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Right Stuf Anime: Manga & Anime at your Disposal!!


Watching Anime is one thing but, acquiring anime products is another story entirely. And to my knowledge, most anime fans

often struggle when trying to procure various anime merchandise such as manga, anime figurines, Bluray’s, DVDs and

many other cool products the anime world has in stock for us. That is why I knew I had hit the Jackpot when I first stumbled

across an online store called Right Stuf Anime. And the reason I knew is because unlike other stores that Promote and Sell

random products, however, still feel the need to include knock-off anime products, just to make a quick buck ($$$), Right Stuf

anime, on the other hand, dedicate their entire store to the Sale of everything Anime (especially manga and Anime DVDs).

Meaning they do their best to provide great anime goods to all who are invested in the world of anime( just like myself). Which is

why I will be reviewing them today as the Best Online Anime store for those interested in Procuring Elite Anime Products.


Name: Rightstuf Anime

Product Name: One Piece Manga Volume 89


Price: $7.49

Quality: 5.0 out of 5.0

Shipping: 4.0 out of 5.0



RightStuf Anime Quality: Manga is always Cannon!!!

One Piece Manga Volume 89

To let you all In on a little secret?, before finding Right Stuf Anime, I had never for once thought about purchasing a manga

booklet for myself. That’s because one could easily read the various chapter’s online from websites such as Manga Panda and

Manga Stream (my two favorites). However, after reading the entire Whole cake arc online as well as witness the amazing

skirmish between Luffy and Katakuri (in the anime?),  I was soo beguiled that I had to go out and procure the actual booklet

for myself. And to my content, Right Stuf anime has provided me with my very first Manga booklet with no stress at all. Also since

this was the very first time I held one in my hands, I found out that they are many variances between the manga we read online

and the hard copy bought in stores. Some of which include:

  • Main Characters Bios

  • Villan character Bios

  • SBS Question Corners (where Echiro Oda addresses questions the fans may have )

  • Coloring Corners

  • Secrets that are not revealed in the Anime or Online manga (example Smoothie possessing the Wring Wring Devil Fruit which turned her into an Evaporation Woman?)


That is why I always wondered where people got all the information and secrets about things in the One Piece anime. It was all

hidden in the Manga booklet which I had no idea about. And I am quite certain that many other people are unaware of this. But

thanks to Right Stuf Anime getting a copy is fairly easy and cheap. However, that will be discussed in the Shipping aspect of my

review. But before we proceed further, Click Here to find out more about Right Stuf Anime and all the artifacts they have in



RightStuf Anime Shipping: Logistics Handled with Efficiency

Right Stuf Shipping

In case you did not know, the original price for every Manga volume in the United States is $9.99 however, the price offered by

Right Stuf Anime is $7:49 (Minus Shipping) which gives them an edge in terms of competition. Nonetheless, the Sad thing about

Right Stuf is the fact that they have no option for Free Shipping. Meaning you will have to pay extra in order to get your package

delivered. And those Delivery Methods include


  • Economy (Up to 14 Days) for $3:99

  • Economy+ ( Between 4-7 Days) for $7:99

  • Expedited (Between 2-4 Days) for $8:45



The Good news is that Shipping takes less time than the original predictions given. For example, the One Piece Manga

Volume 89 which I ordered with Economy Shipping only took 6 days to arrive at my doorstep. Meaning you don’t have to

pay for the other two shipping methods to get your order faster. In addition after making a purchase with Right Stuf anime, you

are given an order summary with a tracking number that lets you monitor your order via USPS. (for those who get edgy while

waiting for a package to arrive) As far as warranty goes, I am not sure Right Stuf offers any but they might have for specific

products which does not include Mangas. There is nothing really complicated about ordering from Right Stuf anime. But if you’re

interested in knowing more about Right Stuf anime Shipping, Click HERE.


My Final Thoughts

Right Stuf Anime Logo

Look, it’s no secret that Manga and Anime can be gotten For Free with ease without having to pay a penny for anything.

However, if you’re a die-hard fan who enjoys watching anime as well as reading manga, then it wouldn’t be enough to settle with

just reading chapters online or watching anime from sites like Master Anime and Anime freak (Which are populated with

annoying ads if you don’t have an ad block). That is why from time to time, one is encouraged to buy these products not just to

support the industry but to gain the authentic feeling of being a REAL fan that’s willing to go the extra mile for his/her hobby.

And thanks to Right Stuf Animeit’s now possible to buy as many Anime DVDs and Mangas for very little strain on your

Time and Money. Which is why I will be giving Right Stuf Anime my Elite Approval as the Best Online Anime Store currently

in the market.


But let me know what you guys think about my review. Do you think Right Stuf Anime is indeed a great online anime store for

procuring anime products? OR you’ve seen another store just like Right Stuf that offers more quality products and Great

Shipping. Moreover, if your new to my site, feel free to check out my other product reviews as well as my Anime and Gaming

Rants (especially my Luffy Vs katakuri Review). Last but not least, don’t forget to Share this post with your friends and loved

ones (Especially if they are die-hard anime fans).


As usual, Thanks so much for stopping by and reading. Really appreciate it


Until Next Time






  1. Pentrental

    This is an amazing site for anime lovers! Amazing artwork that really engages the reader straight away. Also, you have a Solid review of the best online anime store, Rightstuf Anime, which I admit I haven’t heard of until now. I like how you distinguish between online and physical forms of anime, an important difference for the avid anime collector. I also like the Pricing and I love the review score you gave. 

    Nicely done I’ll be checking out right stuff 

  2. Nick

    Hi Kemdi.

    I love your reviews, especially the natural, conversational style you use. And also because they are brief and to the point.

    My son is a big fan who loves watching anime as well as reading manga. After reading your review, I think I should go ahead and buy a couple of anime products from Right Stuff Anime to try them out. My son is going to love them!

    I will share my experience with you later.

    Thanks for the great review.


    • Kemdi

      Your Welcome Nick 

      I’m also happy your son is a big fan of anime. I’m sure he’ll be delighted when you get  him something from Right stuff anime 😎

  3. delroaustria


    I am one of the biggest fans of Monkey D. Luffy, (the Pirate King).  One Piece is really a great story to tell among friends.  I cannot hold onto my seat and wait to check out Rightstuff anime.  There is plenty of stuff to collect idk where to begin. Finally, I found an online store that sells quality products and manga 

    Thanks so much 

    • Kemdi

      Your Welcome Del 🙏🏽

      Rightstuff is an amazing store for manga and anime that’s why I love them. You should check out my JList Review if you’re interested in delicious bento boxes from Japan  😋.


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