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Light Yagami : What Is Justice?👩🏽‍⚖️


Death Note is the first show that made me realize Anime isn’t just about Entertainment and Fan service but, has the ability

to really inspire people just like movies (Check out my Top 5 Anime’s that shall Change your Life) . Also, this was the first

anime that really woke me up, In the sense that it got me thinking about the difference between Good and Evil. Once upon a

time, I always thought the world was a Black and White place. And everything we did was either against what’s Right OR, in

favor of what’s Wrong (and Vice Versa). However, I’ve realized this is far from the truth. In my opinion, most things do not

belong to either category. Rather, there’s a Grey Area that most individuals tend to ignore for Self-righteous reasons.

That’s why I wouldn’t be quick to label Light Yagami a Protagonist nor an Antagonist of the show. Because deep down, he

believed he was doing the Right thing (passing judgment on wicked/evil people in the world.) Some people disagree, while some

agree with his actions. However, after re-watching this anime countless times, I’ve reached the conclusion that Light wasn’t as

Good as he thought. The main reason I feel this way is because he claimed to be Justice👩🏽‍⚖️. Yet, his actions made it clear he

didn’t understand what that word truly meant. That’s why I’m going to use Two points to highlight what Justice really means as

well as why Light Yagami wouldn’t be considered a “Just” person in my book. And those two reasons include:






Light Yagami AKA Kira

It’s so depressing but in case you weren’t aware, we live in such an Unfair world?.  That’s why it’s very important to have

Justice embedded in our society always. Being Fair is simply having the ability to make judgments that are free from

Discrimination & Favoritism. Which explains the purpose of having a Judge & Jury present during every court hearing.

Because they act as the unbiased party which makes decisions based on Logic as well as Emotional factors. This is the reason I

am inclined to believe that Light Yagami was Unfair. Because he looked at things from a Logical standpoint ONLY. Without

ever questioning the Emotional reason(s) behind the acts committed by evil people. Some may argue that Evil people deserve to

be Punished no matter the circumstance?. Though I totally disagree with this notion, I can counter by saying Light didn’t just

punish evil people that were killing others. However, he chose to punish Petty criminals who were caught in various minor

crimes like Stealing and Cheating. Furthermore, everyone who had their names written in the Death Note had already been

arrested and tried for their crimes. Meaning it was never about Justice??‍♂️. rather, it was about Exterminating anyone that did

something wrong in the past. It’s very clear Light Yagami wasn’t as Just as he seemed. Because he only Favored Good people

and Discriminated against all bad people (no matter how little the crime was). But to be Rational, Light never had the capacity

of being a Fair individual. Because if there’s one thing all fair people have in common, is the ability to have Empathy towards




Light Yagami

Don’t get it twisted. There is a clear difference between having Sympathy and having Empathy. Sympathy is feeling sorry for

someone (regardless of their actions). But Empathy stems from one’s ability to Understand as well as share the feelings of

others. Therefore, enabling one to make a fair decision if need be. That’s why in order to be viewed as a Just person, one must

possess the amazing ability to see things from another perspective which will help them make rational decisions at all times?. If

you ask me, I will call Light Yagami a Psychopath?. Because labeling bad people as “Rotten”, meant he never considered

them to be Human. Moreover, Light grew up in a Stable household?‍?‍?‍?. And, in addition, had a father who was a Police

officer??‍♂️. Meaning he had a clear vision of what a good citizen should look like. This prevented him from gaining an

understanding of what it meant to be bad. I truly believe most people are not born Evil but are nurtured into it. Due to the kind of

upbringing as well as environment they are Raised in. Also, Light Yagami often manipulated people (e.g. Misa Amane & Kiyomi

Takeda) in order to fulfill his Desires. And if there’s one thing that’s common amongst individuals who lack empathy, is their

amazing ability to Fake their emotions which helps them advance their own sinister agenda’s. In my opinion, its clear Light

Yagami wasn’t Justice. Because if he was, then he would have more empathy towards everyone. In addition, he had no problem

exploiting the people who worked around him. Which shows that he was never interested in Justice. Rather, all he desired was to

become the God of the New World by using the Death Note? to control everyone in his path.


Final thoughts

Light Yagami (Death Note)

Before making this post, I had to re-watch Death Note again. Because I needed more Insight? on the angle Light was coming

from. (which wasn’t Justice.) Just as I stated earlier in my post, I wouldn’t be so quick to Label him a Bad or Good individual. In

fact, If you ask me, I would say Light did a Great Job?? while using the Death Note. This is because he reduced Crime

significantly & all Wars around the world had stopped? (thanks to his ruthless efforts). But the unfortunate thing is Light

Yagami desired a Perfect World? for good people. However, I will call this a Dream because the sad truth is the world we live

in is not Perfect??‍♂️. This is why I believe Justice is not as Good as people make it seem. Because to be a Just person would

require having empathy & being fair towards all individuals (Good & Bad). Which is why from the moment Light called himself

Justice in episode 1, I knew he was going to lose at the end.

TBH, I have a lot more to say?about this topic. But let me live it here for now. Do yall think Light Yagami is indeed Justice and

deserves a reward for using the Death note to pass judgment on evil people?? OR you think Light is just a Deranged

Psychopath who was never interested in Justice and just wanted total control of everyone in the world?? If you made it this

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As always, Thanks so much for reading my post. I truly appreciate it??. Also, if you enjoyed the post, feel free to share it with your

Friends and loved ones.?


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