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Orochi Doppo: The Essence Of A Fight!!


If you’re a Baki the Grappler fan, then you’re already aware of  the recent conclusion of the mind-blowing Baki 2018 

Anime. Where we all witnessed some amazing fighting techniques (Way Of The Void). As well as observe the   Extraordinary 

Stamina, employed by the Underground Fighters and the Death Row Inmates. However, out of all these

fights, the one that really stood out and inspired me the most was the intense scuffle between Orochi Doppo ( AKA the

Tigger Killer) & Dorian Kaioh?. The reason why this fight was exceptional ( apart from the horrible 3D CGI) was simply

because of the words said by Retsu Kaioh during the Match. “No fight Is Ever Won Until It’s Over”. Which was also in line

with Doppo’s understanding of what it meant to be in a Fight.

Now Just incase your new to Elite Artifacts,  I always try my best to emphasize how Anime can affect our lives positively

(In the real world) through my Anime Rants. And this particular fight has done just that. Whereby In the anime, it was

emphasized that through thousands of fight, Doppo was able to understand that a True Fight is only won when you or

someone else decides to fight to the end no matter the cost. Which was clearly seen in the battle between the two Titans.

Eventhough Dorian was a Kaioh (A Chinese Kempo Beast), he still resulted to using Foul tricks to achieve victory (the

same with other Death Row Inmates). However, with his Insane Karate, Flexible Muscles and his Undying Will Power,

Orochi Doppo was able to overcome all the attacks thrown at him and still destroy Dorian (evethough his face was Blown

up at the end).


That Being Said

If you stop and look at this fight at a Different Angle, you can see quite vividly that it goes way beyond two muscular dudes

fighting and destroying one another senslesly OR, just for the sake of Knowing Defeat?. Fighting in the real world goes past

two or more people brawling and throwing punches in a ring for the sake of Money or Pride. People choose to fight for several

reasons. But, the one that is always Seen & Experienced on a day to day basis is the Fight for Ones’ Life. This fight is usually

hard to explain because it comes in many forms such as; Anxiety, Depression, Naysayers and most sinister of them all, the

voice in your head that’s always there to Discourage you from being Successful. Which is why I will be discussing today in my

rant, The essence of a Fight. However, ill be using MY Perspective to elaborate my beliefs on the matter. And the only way

to do this is by giving Two reasons why people choose Not To Fight for their Dreams or Success. And those two include


Unfair conditions

Fear of Losing


Unfair Conditions

I find it Strange and Funny that someone would willingly compete despite being at a hefty disadvadtage. In the Baki 2018

Anime, the Underground Fighters (in my opinion) where at a heavy disadvantage when matched against the Death Row 

Inmates. The reason is eventhough  the inmates were great at Fighting, they were still given permission to use Weapons

of any kind during combat. In addition, they were also allowed to Strike Anytime and Anywhere they saw fit. Example before

the Final Fight between Dorian and Orochi Doppo, Dorian always used Dirty tricks such as Wires, Gasoline, BottlesGrease,

Wood and other silly methods to attain victory. I don’t know about you but if it’s me I will definitely disagree because he’s already

a Kaioh so why the Unfair advantage? However, despite all these Gimmicks, Doppo together with the rest of the Karate Dojo

(Shinshikai) were able to break through those circumctances and bring the beast (Dorian) to he’s Knees.


Looking at how much the world has changed, things have definetly gotten quite better and fairer for all (Unlike the past where

Human beings were less civil and discrimination was upheld in many parts of the world?). However, no matter how much

the world changes for the better, things are never going to be Equal for everyone. There is always going to be an Unfair

advantage someone may have over you. And for that reason, Many people lose all Hope in  Fighting for their Dreams and

Success. But this shouldn’t stop you from fighting. Especially, fighting for those things you believe in. There will always be times

where you have the upper hand in a situation or the conditions laid before you  might be favorable. But if that’s not the case,

One shouldn’t be quick to dismiss a chance just because it seems a little Unjust. I guess what I’m trying to say is never expect

everything to be Fair and Equal before fighting for your dreams and success. Because Great fighters aren’t appreciated just for

their physical strength, but their abilities to overcome unfair situations during battle. Which to me, is the essence of a



Fear of Losing

Wether it’s a Real fight, or a Normal competition, there is always going to be two sides which include Winners and

Losers. And ofcourse, its always best  to come out victorius than to be defeated in any situation. Which could be seen as

a reason why people decide not to Fight for their dreams. Nontheless, losing can also be a   bittersweet  experience.

Because when one loses, they have two options. Either they Stay Down Or  they Get Back Up. A good example of this

can be seen in the life of Orochi Doppo. Right now, he is currently regarded as the Best Karate Fighter (In the world of

Baki the grappler) However, before he dawned that title, he had to go through  tons of fights. Which in some cases he lost

miserably, the worst being the fight against the ORGE himself (Hanma Yujiro)?. In addition, before defeating Dorian in  the

final battle, he didn’t just lose the first fight but lost he’s Wrist to Dorians Tatanium Wire’s. However, that didn’t hold him

back from making a Comeback with he’s re-attached wrist which he used to pummel Dorian to submission.




Defeat can be a painful experience. Some, or even all of us have tasted some form of loss in our lives. Which subconisiously

stops us  from fighting for success. However, what separates Losers from Winners are those who choose to never Stay down

when they loss a fight. A comeback is always possible as long as your willing to get backup each time you fall down. This was what

Retsu Kaioh meant when he said a fight isn’t won until it’s over. Victory is only achieved in a fight when the said opponent

decides to quit and refuses to get up after falling. Which is exactly why one should never be afraid of L’s in their Lives. Because

when you lose, you always have the ability to stand up again until you get the W in whatever you try to achieve in LIfe.


My Final Thoughts

Nowadays, fighting is mostly seen as a Bad and Despicable thing, except when its done in a Ring or Octagon filled with

several Rules and Regulations. But I don’t think that’s the only time people are drawn to fights. Because right from the

day we are born till the day we die, we are forced to fight for our lives. And this fight includes all aspects of our being

including the physical, psychological and emotional areas we tend to stay far away from. Baki 2018 Anime is indeed a

great show not just for the amazing fights but in addition, it exemplifies in an awesome way, how fighting  can be used to

inspire us to Pesevere towards our dreams and success in real life. That’s why I’m soo eager for the next season where the

Ultimate Chinese tournament (Ratai) would begin?. And we finally get to see the Strongest Creature back in action

since he didn’t do much in the last season . However, the ultimate lesson to be learnt from all this is to realize that Fighting

 is part of life. Which is why we can never be scared to lose or get demoralized by unsavory circumctances. Rather, we

should stand our ground and be prepared for whatever life throws at us. Because a True fight is only Won when we decide

its over. And in the real world, that means Giving up or worse Dying.


Well, that’s all for now. Let me know what you guys and girls think about my post in the comments. Do you feel Oroochi 

Doppo Vs Dorian Kaioh was an awesome fight or you think they are other fights that are way better in the Baki 2018 

Anime!! Moreover, if you enjoyed what you read, feel free to share it with all your Friends and loved ones. Also, don’t

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Thanks so much for stopping by and  reading. Really appreciate it??.

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