September 28, 2021

10 thoughts on “Soul Electronics: Evolving Wireless with the ST-XX

  1. This article is about ear pieces and I love the product that you wrote about! I agree that it can be hard to find the right fit and it can become quite expensive when it comes to finding a proper ear piece that is good to use. I would definately love to possibly buy this product. Thanks for this article!


  2. Great Content and Information!

    What a concise and thorough article. I found the post very detailed and Informative. So so many useful tips and tricks all on one page! Wonderful! I bookmarked to look further. I haven’t heard about soul electronics in recent times but your review is an eye opener for me which made me have more interest in the product. I also appreciate the fact that it can be shipped anywhere in this world. This is indeed an eye opener  article for me

  3. Rad earplugs Kemdi!

    Definitely better than this annoying apple airpods I’m using, it keeps falling off and plus, it’s actually not very comfortable as there’s a bit of weight to it so I would have to move slowly because whenever I run, it falls off. And then there’s the fact that it looks weird without wires, I often get this weird stare whenever I’m on the train.

    Definitely planning to get soul, how long is it’s battery life?

  4. Truly there are very huge and stiff competition in the headset industry, with more brands delivering high quality sounds and battery life. As a music lover, I always look for budget friendly headphones, that can also give me good quality.

    I believe the soul electronic st-xs ticks all the right boxes. I really like it’s battery life and long connectivity. For the price it comes at, this is utmost value for money!

  5. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. This soul wireless earphone has become popular everywhere, my intention is to go for the quality and good sound production. Your post has made it known to me how amazingly the wireless is. Thanks for the review, will get back and purchase soon

  6. No doubt about it it’s very confusing when buying new headphones with so many of them in the market. I have bought one in the past that doesn’t work at all and to return it I have to bear the cost! I was forced to throw it away because the cost of return can actually buy another one. So I appreciate your review of this headphone. With it’s unique features especially the 10hours of play time and charges in one and half hours! This is a must buy for any music lover like myself.

    thanks you for sharing

    1. No Problem at all 

      I know how annoying it can be to find the right earphones but the ST-XS from Soul electronics is indeed my perfect fit and can be for anyone looking for great wireless earphones 😎

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