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Slickwraps: An Exclusive Way to Wrap It Up!!?


Prevention is always better than cure (in my opinion). However, preventing doesn’t necessarily mean you must be old

fashioned in order to keep your Self or Devices safe. And if you’re a Dirty-minded fellow?, you probably thought from my

heading this was going to be a review for some kind of New Protection?. However, the wrappers Slikwraps offers aren’t

meant for Protection against STDs but, are Elite Wraps that are designed to give your devices (Laptop iPhone PS4, XBOX

One etc) an amazing look and feel?. That is why I will be reviewing Slick wraps as an Exclusive way of wrapping your

device.since they give it an Eye-popping Look which in turn, helps your device stand out from the crowd. Moreover, if you’re

enamored after reading my slickwraps review, don’t miss out on their Special Offer which is an exclusive 60%

discount for all purchases made within 24 HOURS!!! (no code needed).



Name: Slickwraps


Price: $29.95 With Discount, $11.98

Quality: 5.0 out of 5.0

Shipping: 4.0 out of 5.0

Warranty: 5.0 out of 5.0


Slickwraps Quality: Getting Wrapped up Exotically!

Slickwraps Quality

Slickwraps, in my opinion, is the best place to get Premier quality skin wraps as well as electronic protection, (like cases)

for your devices ONLINE. That’s because their products are featured in many of the top online e-magazines and blogs 

(including Elite Artifacts?). However, what makes them stand out from the rest of their competition is the fact that they offer

High-Quality materials At the Lowest price possible. Meaning, you don’t just get a Stylish look but also, at an Amazing

price. In addition, Slickwraps also offers customers the opportunity to design their Own Custom wraps with their own

Original ideas or Logo. Some of the devices that can be customized include.



Android Phones



Gaming devices (PS4 and Xbox one)

Wearables (e.g. earphones and watches)

Other Cool Stuff (Drones)


Speaking of Customization, Slickwraps is fond of coming out with Lit ideas & Custom materials such as the hugely

popular IGlow Phone. And in case you were wondering, Slickwraps is American Owned and Operated. Which means

Every product sent out by Slickwraps is made in America. Which comes with state-of-the-art machinery and very tight

quality control. This increases customer satisfaction since they understand that every product bought from Slickwraps will be

indeed in Extreme high quality. But let me not be the judge. If you want to find out more about Sleek quality cases (e) click

here to know more about Slickwraps quality.




Slickwraps Shipping and Warranty: Always have Plan B

Slickwraps Shipping

A wise President once said, “Always have a contingency Plan” (Abraham Lincoln). A quote Which Slick wraps have

adopted into their business, by supplying one of the best Warranty/Shipping in the market. When it comes to their

Shipping, Slickwraps offers 2-4 days shipping at a $3 price. This order can also be tracked efficiently with a tracking

number that’s given to you upon purchase. Moreover, Slickwraps offers Slick Points to all customers who spend $10 or more

on a purchase (minus Shipping). Precisely, every point that’s earned is equivalent to $1. This means you can use your

points Anytime or keep saving them up for something Special. However, since Slickwraps is an American based company,

the shipping price for International orders cost more than the original price ($3). Which often varies based on the

Country and Region one is located.  Nonetheless, if you’re ever dissatisfied with your order, Don’t Fret. Because slickwraps

gives one the opportunity to return any wrap they may find unpleasant.


But be Warmed?


Before returning your wraps, you must ensure the wrap has not been Used, Applied or Removed from the Wax Paper

backing. This is because no used item will be accepted for refund. Once the wrap is received, A refund will be processed for you

in the Amount of the Wrap(s) ordered. Moreover, all returns must be made within 30 days of Shipping. If not the request

will be denied. TBH, the reason I love slickwraps warranty so much is that, even though they offer great quality in their

products, as well as superb shipping, they still go a step further to ensure every customer (happy or unhappy) is treated

appropriately. Through their great Shipping and Warranty Policies. But if you’re still unsure about my opinion, feel free to

check out their warranty/ shipping HERE for more info.




