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J List Japan : Traditional Japanese Snacks are Delicious ?


Japan is one of the few countries I’ve vowed to visit before I die?. The main reason is due to the amazing culture & tradition that

is usually expressed in the various Anime’s I watch.  Also, Whenever I sit back and watch anime, I often get intrigued when I see

several anime characters munch on delightful treats that are only sold in Japan (e.g. Mochi). Since then, I’ve always wondered

and thought about what it will feel like to have one of those Lovely Treats smacking in between my Jaws?. However, since I’m

quite Broke at the moment, I do not have the opportunity nor the time to fly over to Japan, in order to experience such tasty

treats for myself. Nonetheless while surfing through the web, I came across an online Store called J list Japan who also like

Right Stuf Anime, specialize in the sale of anime products (including products dedicated to hardcore Otaku’s?). Nonetheless,

the section that really caught my eye while browsing through their site,  was their Snack and Food category that specialize in

Selling traditional treats at amazing Prices. So what ill be doing today is reviewing the store Known as J list Japan in terms of

how great it is for Anime fans but most importantly, what to expect when you order “The Three Greatest Sake Brewing

BonBon Chocolate Collection”.


Name: J List Japan 


Price: $13.50 (Minus Shipping)

Quality: 5.0 out of 5.0

Shipping: 3.0 out of 5.0


J-list Japan Quality: Finger Licking Treats From Japan

The Three Great Sake Bon Bon Chocolate from J-List Japan

According to Knocking Master Jiro from the amazing Toriko series, “Sake never changes in how delicious it is”. This

was the main reason I decided to get the Three Greatest Sake Brewing BonBon Chocolate Collection, from J list

Japan.  In addition, if you’ve watched some of my Youtube videos, You’ll notice that I love taking shots before I begin my

videos. Which also played a role in my decision to get the yummy chocolate collection. That being said, when it comes to Quality,

Make no mistake. Because these chocolates have real Japanese Sake Flavors embedded in them. Moreover, each piece is

individually wrapped with a traditional type of Japanese Sake which includes:


  • Hamafukutsuru Kimoto Junmai Karakuchi

  • Kuromatsu Hakushika Hitomebore

  • Eikun Tokusen (My Personal Favorite ?)

  • Junmai Daginjo Takumi

  • Fukubijin Hiroshima no Sake (etc)


Also, the box comes with a total of  Ten chocolates, which taste different from one another. The only detriment to all this is the

fact that each chocolate contains about  3% alcohol. Meaning these treats arent for Kids. But if that’s not the case, I don’t see

why someone would skip out on these Treats all the way from Japan. Besides, if you’re not interested in Sake Chocolates, J list

offers other condiments as well as other amazing Anime products which consist of Books&Magazines, Figures&Toys, Doujin,

Cosplay attires and an Adult Corner for hardened Otaku’s. So if you or anyone is interested in getting delicious snacks or other

mind-blowing products just click right Here to get a good look at what J-List Has in stock.



J- List Japan Shipping: The Good The Bad & The Ugly.

J-List Japan Shipping Options

I knew very well a shipping price would be attached to all products offered by J-list (Since it’s from Japan??‍♂️). Which explains why

they get a mixed rating for their Shipping (in my opinion.) That’s the reason  I summarized it as The Good, The Bad and The

Ugly in my title. To start with the Ugly side, It’s sad to say but J list doesn’t offer free shipping at all?. This means to get your

order, you will have to pay for shipping which is an ugly thing to do. However, that should be the least of your worries, because

the bad side of  J-List Japan is the fact that you have to wait a very long time to get the product that you ordered. And these are

divided into 4 categories that include


  • Basic Airmail (8 to 16 days)- No Tracking for $5.79.

  • SAL (14 to 30 Days)- With Tracking (except Australia & Canada) for $7.17

  • EMS Express (4 to 10 Days)- With Tracking for $20.22.

  • DHL Express (3 to 7 Days)- With Tracking for $25.52. (These prices might change based on the  product type)


This diminishes the overall experience you get from J List. Which is why I opted for the DHL express. Because I couldn’t

stand to wait 30 days or a week to get those yummy treats at my doorstep. However, I think this is Fair because they ship their

products straight from their Warehouse in Japan, unlike Right Stuff  Anime that has its products in the United States. To

end on a good note, J-list Japan offers Shopping points to all customers who make a purchase from them. Which helps

decrease the price of your order before purchase. In addition, you are also given a Discount code every time you order with J-

list??. Thereby adding to the Shopping Points that are given to you. Do you see why I have mixed feelings towards their

shipping? Its because on one hand, they try to mess with you by offering High shipping prices as well as Long wait times.

