September 29, 2021

10 thoughts on “Slickwraps: An Exclusive Way to Wrap It Up!!?

  1. Hi Kemdi,

    Slickwraps is surely a great choice when it comes to wrapping devices. The one thing that makes them different is the unique design. I totally loved the idea that you can design your own custom wraps. Isn’t that great?

    You can’t do this with the wrappers you get at mall stands as you have to settle for whatever designs they offer you. I am not much into this stuff but I am sure my wife is gonna love this idea. 

    Thanks for sharing this useful information. 


    1. Thanks for your comment Nick 

      Slickwraps is an awesome online store that sells amazing wraps for your devices

      I’m sure your wife will love it 😎

  2. Wow great artwork right away! I spent some time looking this over and it really got me engaged and wanting to read more. These wraps are amazing! I like how you got straight to it with your review of Slickwraps, providing the company name, pricing and product reviews. Thank you for including all the devices with which these wraps are compatible. Very helpful post here thank you.

  3. I like the look of these Slickwraps but after reading into them I’m wondering how much protection, if any, they offer the devices they are covering? 

    Do they offer the same protection as the more regular standard cases or are they just good for protecting against typical pocket wear and scratching? 

    Cheers for your answer in advance, 


    1. Hey Chris Thanks for your comment 

      My review mostly covers the wraps Slickwraps offers. However, they also sell amazing cases that are also as alluring as their wrappers. Those ones provide protection against heavy damage like the one you speak about.

      If you want to be sure, just check out their website on my post and see what greatness awaits 😎 !!

  4. Hey, they have wraps for HuaWei too. It’s very difficult to find wraps for this model because they aren’t as popular as iPhone or Samsung. I am just browsing through their sites and totally love the Wood Series. They look so real and based on the reviews, they seem to be of good quality too. Thanks for recommending such a great site. Can’t wait to place my order!

    1. Hey, Cathy  Thanks for your comment. 

      I’m so glad my recommendation was helpful. Slickwraps indeed is an amazing site that sells awesome wraps and cases for your devices. once you get one you’ll be glad you did  😎

  5. Very cool idea. I’ve seen these before. I like painting as a hobby and it would be cool to use one of my paintings. The fact that you can use a photo to customize your own device wraps has big appeal and the low price is a big plus too! The $3 shipping charge isn’t bad either. 

    1. Hey Cristina 

      Its sweet slickwraps lets you customize your device with your own design. Its also amazing they offer $3 for all purchases so it’s actually a good deal.

      Btw thanks for your comments. Really appreciate it 🙏🏽.

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