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Nakiri Azami: Bad or Misunderstood?


If you’re wondering who this Dude is or why I’m asking this Daunting question in my heading, then you will want to do yourself a

favor and catch up on the third season of Shokugeki No Soma which is currently one of my best food Animes to date. With

that being said, let’s get into the main Gist of the Post. Now If your one of those blessed individuals up to date with the anime,

then you already know that Nakiri Azami is a Vile human being who is not just Selfish but an extreme Narcissist who believes

his actions are Just and unquestionable. When it comes to cooking and other aspects of fine dining, he believes it’s only

regarded for the Elites in society who can afford to taste the true greatness of the culinary arts. While other Normal foods he

regards as  “Animal feed” are meant for Peasants and that isn’t because they taste bad but they weren’t prepared with the

finest ingredients. This is quite sad because if there’s something any wise person should be aware of, it’s the fact that “All

that Glitters isn’t necessarily Gold” & that’s true because most if not all the great things we make use of aren’t really

made with the best parts possible (I Phones’) but still turn out to be good for most people. However, it’s not right to judge a man

solely by his personality but also, his actions and since we all know Nakiri Azami is a great Chef and was once a member of the

Elite Ten, his credentials aren’t to be questioned. But what makes Nakiri Azami stands out as an Eccentric from his peers is his

Revolutionary Plan for Totsuki Academy which is “To Disband all research groups and create a Central cooking

organization where all gourmet dining will be shared through the Elite Ten and the ones hand-picked by them”.

This plan might sound Sinister to the ears but if you take the time to analyze the merits and disadvantages, then you might

understand where he’s coming from. That is why I believe Nakiri Azami is not a Bad but misunderstood individual. And I’m

going to prove it with 3 reasons which are


  • Totsuki’s Academy Current State

  • Nakiri Azami’s Past

  • He’s Cooking Skills


Totsuki’s Academy Current State.

Diabolic Nakiri Azami

I’m quite certain if Totsuki Academy was a real college in the real world, it would be number One in the Ivy League and that’s

due to the little admission rate and high expulsion frequency that occurs on a day to day basis in the School. This phenomenon is

recurrent because the “Junior High Division”, teaches young aspiring chefs a variety of topics ranging from Nutrition, public

health, introductory agronomics, and food management. But on the flip side (The Senior High Division), Students are no

more judged based on their skills or knowledge of food. Rather, they are evaluated on their abilities to survive as food

professionals which is done by taking and excelling in several tests and exams Totsuki has in stock. In fact, the intense

competition allows only a select few (1 percent of the students) to complete their education while the remaining (99 percent of the

students) are expelled & offered as Sacrifices for honing the skills of the remaining that succeed.


Unfair, isn’t it?


But on the other hand, Nakiri Azami’s Revolutionary Plan aims to negate the possibility of a sad outcome for the ninety-nine

percent of students by a far stretch. How? Well presently, there’s far greater injustice in the current system at Totsuki

because, despite the fact individuals learn different things at different speeds in life, anyone that doesn’t make the cut is

left by the side which is indeed “Barbaric” and this act encourages the notion that “Might always equals right”. That is

why Nakiri Azami has suggested a solution to this problem which is to make all culinary classes in Totsuki, a means of conveying

Central’s Teachings (which consists of the elite Ten) to ensure that all students benefit from them “Equally”. Even though

Nakiri Azami was prepared to disband all research groups and clubs to achieve this goal (Which was later changed thanks to

Yukihira Soma’s brave act) it wouldn’t still be a bad idea on a grand scale because “Majority always carries the vote in the

real world” & 99% of students would benefit from this drastic change.

But that’s not the only reason Nakiri Azami is regarded as a misunderstood person in my opinion and that’s because a person’s

Past can play a huge role in the way they think and interact with the world around them.



Nakiri Azami’s Past.

Sinister Nakiri Azami


They Say that “your past helps determine your future”. And this can easily be seen when it comes to Nakiri Azami’s

case. You see once upon a time, Nakiri Azami wasn’t always a despicable person as most might believe. In fact, apart from being

a former member of the Elite Ten (third seat to be exact), he was also a resident at the Polar Star Dormitory which is where

most of the greatest chefs that attended Totsuki academy lodged at. Including the Great “Saiba Joichiro” who Nakiri Azami

Upheld as a role model.


So Where did it All Go Wrong?