While on the other hand, they give you a discount code as well as points every time you make a purchase with them. If you ask me,

I think its all Fair and Dandy because if you add the Taste of their treats and the Points you get after buying a product, it

cancels out the Bad and Ugly side of their Shipping. However, I’ll let you guys be the judge. If you want to know more about J-

List Japan Shipping, Just Click Here to get more info.



My Final Thoughts

J-List Bento Boxes


In my opinion, the treats offered by J-list  are wonderful condiments that everyone (Anime fan or not) needs to try at least Once

in their lifetime. Due to the fact they provide Authentic traditional treats that are cherished by many who try them for the First

time. In addition to Yummy treats, they also offer other amazing products including 18+Products for All anime fans that are

into Echii Products ?. Also, in case you weren’t aware, J list Japan is very active on Social media (especially twitter)

Where they post a lot about Anime. PLUS, they respond quickly to comments posted by fans all over the globe. The only

negative about them is their Shipping. However, if you take into consideration that they are located in Japan, then you

wouldn’t mind forking up some extra cash. Coupled with the finger-licking treats you get when you order the BonBon

Chocolate Collection from them. For these reasons, J-List Japan gets my Elite Approval and should be a Store any True

Fan of Anime?, interested in amazing Japanese Artifacts ought to check out.


That brings me to the end of another Elite Review. But as always, let me know what you guys and girls think about all this. Do

you think J list Japan is an amazing store that trumps other online stores when it comes to Anime products (Including Right

Stuff Anime)? OR you’ve tried  J-list in the past but you weren’t satisfied with the product you got. Moreover, if you found this

post helpful and fun, feel free to share it with your friends and any other person interested in foreign condiments.

Also, if you’re looking for wireless earphones that are Aesthetic and great for workouts, then you would want to check out my

review of Soul Electronics for more information.


Thanks so much for stopping by and reading. I really appreciate it ??.

Until Next Time






  1. Reginald Gilbert

    This article is very well written! I really like the humor and the topic is about a Japanese type sweet called bento. Great sales reviews and very well written content! I would definately love to try some Japanese sweets one day! Thanks for writing this article and I hope the best for you! 


    • Kemdi

      Thanks, RJ 🙏🏽

  2. Wealthfather

    I have been a great fan of this lovely product and I can attest to the fact that its onr of the best experience I have ever had. So nice to have an easily consumable explanation on it. I have heard of the producers and they do have a good reputation according to many people that left comments in different places on the internet. Thanks for sharing

    • Kemdi

      No problem 

      J-List Japan’s Bento Boxes are the best 😎

  3. Vapz

    Now, is this cool or what!! So,I have a very good friend who is a big fan of Japan, Japense Anime’s and everything Japan. He speaks Japanese and that was totally self-taught. Seeing this review of J-list gladdened my heart because his birthday is coming up and I was still thinking of the best gift for him.

    I see shipping costs are really off the roof and 30days! Without a tracking number,they definitely need to do better. But I am ordering one for my friend. I hope it doesn’t take more than 30days to get to him.

    • Kemdi

      So Glad your Brothers birthday is coming up 🎊🎉😎
      J-List Bento Boxes will be a very great present to give him since they offer authentic Japanese treats 

       The shipping might be annoying but since they are located  in Japan I guess it’s worth the wait  

      However, i still feel its worth the try for anyone interested in something new and different 

  4. Tunde

    Wow,  awesome information. Nice to meet you kemdi. I have bookmarked this page for further information. Because I really love how you outlined the review on J list Japan.  You are quite right with everything you have written here.  It is really an amazing store in terms of Anime products.. You reminded of the time I ordered for just one Bento Box from J-list and the content was wow, very  satisfied with the product. This review is very helpful and interesting. A trial will convince you because I have also tasted and seen. 

    • Kemdi

      Thanks for your reply and bookmarking my site 🙏🏽

      J-list bento boxes are fantastic and are made for everyone 


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