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Kaidou: What It Takes to be the Strongest 💪🏽


Ever since the Wano Arc Began, it’s been Lit as F***k. Moreover, since I’m always up to date with the Manga, I am also aware

of the previous monster that existed in the past (Rock D Xebec) who was quite resilient and ruled as the Strongest. Before he

was finally defeated in a deadly alliance comprising of Gol D Roger and Monkey D Garp😎. In addition, before Yonkou

Kaidou became known as the strongest creature in the world, he served under Rock D Xebec who was the captain of the Rocks

Pirate, which just proves the old saying “Every master was once a pupil”.

But, the main reason for writing this post is not to argue why I think Kaidou should be regarded as the strongest Yonkou in the

Onepiece universe. If you’re already Subscribed to Elite Artifacts, then you should know that I am a strong believer when it

comes to the notion that ANIME can be a source of inspiration to its viewers. For that reason, I would be using Kaidou as an

example to prove to everyone once and for all, what it takes to be the strongest in the real world. However, in order to achieve

such status, one must possess the ability to ENDURE 2 things which include:







Hundred Beast Kaido

I don’t care who the hell you think you are but as far as I’m concerned, one of the worst feelings anyone can ever endure in this

world is DEFEAT☠️. However, as unfortunate as it is, it’s very necessary if you ever want to become strong. Even though some

may argue that there are people out there who are quite strong & successful but at the same time, have never failed or suffered a

loss in their life, I would still dispute that notion. This is due to the fact that being STRONG, isn’t the same as being SMART.

See, in order for one to never lose or get defeated in life, they must be strong but more importantly, WISE enough to pick their

battles. This is the main reason they may never lose in any situation. But on the flip side, a strong person may suffer defeat on

several occasions however, they would always get back up no matter how many times they fall. To be more precise, a strong

person is one that never runs  from a fight no matter the odds. This is why defeat is a necessary factor when aiming for the

strongest title.

Nonetheless, my point won’t be fully understood except I use the King of Beast to elaborate further. It’s obvious that Kaidou

possesses great strength due to his insane Devil fruit?. And in addition, has the highest known bounty in One Piece. (4.6

Billion Berries). So, it’s not hard for anyone to get why he’s regarded as the strongest creature in the world. But before

becoming the strongest, Kaidou had to suffer tons of defeat on his way up. To be precise, he’s been captured 18 times and

sentenced to death 40 times?.

This also explains why Kaidou has a severe Drinking problem?. And that’s because enduring defeat can be easy if you were

always drunk to NOT think about it. Look, all I’m saying is the fact that Kaidou can get up every time he takes an L proves my

point that enduring defeat is a necessary step to take when aiming to become the Strongest. Because it requires a Strong will to

rise each time you fall.

However, as much as defeat can be painful and annoying to bear, it lives one with tons of EXPERIENCE which is also needed

when trying to become the strongest in the world.



Hundred Beast Kaido

There is a saying which states “experience is the BEST teacher”👩🏽‍🏫. And this ultimately proves that in order for one to be seen

as the strongest, they must have lots of experience. Which often includes a mixture of Good and Bad experiences (like defeat).

Therefore, someone who’s never lost can’t be seen as the strongest because they have never experienced what it means to Lose.

Moreover, good judgment only comes from having tons of experience. But the sad reality is the fact that getting tons of

experience stems from making bad judgments.But the best way to help one understand what I’m saying is by using the King of

Beast to explain my point.

Since Kaidou worked under Xebec, it would make sense why Kaidou would have lots of experience. Which is as a result of

serving under his former captain. But that’s not the only reason I feel he has tons of experience. You see, Kaido is fond of making

bad decisions. However, by making all these bad choices, he’s able to gather lots of experience which in turn gives him the

Knowledge he needs to come out victorious in future battles. I guess that’s why people always say “If it’s a One V One, Kaidou

Shall win”?. And the reason is because a man who has the experience of facing off the Marines “Single-Handedly”, would

never lose in a fair fight with just one person. I guess the point I’m trying to stress is the idea that someone who’s ready for

everything, who doesn’t exclude any experience, even the most incomprehensible, would eventually become the Strongest (like

Kaidou). But let me know what you think about this in the comments below.


My Final Thoughts

Hundred Beast Kaido (Mythical Zoan Form)

If you’ve read up to this point, you’re probably thinking to yourself that being the strongest requires a lot of Pain and Risk –

taking☠️. In fact, if you take a closer look at all the societies that existed before our time, who were considerably strong, you’ll

understand that they often lived short lives as a result of making stupid decisions that weren’t necessary. A great example would

be the Spartans of Greece. If the 300 Spartans were wise, they would have understood that it was Humanly Impossible to

stand up to the might of Persia. However, if they succeeded in defeating the Persians, then they would have been known as the

strongest society that ever existed. The point I’m trying to make with all this is the fact that aiming for the title of the strongest is

Foolish and Humanly impossible to achieve. Because to reach that point you would have to face so much Defeat and

Experiences that will Physically and Mentally affect you (Negatively). This is the reason I feel Hundred Beast Kaidou

should be used as an example when explaining what it means to be the Strongest. Because suffering tons of defeat as well as

gaining lots of experiences requires the help of his Mythical devil fruit and his amazing will power, which is impossible to obtain

in the real world.


But that’s just the rambling of a Onepiece Addict, which is why I would love to hear your opinion about the post.  Do you

think suffering defeat and having lots of experience like Kaidou is what it takes to be the strongest in society? OR do you think

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As always, Thanks so much for reading my post. I truly appreciate it

Until next Time






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