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Shirahama Kenichi: The Benefits of Hard work


If you’ve Watched or Read my post about the Top 5 Anime’s that will change your Life, I listed that History Strongest Disciple was

one of the Top Animes that really inspired me. (Click Here to check out the video). Anyway, there’s a reason why I had that anime

on my list. And that’s due to the amazing character called Shirahama Kenichi?. Unlike most Sports/Martial arts anime’s

that start off with the main character being a superstar, this anime does the reverse and begins with the main character being a

Wimp and a victim of Bullying?. However, the thing that got me hooked on the show was his journey of overcoming his fears

towards becoming a great fighter, that could stand up to various gang of bullies (Ragnarok) and come out victorious. I’m sure

most people who’ve watched this anime would praise it for the amazing fighting techniques Kenichi often used to down his

opponents (thanks to the gruesome training he endured at Ryozanpaku?). Nonetheless, one great thing I actually admire

about this anime is the way it constantly emphasizes the Importance of Working Hard in order to achieve one’s goal. That’s why

I’ll be using Shirahama Kenichi as a source of inspiration to highlight Two reasons why Hard work is very beneficial to the lives

of every individual (especially Anime watchers). And those two reasons include.






Shinpaku Alliance

It’s no secret that Hardworking people tend to be the ones that possess an amazing ability of Influencing people POSITIVELY?.

The reason I use the word positive is because people can also be influenced in a NEGATIVE way (for example GAROU from One

punch man). This doesn’t mean negative people do not work hard. But in essence, Hardworking individuals have a Charismatic

aura that attracts people towards them. Of course, I’m going to use Shirahama Kenichi as an example to elaborate on my point. If

you noticed by the end of the show, most of the bullies Kenichi fought against all grew to respect him (this was how the

Shinpaku alliance was formed?). In addition, some of his masters who weren’t interested in training him Initially (Sakaki

Shio), began to change their mind and perspective about him. Furthermore, his acclaimed best friend (Nijima the Alien?) who

always disrespected him and called him all sorts of names e.g. Weak Legs, began to admire Kenichi by the end of the show.



Well if you ask me, ill say It’s all thanks to his Hardworking Spirit??. The truth is most people do not have the ability to endure

tough situations that push them Physically and Mentally. That’s why whenever they come across a similar person who decides

to put themselves through pain, they subconsciously begin to become Influenced by such an individual which forces them to grow

an attraction towards their influencer. In my opinion, this is the main reason why successful people often encourage others to

work hard. Not necessarily because they are going to become successful like them. Rather, because they will unintentionally begin

to affect the lives of other individuals POSITIVELY. That being said, Influence is not the only reason why Hard work is very

beneficial to our lives. The main reason I consider Hard work to be part of our daily lives is because it becomes an Unlimited

Source of Confidence.



Shirahama Kenichi

For one to be motivated to break through tough situations in life, He/she needs a tremendous amount of confidence in order to

come out successful. And the best way of gaining confidence that helps one become successful (in my opinion) is by working hard.

Most times, you might hear someone OR, people say words such as “You failed because you didn’t work hard enough”.

Indeed that is quite true. But if you look closer, sometimes it isn’t because they didn’t try hard enough. Rather, its because they

lacked confidence in themselves?.

Now I’m sure most people reading would probably have an objection about the fact I’m using Kenichi to explain what it means to

have confidence in oneself. Even after 50 episodes, Kenichi wasn’t as confident as he should have been after going through all

those training. However, the most important thing to note is the fact that each time he faced off against a new opponent, he was

more confident in himself. Unlike the first episode where he was scared of getting into a fight?, by the end, he was confident to

walk into a fight and feel he could win against his opponent. And this is all thanks to the hard work he put in towards learning

how to fight. That’s why I truly feel it’s important to always work hard. Because true success is only achieved by those who are

very confident in themselves like Shirahama Kenichi?.


Final Thoughts

Shirahama Kenichi

Let’s just be clear about one thing. Hard work doesn’t guarantee success all the time??‍♂️. Just because someone gives One

hundred percent towards achieving a set goal, doesn’t always result in victory. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean we should stop

encouraging others from working hard. In fact, some would suggest one is better of Working SMART than working HARD.

TBH, this is quite true especially when you look at the world we live in. Whereby people who work hard are hardly recognized or

praised for their efforts?. Whereas, another individual might be praised and exalted for Cheating or Finessing their way to

success?. The same could also be seen when Looking at Shirahama Kenichi, even though he trained so hard with his masters

at Ryozanpaku, there were times when he lost his fights and had to face defeat. But those few defeats never stopped him from

working hard because he knew his efforts had made him become more Influential and had given him the Confidence he lacked

since he was a young buck.

But let me know what you guys think in the comments below. Do you think Hard work is indeed beneficial to our day to day lives

??? Or you think it’s just a waste of time and it’s a rhetoric that shouldn’t be preached in today’s society?. If you made it this far,

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As always, Thanks so much for reading my post. I truly appreciate it. Also, if you enjoyed the post, feel free to share it with your

Friends and loved ones.


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