August 23, 2021

8 thoughts on “Top 5 Animes that will change your life

  1. Now I watch a lot of anime, and I’m not ashamed. I could never get into full metal, it’s just not my style, but Haki looks pretty cool just based on the picture alone. That’s how I find my anime in crunchyroll, if the thumbnail looks good then it probably is good, its worked so far. Death note was amazing too, but that awful reboot they did live action made me want to vomit. I’ve been watching boruto and it’s FINALLY getting good, I was about to give up on it, and attack on titan finally dropped season 3. I could go on and on but i digress. I will definitely be checking out Haki, probably now.

    1. Hey Ty 

      Im so glad that you watch anime & your not scared to admit it people dont just know what they are missing  

      But im soo sad that your not into FMAB. I was also disgusted by seeing a dark “L” in the Death Note live action which didn’t make any sense at all

      However, the word “Haki”is not an anime but a mysterious power in an amazing anime called “One Piece”!!

      If you get the chance to  read my 3rd post (Luffy Vs Katakuri) you’ll understand what it ,means

  2. I’ve never been into anime in my life, but I’m open minded and as I was reading your article, it actually made me want to check a few out! I’m actually going to watch “Death Note” right now, because it sounded very interesting. I’m eager to see what it’s all about!

    1. Thanks Danny 

      If you’re getting into Anime then Death Note is a good anime to start with 

      Its very interesting and it grips your attention till the very end.

      You wont be disappointed 


  3. I really loved your article a lot. I haven’t been into Anime but guess what any minute from here I will be watching Death Note it sounds so interesting from your article.

    1. That’s awesome Adelite!!
      I’m glad you enjoyed my post and your also willing to give Death Note a shot?
      It’s also one of my best anime till date so I’m sure you’ll enjoy it

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