September 27, 2021

6 thoughts on “Right Stuf Anime: Manga & Anime at your Disposal!!

  1. This is an amazing site for anime lovers! Amazing artwork that really engages the reader straight away. Also, you have a Solid review of the best online anime store, Rightstuf Anime, which I admit I haven’t heard of until now. I like how you distinguish between online and physical forms of anime, an important difference for the avid anime collector. I also like the Pricing and I love the review score you gave. 

    Nicely done I’ll be checking out right stuff 

  2. Hi Kemdi.

    I love your reviews, especially the natural, conversational style you use. And also because they are brief and to the point.

    My son is a big fan who loves watching anime as well as reading manga. After reading your review, I think I should go ahead and buy a couple of anime products from Right Stuff Anime to try them out. My son is going to love them!

    I will share my experience with you later.

    Thanks for the great review.


    1. Your Welcome Nick 

      I’m also happy your son is a big fan of anime. I’m sure he’ll be delighted when you get  him something from Right stuff anime 😎

  3. Awesome 

    I am one of the biggest fans of Monkey D. Luffy, (the Pirate King).  One Piece is really a great story to tell among friends.  I cannot hold onto my seat and wait to check out Rightstuff anime.  There is plenty of stuff to collect idk where to begin. Finally, I found an online store that sells quality products and manga 

    Thanks so much 

    1. Your Welcome Del 🙏🏽

      Rightstuff is an amazing store for manga and anime that’s why I love them. You should check out my JList Review if you’re interested in delicious bento boxes from Japan  😋.

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