My Final Thoughts


Genuinely Speaking, iPhone wrappers, MacBook cases, Gaming skins, etc. are merchs that can be Procured easily.

So, the question is “Why would one buy a product from Slickwraps when they can get a nice case or wrap from a 

Mall stand?? Well, my honest answer will be simply “You don’t have to” However, True Elites can always tell the

difference between what’s Good and what’s Great. And if you consider yourself to be an Elite individual, then you’ll

immediately understand why you should shop with Slickwraps. Which is because they provide Exceptional Quality Wraps

at Affordable prices, Offer Amazing Shipping Speed at nice costs, & Grants one Security and Safeness with their clear

return policies. That’s why Slickwraps receives an Elite approval?. Because they offer an Exclusive way of wrapping your

device Online.


That’s my slickwraps review. But let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Do you think Slickwraps is indeed a

great way for Wrapping your devices OR you have another method of getting yourself Wrapped up? Also, if you’re interested

in Anime don’t forget to check out my review of Marshall D Teach if you want to get inspired by Dreams.

Moreover, if your dream is living a Free lifestyle while making Tons of cash?, feel free to check out my review of Wealthy 

Affiliate to learn the best way of making money Online. Finally, if you enjoyed the post, feel free to share with your friends,

family and loved ones.


Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my post Really appreciate it??.

Until next time





  1. Nick

    Hi Kemdi,

    Slickwraps is surely a great choice when it comes to wrapping devices. The one thing that makes them different is the unique design. I totally loved the idea that you can design your own custom wraps. Isn’t that great?

    You can’t do this with the wrappers you get at mall stands as you have to settle for whatever designs they offer you. I am not much into this stuff but I am sure my wife is gonna love this idea. 

    Thanks for sharing this useful information. 


    • Kemdi

      Thanks for your comment Nick 

      Slickwraps is an awesome online store that sells amazing wraps for your devices

      I’m sure your wife will love it 😎

  2. Pentrental

    Wow great artwork right away! I spent some time looking this over and it really got me engaged and wanting to read more. These wraps are amazing! I like how you got straight to it with your review of Slickwraps, providing the company name, pricing and product reviews. Thank you for including all the devices with which these wraps are compatible. Very helpful post here thank you.

    • Kemdi

      Your Welcome🙏🏽

      Slicewraps is an awesome store that sells amazing wraps for your devices.

  3. Chris

    I like the look of these Slickwraps but after reading into them I’m wondering how much protection, if any, they offer the devices they are covering? 

    Do they offer the same protection as the more regular standard cases or are they just good for protecting against typical pocket wear and scratching? 

    Cheers for your answer in advance, 


    • Kemdi

      Hey Chris Thanks for your comment 

      My review mostly covers the wraps Slickwraps offers. However, they also sell amazing cases that are also as alluring as their wrappers. Those ones provide protection against heavy damage like the one you speak about.

      If you want to be sure, just check out their website on my post and see what greatness awaits 😎 !!

  4. Cathy

    Hey, they have wraps for HuaWei too. It’s very difficult to find wraps for this model because they aren’t as popular as iPhone or Samsung. I am just browsing through their sites and totally love the Wood Series. They look so real and based on the reviews, they seem to be of good quality too. Thanks for recommending such a great site. Can’t wait to place my order!

    • Kemdi

      Hey, Cathy  Thanks for your comment. 

      I’m so glad my recommendation was helpful. Slickwraps indeed is an amazing site that sells awesome wraps and cases for your devices. once you get one you’ll be glad you did  😎

  5. AnnetteCristina

    Very cool idea. I’ve seen these before. I like painting as a hobby and it would be cool to use one of my paintings. The fact that you can use a photo to customize your own device wraps has big appeal and the low price is a big plus too! The $3 shipping charge isn’t bad either. 

    • Kemdi

      Hey Cristina 

      Its sweet slickwraps lets you customize your device with your own design. Its also amazing they offer $3 for all purchases so it’s actually a good deal.

      Btw thanks for your comments. Really appreciate it 🙏🏽.


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