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    Luffy Vs Katakuri: Who is the better Fighter?

    Before I get started, I would like to say a few things! I am not a Katakuri or Luffy Fanboy (Zoro for Life). This post-Will Contain spoilers from the Manga too (at the time of this post)   The analysis will not be based entirely on Strength level (Haki).   Now that’s all said, let’s begin…

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    Top 5 Animes that will change your life

    If my “Haki” is on point, then I’ll make a bold prediction by guessing your curiosity or your love for Anime (just like mine) was the main reason you clicked on this post! Well, I can’t say I blame you. If you didn’t know, Anime is a form of entertainment that has been around since the start of the 20th century and…

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    About Me

    Hey There!!,  Thanks so much for clicking on my website. To show my appreciation, I will like to tell you more about myself. A Little Back Story Going back to my early days when I was still a Greenhorn, I’ve always been into animes such as One piece (Which is currently my best anime), Dragon Ball…

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