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Marshall D Teach: The Power of Dreams?


There is no doubt Marshall D Teach (aka Black Beard) is a Despicable character. Why? Well, he wanted to kill Luffy and offer

he’s Head as a Trophy to the Marines. However, this plot was stopped by his bro Ace who had a personal score to settle with

Teach (For the murder of another crewmate?). Unfortunately, Ace was defeated and as a result, was sacrificed instead of Luffy.

Which led to the War of the Best that ended the life of two Great Pirates (Portgas D Ace & Edward Newgate). And, the rise of

Marshall D Teach who murdered White Beard and as a result, became the Newest Yonkou of the seas. Some might say his

methods are Shameful and Loathsome which indeed are true. However, if you go back to Episode 147, You clearly see that

from the very beginning, Blackbeard always had a Dream of becoming a Great Pirate (just like Edward Newgate). And this

dream was soo powerful he was willing to kill his own Nakama just to achieve it. Contrary to the Real World, many people are

too quick to kill the dreams they’ve always had. Most times, it’s because of the number of Obstacles one must surpass in order to

see their dreams come true. However, using 3 reasons, I’ll explain why it’s important to always have a dream to strive for in life.

In addition, I’ll be using  Blackbeard as a Beacon to emphasize how Powerful Dreams are and how they can affect our lives

Positively?. Those three reasons are


  • Purpose

  • Ignoring Distractions

  • Quick Recovery




Marshall D Teach

Before Marshall D Teach became the Beast called Blackbeard (Kurohighe), he was once a member of the Whitebeard

pirates. Who at the time, were amongst the strongest Pirates that ruled the seas (together with Rocks and Oro Jackson

Pirates). That being said, Teach had to Chill with the Squad for a very long time before getting what he wanted and leaving

the crew behind (which was acquiring the Darkness fruit by killing Thach). In my opinion, Betrayal is something that’s

very bad especially when it’s done by someone you once Trusted. However, that’s what I find Puzzling in all this. And

that eludes to the fact that Teach was willing to kill his mate who he spent Years together with for the PURPOSRE of

achieving his dream of becoming a Great pirate. This just shows how Strong and Intense his dream was because he

willingly waited all those years for a Chance as well as, not hesitating to kill his former friend and partner.


The reason I choose this Scene as one of my points isn’t to promote the Heinous act of Betrayal??‍♂️. Rather, it’s to show an

example of how dreams can serve a Purpose in the lives of individuals. (just like Marshall D Teach). Most people in the

Real World choose not to act upon their various dreams for reasons such as the amount of Time it might take Or, Fear

they might have to Betray the Character they always thought they’ll never question (And not necessarily betraying

someone). it’s not easy to be Patient nor is it Cool to go against the things you once thought were True. However, having

a dream gives you Purpose which makes it easier to wait longer and surpass your Expectations. We all have a sense of

Purpose & without it, we lose our way and become Demotivated and Depressed. Which is why it’s important to have

Great Dreams that strengthen our Sense of Purpose (Just like Blackbeard ).

Nonetheless Having purpose doesn’t showcase the Full Extent of our dreams and how they can  affect our daily lives

Positively. And that’s because, above Meaning, Dreams also grants one the ability to Ignore Distractions that plague

every moment of our Busy Lives?.

Ignoring Distractions

Younko BlackBeard

Distractions are often encountered by everyone on a Regular basis. Sometimes they can be Fun. Other times they can

be  Detrimental to our well being. However the case, Distractions only serve ONE purpose. Which is to Prevent You from

giving your Full Attention to what’s Really Important (Your Dreams). Although Distractions are Unavoidable, Succesful

People, as well as Elites?, always maintain a Positive Focus in life no matter what goes on around them at the moment.


