September 29, 2021

8 thoughts on “Single Player Games: Are they Still Necessary?

  1. Hello Kemdi and thank you for this amazing article. It was such a pleasant read. I am big gaming fan and I still loving video games although I am not as young as I was when I first started :).

    I always loved single player games and enjoyed them more then anything. Good shooting games were always my thing. However I must say that game I truly started enjoying single mode the most was the Jedi Knight 2 – Jedi Outcast. 

    This game still brings one of the best memories of my life. That is why I still think single games are needed and to me are going to always be fun – not matter the trends.

    I really appriciate you listing your thougts on certain games.

    Love your website design also.


  2. Hi Kemdi,

    Yeah, single player games are still the ones I enjoy playing the most due to also being brought up playing these (back in the day there were no multiplayer games lol) but definitely not the ones I play the most nowadays. Nowadays I play mostly multiplayer with my friends but sometimes that can get a bit stressful and overly competitive.

    Anyway, great article!



    1. Thanks Miguel 

      Your Right, playing Multiplayer games with friends is sweet but after a while, it becomes stressful and too competitive just as you mentioned thats why Single player games take the W  for me as well 

  3. I like to say for real your post gives me more awareness all about single player game because of it’s trends in the society.

    Though I do not have flare for games but my brother does which is what gaves the idea of the trend in single player game. Again i have seen single player games are beginning to get much attention from gamers and gaming companies in general also. 

    1. I’m so glad i was able to get part of your awareness to gaming. Also, i know Single player games get the attention they deserve but what im saying is if Multiplayer games continue to dominate the charts, then we might start to see the fall of Single player games in the near future 

  4. This has been one of the biggest debates between myself and friends, as they lean to more multiplayer games where I like a lot of storyline before diving into multiplayer games. It seems that the $60 you mention for a game is only part of the price, as you have to pay for DLC and other add-ons later. I love your comparison between Destiny and Final Fantasy, as Final Fantasy XV has far more value (in my opinion) than Destiny. Multiplayer games, like you mentioned, are dependent on others helping you succeed, whereas single player games grant you more “quality time”. Quality beats quantity 10 times out of 10 in my book for the reasons you mentioned.

    1. Thanks For your insightful comment Craven

      i also like arguing this topic with my friends a lot!! which is part of the things that inspired me to write this post!!. I am a  believer in quality and not quantity which is why i love Single Player games  because you get to enjoy the game at your own pace unlike multiplayer games where having Fun in the game Strictly depends on how good your teammates are.

      Am also aware that the price of gaming  tends to fluctuate these day from the original $60 due to DLC and other add-ons just as you mentioned but since that wasn’t my main issue this time, i consciously chose to ignore it because it would feel like im flogging a dead horse.

      Once again thanks so much for your comment Really appreciate it !! 

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