August 23, 2021

8 thoughts on “J List Japan : Traditional Japanese Snacks are Delicious ?

  1. This article is very well written! I really like the humor and the topic is about a Japanese type sweet called bento. Great sales reviews and very well written content! I would definately love to try some Japanese sweets one day! Thanks for writing this article and I hope the best for you! 


  2. I have been a great fan of this lovely product and I can attest to the fact that its onr of the best experience I have ever had. So nice to have an easily consumable explanation on it. I have heard of the producers and they do have a good reputation according to many people that left comments in different places on the internet. Thanks for sharing

  3. Now, is this cool or what!! So,I have a very good friend who is a big fan of Japan, Japense Anime’s and everything Japan. He speaks Japanese and that was totally self-taught. Seeing this review of J-list gladdened my heart because his birthday is coming up and I was still thinking of the best gift for him.

    I see shipping costs are really off the roof and 30days! Without a tracking number,they definitely need to do better. But I am ordering one for my friend. I hope it doesn’t take more than 30days to get to him.

    1. So Glad your Brothers birthday is coming up 🎊🎉😎
      J-List Bento Boxes will be a very great present to give him since they offer authentic Japanese treats 

       The shipping might be annoying but since they are located  in Japan I guess it’s worth the wait  

      However, i still feel its worth the try for anyone interested in something new and different 

  4. Wow,  awesome information. Nice to meet you kemdi. I have bookmarked this page for further information. Because I really love how you outlined the review on J list Japan.  You are quite right with everything you have written here.  It is really an amazing store in terms of Anime products.. You reminded of the time I ordered for just one Bento Box from J-list and the content was wow, very  satisfied with the product. This review is very helpful and interesting. A trial will convince you because I have also tasted and seen. 

    1. Thanks for your reply and bookmarking my site 🙏🏽

      J-list bento boxes are fantastic and are made for everyone 

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