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Luffy Vs Katakuri: Who is the better Fighter?


Before I get started, I would like to say a few things!

  • I am not a Katakuri or Luffy Fanboy (Zoro for Life).
  • This post-Will Contain spoilers from the Manga too (at the time of this post)  
  • The analysis will not be based entirely on Strength level (Haki).


Now that’s all said, let’s begin this evaluation. If you’re up to date with One piece anime, you’ll realize that the “Whole cake

Arc” is starting to come to an end. But if your impatient like me and have read the manga then you’ll realize the best is yet to

come in the next two Arcs.  However, we’ve reached a point in the anime where a major battle is about to unfold. Which is

the fight between Monkey D Luffy and Charlotte Katakuri. However, if your impatience got the better of you, then you’ll know

the outcome of this intense struggle. But most people, are not satisfied with the result. Even though Luffy has always tangled

with opponents much stronger than him in the past and come out victorious, some are still against the fact that Luffy with his

current skills shouldn’t be able to best the 1 billion berry man in combat (At least not alone). But right now, ill disprove that

theory by giving you three reasons why Luffy did not only take the “W” but should be seen in this arc as the better fighter. And

those three reasons are


  • Threat Level

  • Strategy

  • Resilience



Threat Level

At the beginning of the fight (in chapter 879) when Dogtooth was raining down shots on Luffy, he mentioned that he never for

once underestimated him. However, I believe that’s a lie because the reason Katakuri went after Luffy in the first place is because

he wanted to eliminate him before he became a bigger “threat” to Big Mom. If he claimed he wasn’t underestimating Luffy, then

why did he go so far by trying to prove the difference between their Strength, Speed, Devil fruit and even Techniques being

used (Example when Luffy used a Hawk Gatling and in response, Dog Tooth Sprouted extra limbs from his body to counter).

Likewise, before the fight, a “Merienda” had already been scheduled for him (Katakuri). Meaning he had so much faith that he

was going to defeat Luffy before it was time for his meal. Clearly, Actions speak louder than Words & It’s not like Luffy did not

know he was going into the fight at a huge disadvantage. If there’s one thing a fighter should never do is “Underestimate their

opponent” and since he knew he was going to be the challenger, he had something with him that katakuri didn’t have which was




For someone who’s been undefeated for quite some time (Katakuri), I find it strange why he won’t have a game plan

before entering battle. I guess seeing the future always puts him at a huge Advantage during fights because it’s pointless

planning when you know what’s coming. But on the other hand, Luffy who doesn’t think things through. came prepared with a

scheme on how to take down the Goliath known as Katakuri and this wasn’t during the fight but back at his 2-year training with

Rayleigh In Chapter 894. This was when Rayleigh informed Luffy about people (in the new world) who could see the

Future (clearly ) with their Color of Observation (Kenbunshoku Haki). And then asked Luffy what he would do if he should

face such Adversary. To which he replies, “It depends on their Personality”


You see


Unlike Dog Tooth that can see the near future with his Color of Observation, Luffy is able to sense the Feelings of living

things to a much greater degree. And we all know that the biggest personality Katakuri had was “Pride”.Moreover, there’s a

famous saying that “Pride comes before a Fall”. Luffy  knowing this (intuitively) just had One simple thing to do which was

“make him lose focus by breaking his pride” and he did this by


  • Exposing Katakuri’s “Mealtime” hence, breaking his pride thereby causing him to lose focus in the fight (Un -Intentional).

  • And tried  seeing  into the future in order to break Katakuris Pride hence, cause him to lose focus in the fight (Intentional).



That’s why Katakuri couldn’t understand why Luffy came back to the mirror world for a second round. He didn’t see how Luffy

could be Victorious because so-far he remained calm, he was Invincible. However, since Luffy was trying to see the future just

as Katakuri, he knew somewhere along the line he would get a chance at him because it wasn’t an easy task but Rayleigh had

already told him that Haki only blooms in Extreme Situations. And as the battle went on, Katakuri saw the steady growth in

Luffy’s color of observation so it was just a matter of time before he lost Focus again. However, as luck would have it, his task

was lessended thanks to Flampe because Katakuri’s pride was belittled once again when he discovered he was

assisted during the  One V One battle. That’s why he didn’t just stab himself but removed his scarf, which meant he no longer

cared about his Personality rather, winning the match that had initially  begun as a one on one battle. But this was his Greatest

mistake yet because if there’s anything a fighter should Have before entering Battle is something called  “Resilience”.



Most of the Big mom pirates (with Charlotte Oven being an exception) lack the ability to take damage in combat e.g.

Cracker and Katakuri. If you can recall in Chapter 884 when Luffy went Gear 4th and was on the offensive for the first time in

the fight, Dogtooth mentions something peculiar and that is “he can’t  recall the last time he was hit”. Meaning all he could

do was dish out Blows but was never on the receiving end (at least for a while). But on the contrary, Luffy’s Devil Fruit,

which has the ability to Soak up damage over a long period of time, & his undying will to never give up gave him the upper

hand in this fight. After all, a wise boxer once said: “It ain’t about how hard you hit, but how hard you can get hit and

“keep moving Forward”. And this was clearly seen in the fight because no matter how many times Katakuri knocked Luffy

down, with attacks like Chikara Mochi, Ginchaku, Grilled Mochi, Cheese nut mochi,  Diced Mochi and many more, he

always got back on his Feet. Luffy had fallen multiple times before & during the fight and that’s what Aided him to keep

Pushing. Unlike katakuri who never for Once in his life let his Back touch the ground (even while taking damage).

That’s why Luffy was victorious after the Final clash with Dogtooth!! Even though they both got back up, Katakuri was

unwilling to continue the fight because with his Huge Ego busted, he had nothing left to support him while Luffy on the other

hand, with he’s Undying will as well as his  belief in he’s Nakama, gave him the ability to fall and get back up each time thus,

making him the better fighter overall 😎.


Well, that brings me to the end my Analysis of the fight. But let me know what you guys think about the Skirmish in the

comments.Do you feel it ended in a silly way or it was good the way it turned out? I honestly think Luffy at his level should be

able to tangle with Younkou Commanders. After all, there’s a Beast out there that can keep fighting for 5 consecutive days

without rest or Merianda (All Star Jack). while Katakuri after mere hours into battle was Huffing and Puffing.

Moreover, if Luffy couldn’t handle Dogtooth then I don’t know what business he has in Wano (a wild zoo filled with ancient



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But that’s all for now. Thank you for reading my post. If there’s anything you would like to know or want me to talk about, don’t

be afraid to ask in the comments. I’ll do my best to reply to each one of them

Until next time







  1. Renton

    Let me start by saying that I am biased because I love One Piece. I always believe Luffy will be the best fighter because of he’s Luffy.
    He doesn’t know how to quit or abandon his friends. He is a fantastic role model for young kids if you ask me.
    Brilliant article, I definitely look forward to more of your posts. Great job.

    • Kemdi

      Thanks  For your Comment Renton. really appreciate it 

      I also love luffy but i kinda prefer Zoro:P

       My next anime Post is probably gonna be on Naruto and once again its not going to be very pleasant for everyone 

      Hope you enjoy it just as you did this one .


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