Take for instance, when Marshall D Teach handed Ace over to the Marines, he was offered the Title of Shichibukai 

(Warlord) for his great Accomplishment of capturing a Yonkou Commander. However, he didn’t Stop there. In fact, he

didn’t even consider it an Accomplishment. Rather, a Stepping Stone towards his dreams. Most Pirates would not let

an opportunity like that slide (Buggy) or worse, behave Nonchalant towards the position (like Blackbeard). Moreover,

before becoming a Warlord, Teach spent Several Decades on White Beards ship. And if he wanted, he would have

reached the level of Yonkou Commander which would have greatly increased he’s Status and Bounty in the one piece

universe (Back Then). Yet all these things weren’t enough to Distract him from his ultimate Goal and Dream of becoming

a Great Pirate.

Nowadays, people tend to Fight too many Battles and in the process, waste so much Energy and Time on things that

don’t matter. No doubt, there are times when you should Stand and Fight if it’s Necessary. Nonetheless, when you aim for

the Top or better, Have a dream to strive for, you sometimes come across Fights not worth fighting. And the only way to

overcome such Unnecessary Distractions is by Having  Great dreams to always keep you On Track whenever you Fall


But if you ever Fall, don’t lose Hope. Because if there’s one thing that dreams are good at,  is granting one a Quick 

Recovery after an Unfortunate event transpires.


Quick Recovery

Marshall D Teach

Dreaming definitely gives one a Sense of Purpose. As well as helps you ignore Unnecessary Distractions. However, the

best thing your dream can offer is the ability to Recover Quickly from a Heavy loss. In life, not all battles are Won.

Even though you’ve never encountered a Loss in your life, there’s certainly going to be a Day when one must face Defeat (Just

like Charlotte Katakuri). However, the best way to pick yourself back up, after a loss  is by having a dream that’s

Strengthens your Will each time you Fall.

I don’t think its mere Coincidence that Marshall D Teach has unbelievable Endurance as well as, an Insane knack of

recovering upon taking damage. In addition, after consuming the Yami Yami no mi devil fruit, his body was exposed to

more Harm from incoming attacks. (since the darkness fruit makes the user vulnerable to attacks which aren’t 

absorbed ).


So Ask yourself


Why would Marshall D Teach acquire a fruit that exposes him he fails to absorb an attack?? The only answer that rings in

my head is his dream of being the BEST. And to be the best, one must possess the ability to take as much damage as

possible. Which can only be achieved by having dreams that bypass your Sense of Pain (Physically and mentally). And,

Gives one the Will to get back up each time you Fail or face defeat in Life.

My Final Thoughts

Marshall D Teach

Dreaming is something we all do Every night when we go to sleep. And in some cases, in the Day when we spend

time  Relaxing and Watching  Amazing Shows like One Piece??. However, most people Stop there and never have the

courage to see those dreams come to Fruition. That’s why it’s so Inspiring to Watch people Like Marshall D Teach go to

Extreme lengths in order to accomplish their Dreams.  Honestly Speaking, I do not credit the belief that they are  GOOD

and BAD people in the world. The only two I’m aware of are FAKE and REAL People. Besides, everyone has the ability to

do good & bad. Which heavily depends on their Surroundings and Experiences. That’s why I won’t label Blackbeard, a

Bad person nor will I consider him to be a Good Individual. Nevertheless, he Murdered a former crewmate &, betrayed

his Previous Pirate crew/Family. Which is why I wouldn’t blame most for thinking Bad of him. However, that Solidifies the

point I’ve been trying to make all along. Which is the fact that  Dreams serve as the Bedrock of our Beings cause they give us

Purpose whenever we feel lost, Strengthens our resolve to Ignore Distractions and Grants us  Speedy Recovery

anytime we FALL.  That’s why it’s important to Never Underestimate the Power of Dreams. Cause, The world may End

for all we know. But according to Marshall D Teach, Peoples Dreams NEVER END.


Well, that brings me to the end of my post. As usual, let me know what Guys and Girls think in the comments below. Do

you think Marshall D Teach sets Good Example that Showcases how Dreams can affect us Positively In the real world.

OR he’s nothing but a Scumbag that shouldn’t be trusted or looked upon as a Role Model?. Moreover, if you enjoyed

what you read, feel free to share it with your Friends, loved ones or Anyone that’s stoked about One Piece (like me ).

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on where to Procure such Artifacts?.


Thanks so much for reading my post!!! Really appreciate it??.


Until Next Time










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