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Portgas D Ace: Living Without Regrets


There comes a time in everyone’s life when they experience one of the most Devastating feelings ever known to man which is

Regret (Zetsubo?). This transpires due to reasons such as losing someone you cared deeply about, Failing to meet the goals you

set for yourself, and many more reasons I do not want to think & talk about. However, Looking at the Life of Portgas D Ace,

from the amazing anime called One-piece, we get to see that in his last moments he died with a SMILE on his face as well as

Gol D Roger (His Father) who are members of the infamous D clan that are regarded as (gods natural enemies). Nonetheless,

after Binge-watching One-piece several times, I soon discovered what made these fallen Idols smile even when Death came

knocking. And this was in episode 503 where Luffy and Ace made a Vow to each other after the “loss” of their Stepbrother

(Sabo) to forever “Live their lives without leaving any regrets”.

So, the question at hand is What does it mean to live your life without having regrets? Well, after Stargazing for some time, I

finally uncovered three possible solutions for anyone desiring the experience of living their life to the fullest without having any

doubts. And they include


  • Living A Free Life

  • Taking Chances

  • Making Enemies



Living A Free Life.

Portgas D Ace: Living Without Regrets

The First step that should be taken to live your life without regret is the desire to live Freely. So many things come to one’s mind

when they think about Living A free life. Some might look at it as Worrying less or Giving less value to what others may say

and think about you. Others might take it a step further and perceive it as an act of regularly doing something you’re truly

passionate about. As for me, Living a free life means being Honest and True to oneself in order not to regret your actions

thus, Live your life without having regrets!


Take for Instance


In the One Piece Anime, Luffy and Ace always aspired to be Awesome Pirates. Even though Monkey D Garp  (Their Grand

Daddy ) wanted to train them in order to make them great Marines (at the very least Admiral level) they still chose to disobey

and go on with their dreams of becoming great pirates. And that’s because they desired to live their lives freely by being Honest

and True to themselves without caring about the consequences that they were bound to face ahead.

You see, many people in the real world are scared of being honest with themselves as well as their dreams which sadly prevents

them from living a free and peaceful life. They get offended when they are questioned or judged about what they think or how

they feel about a particular subject. And the reason They (others) do this (most times subconsciously) is because it’s very

easy and safe to follow the crowd than think for yourself. Also being Honest doesn’t mean you are always going to be right all the

time but having a Sincere mind about the world is the reason why you’ll be able to live freely without leaving any regrets behind.

However, that’s not the only thing required to live life without regrets. Because the second thing to be aware of is the fact that you

must be ready to Take Chances in order to erase all doubts in your life.


Taking Chances

Go Big or Go Home has always been my motto for a while and it’s also the second step taken to achieve a life without regret.

These days, most people are reluctant and scared of taking risks that could make them successful in life & there are valid

reasons for that. A good scenario would be that most times, people tend to form their decisions based on past experiences from

others which is Sad (in my opinion) because the Two most effective ways of knowing the outcome of event is if you experience the

act “Yourself” or You can see and predict the Future (Like Katakuri). Moreover, some people use the word Facts, to get others

to submit and block their vision of success. But the truth is no one can tell the facts about what you Can or Cannot do because

only you can determine the facts about your Strengths and Weaknesses to know if an outcome is possible or not.


Also, unlike the real world where people are scared of taking Risks due to fear of Failing, being Embarrassed or losing

Money, Inthe world of One Piece, it’s a Big risk to become a pirate because when you get caught, your either Killed or taking to

Impel Down (the worst prison ever) where you’ll be tortured for life. However, this doesn’t stop strong-willed Individuals like

Luffy and Ace from taking chances on becoming great pirates. And their always willing to risk it all (even their own lives) to

reach their goals rather than be intimidated by Strong forces (The World Government) who are ready to stop them from achieving

it. In other words, they rather Die trying than live a life filled with regret by not taking chances with their dreams.

Look, Taking chances can be Scary and most times very Uncomfortable. However, in order to become great, one most free

their mind and be willing to take a chance at the things they’ve always dreamt of doing. Which brings me to my final point. And

this is something everyone who desires to live life without regrets must understand which is the inevitable fact that you are

going to Meet and Face lots of obstacles as well as enemies on your path to living your life without regret.


Making Enemies

This may sound Controversial to some but believe it or not, we are all bound by “Systems” that control the way we think, the

decisions we make and the lifestyle that we choose to indulge in. That’s why when one decides to make the conscious decision of

living their lives freely without regret, they indirectly oppose the Systems that have been put in place to stop them from feeling

or thinking that way. Which eventually makes you an enemy of Society. An example of this can be viewed in an everyday

situation where one decides to drop out of High school or College in order to pursue a career that fits them such as Singing,

Acting, Sports or making money online. However, they become Scorned and Treated as an outcast since the normal thing to

do is to go to School, struggle to get Great Grades (because Good isn’t enough anymore) and get a job that gives a steady

income for the rest of your life until retirement. This is why they become soo Envious when they see you succeed at what you

sought out to do for yourself.

To give a lighter example, If you’ve ever watched the One Piece Anime, then you must be aware that Ace as well as Luffy, have

faced so many enemies along the way to their dreams of becoming great pirates (Both Pirates and Marines). You might say

that’s Fair and Reasonable since being a pirate is wrong and so they deserve all the hate and punishments that await them.

However, that is false because the great pirates that they are striving so hard  to become  is the Pirate King


And Get This

That title doesn’t go to the person who has Conquered all the seas nor the person with the most amount of Treasure in the one

piece world but it is given to the person with the most Freedom. Meaning they can go Wherever and do Whatever they so,

please which is why they are constantly Pursued by the Marines, Opposed by other great pirates seeking that same title ( The

Younkous) and Hated by most individuals who envy the life they’ve chosen for themselves.

Going against the Norm is often seen as Unusual by most which is why you are bound to face so many obstacles and make so

many enemies along the way, however, it is unavoidable if you truly seek to live your life without regrets!!.


My Final Thoughts

Now just to be clear, Living your life without regrets doesn’t mean you’re always going to be happy nor does it mean your always

going to be successful in the goals you set for yourself. If you take a moment and think about all the great men that have come

and gone in this world such as Albert Einstein, Issac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci, Steve Jobs, etc including the ones still

here on earth such as Bill Gates Mark Zuckerberg and many more, You will discover that they are all celebrated today as great

beings because they choose to live their lives without regret by Living and thinking freely, taking lots of risks and facing their

problems and enemies head-on whenever confronted. The same can also be said about Ace as well as Luffy and the reason why

we (anime folks) are inspired by them isn’t just because of their amazing abilities (Devil Fruits) but in addition, they chose to

follow their dreams despite the challenges that arise which they ultimately overcome with hard work, perseverance and lots of

Luck. That is why Portgas D Ace was able to die with a smile. and the only thing he wished upon dying was to watch he’s

Brother make it to the top. However, he didn’t regret any of it since he knew Luffy was eventually going to succeed because they

both vowed to live freely without regrets.


Well, That’s it for now!! Let me know what you guys and girls think about my post. Do you Think Living a life without regret is

actually possible? or its all fantasy and there’s no way to achieve such a thing in the real world. Moreover, If you’re into anime

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Youtube Video On living Without Regret


Thanks so much stopping by and reading. I really appreciate it ??

Until Next Time





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