • Kemdi

      I’m sooo sorry Loes 

      Unfortunately gazelle only operates in the United States currently . However i think if you purchase a device e.g. an iPhone from them, they could ship it to you even if your in another country. 

      Hope this could be of help to you.

  3. Leroy

    hello Kemdi  I just viewed your site and I must say you have really excellent content I like the fact that you can trade and also purchase all in one place but I do have a question what is done with the old products for which we trade in are those going to be resoled products as well? And is all sales made through your website final is there a refund or or exchange for defective products they may be sold on your site? Those will be some of the things I would like to know if I were to become a customer. But overall the content is really good the website is put together very nicely and I wish you all the success in it

    • Kemdi

      Hey Leroy 

      Thanks so much for your feedback!! i always do my best to give everyone that visits my website a great and honest opinion of the products i promote & review as well as the anime and gaming posts i write on.

      To answer you questions: gazelle recycles all products and sells them in a certified quality condition for all looking to buy a used product. Also, once a sale has been made through your website, its final and thats because gazelle inspects all devices sold to them before Marking it as sold and giving you a commission for the sale.

      I hope this was helpful. once again thanks for your comment really appreciate it!!

  4. tim

    I’ve used Gazelle before and it sure is a hassle free way to re-purpose old devices and get paid for it.  I think their pricing is fair (not great) but the ease of use makes up for it.  I haven’t been on their site in a long time.  What other devices to they buy and sell.  Video consoles?

    You mention some of the other ways to buy and sell and you’re right they are just full of scam sharks, bootleggers, and bogus accounts.  The affiliate program sounds interesting as well.   Thanks for sharing!

    • Kemdi

      Hey Tim 

      So sorry to hear your experience was a hassle. When i sold my iPad i got paid the next day but i’m aware sometimes it could take some time but nothing too bad. Also, they sell other devices like I Macs. MacBooks, tablets google phones etc. As for their prices, they offer some of the best prices unlike other Online Exchange Stores like them or as we both agree on, the scam sharks and bootleggers who are out there waiting to pounce and steal your money.



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