Well, it’s all thanks but no thanks to his Senpai & Role Model Saiba Joichiro who was considered a cooking genius amongst

their set while in Totsuki Academy. During their era, Saiba Joichiro often developed new flavors that were liked by everyone

including high ranking officials in distinguished restaurants around the world. It got to the point where his skills were tested

daily, by undergoing intense shokugeki battles (including the 1 vs 50 team Shokugeki) and each time he always came out

victorious. However, little did anyone know that these bouts were beginning to take a toll on him both physically and mentally.

This looming breakdown was certain because each victory always pushed him farther away from his classmates and friends.

Then one fateful day when he had reached his breaking point, he was asked to leave and take a break from cooking in general.

Even though this had a positive impact in Saiba Joichiro’s Life, On the flip side, it had a negative blow on Nakiri Azami and

that’s because he was no Saint whatsoever but what kept him going was the belief in his one and only Idol who was broken down

by the unrealistic expectation of everyone around him. This just highlights the fact that living based on others

expectation is not always the best way of living. And I’m sure this, as well as his fragile personality, were the triggers that

pushed Nakiri Azami into becoming the person he is today.


But that’s not all


Because there’s one final piece to the puzzle that negates the theory that Nakiri Azami is truly a bad person and that is the

Honorable Cooking skills he has on his belt


Cooking Skills

Teen Nakiri Azami

Now it may seem like I’m pulling this final point from my A** but that’s not the case at all. It’s my belief that a chef’s ultimate

goal is to please people by using food as a means. Moreover, Cooking is regarded as a caring profession; where delighting a

person through Taste is the main purpose, and is where true fulfillment for your job can be found. In fact, if you’re someone

that enjoys making people happy by bringing their taste buds to life, then you’re definitely on the right track to becoming a chef.


So, what does this have to do with Nakiri Azami?


Well like I said earlier, if cooking is fundamentally meant to make everyone happy, then Nakiri Azami wouldn’t choose this

as a profession, to begin with. Also, Nakiri Azami isn’t an ordinary chef but a great chef who is skilled at making his

customers smile all the time, Therefore, that rules out any doubt that he’s not capable of doing the right thing. Furthermore,

one may argue that some bad people are disguised as “wolf’s in sheep’s clothing” & may choose to act righteously sometimes.

But I don’t think Nakiri Azami falls into this category because most Bad people who do good things do it for the wrong reasons

or for their own benefit. But when it comes to cooking, most if not all times, it benefits the customers mostly because they derive

pleasure while munching away on a delicious treat especially when they’re eating a meal prepared by Nakiri Azami. I guess the

point I’m trying to convey is Cooking is designed for people that enjoy helping & pleasing others which is why I truly believe

that Nakiri Azami is not bad but clearly misunderstood by the general public.


My Final Thoughts

Nakiri Azami


Now before I conclude, let me just point out some huge Disclaimers.

  • I do not support all the views/actions employed by Nakiri Azami
  • My views are subject to change since the Anime is still ongoing.

I am simply trying to be objective to the idea that Nakiri Azami is not as bad as most viewers perceive. Even though we

don’t know for sure why he has a creepy personality, we can still tell that some of his actions are geared towards the

betterment of Totsuki Academy and shouldn’t be overlooked because of his past actions, after all, no one is “Perfect”.

Besides, there are other anime characters that are far more disturbing than Nakiri Azami (Donquixote Doflamingo) but

that will be a topic for another day.


Well, Once again that brings me to the end of my post. As usual, let me know what you guys and girls think about the

character called Nakiri Azami. Do you think he’s not so bad or you feel he deserves to be punished for trying to brainwash

his own daughter (Nakiri Erina) into becoming a heartless vessel like him? Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts in the


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As always, Thanks so much for reading my post. I truly appreciate it ??

Until next Time





  1. Paul

    Amazing and in depth post! I follow anime, but my selections are limited due to my time constraints. Your thorough review of this character makes me want to watch the show. I really enjoyed your in depth look at his actions and history, breaking down the motivation psychology of it all. Great write up.

    • Kemdi

      Thanks so much Paul 

      Shokugeki no Soma is an awesome anime So whenever you have time, you can start watching it

  2. Amer Azmi

    Nice in depth review about this guy. Honestly, this guy turn over Totsuki. Well we wait till season 4 what will happen. I’m following Sougeki no Souma every season at pirated streaming site. And this anime is one of my favourite anime so far. Especially when this guy come into the scene. Anyway keep writing anime stuff. I’m looking forward for your next review

    • Kemdi

      Thanks Amer 

      Shokugeki no Soma is a great anime cant wait for the season 4 too!!


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