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Top 5 Chefs in Anime!!👩🏽‍🍳


I don’t know about y’all but I’m the kind of person who enjoys munching on some delicious snacks and food while watching my

favorite shows (Check out my review of J-List Japan for a Delicious Japanese Treats😋). Also, I don’t know why but anytime I

watch anime that involves cooking, it always gives me the urge to go out and try those foods that were prepared in the show. To be

honest, I’m a huge Fast Food guy whose too lazy to go into the kitchen and prepare a warm meal for myself. However, whenever

I watch anime, I become so fascinated by how these fictional characters go out of their way to transform various ingredients into

delicious delicacies. Which then challenges me to go back into the kitchen to see if I can replicate what was done on TV. That’s

why I’ve made the conscious decision to list out Five amazing chefs👩🏽‍🍳 that have transformed me from a Fast food addict to a Sub-

Par Chef😅 through their amazing cooking skills. However, Before I begin, I’ll like to give an insight into how I make my Top 5 list

(Well Most of them). Whenever I make a list that includes various characters from other animes (e.g. Top 5 entrepreneurs in

anime), I only choose one character PER anime. The main reason is because I love showcasing anime’s that aren’t really talked

about. In order to introduce you or anyone to other genres of Anime. In addition, I also want my list to have a Dynamic feel to

it. To prevent a scenario whereby most of the characters listed do not come from only ONE Anime. Nonetheless, this isn’t said to

downplay the culinary skills of the people I’ve taken the Time and Effort to endorse. So, let’s begin


Number 5 Sukuyo Mankashoku: Kill La Kill

Mankanshoku Sukuyo

First Off, Sukuyo ManKashoku doesn’t qualify as a typical chef. As a matter of fact, she is the purest definition of what it means to

be a HOUSEWIFE💁🏽‍♀️. But what distinguishes her from other Mother’s is her extraordinary ability to convert Weird and

Unidentifiable ingredients into amazing dishes for her family.  If you’ve watched Kill La Kill, then you already know that

Sukuyo’s Croquettes as well as her Miso Soup, don’t appear normal at first glance. Nevertheless, it still tastes as great as any

other one (if not better).  In my opinion, a great chef doesn’t need to have the Best ingredients to produce amazing dishes.

Sometimes in life, we may not have the best tools at our disposal. However, that doesn’t mean we cannot do the things we love

doing. Which is why I Admire and Respect Sukuyo Mankashoku✊. Because without the aid of Fresh Ingredients, coupled

with her lack of Culinary Training, she’s still able to dish out amazing meals that always puts a smile on the faces of her

Household👨‍👩‍👧‍👦. But don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying great chefs would never make use of Fresh Ingredients while cooking.

Obviously having the right tools would always put you a step above your competition. And speaking of ingredients, there’s only

one person I have seen (In Anime) who has a natural flair when it comes to working with the best ingredients.


Number 4 Komatsu : Toriko


As I stated earlier, not having the best ingredients doesn’t disqualify one from becoming a Great chef??‍?. However, one could

make the argument that working with the BEST, would eventually make you the BEST. That is true but at the same time, also

misunderstood. In my opinion, it’s not just about “Working” with the Best. Rather, “Understating” how to work with the best.

And that’s where Komatsu Comes in. Komatsu, who’s a well-known character from the famous anime series Toriko, has

succeeded in gaining my respect?. Because of his amazing Dexterity when it comes to handling Rare and Exquisite

ingredients. And this isn’t just because he’s naturally gifted. In addition to his great talent, Komatsu always makes the effort of

venturing into Uncharted lands (in the Gourmet World). In order to procure those Uncommon ingredients that will make his

dishes taste better. Moreover, even though he knows how dangerous the journey may be, He never backs down. And that’s

because he wants to “Understand” how the various ingredients look, taste, and feel in their “Natural state”. Before they are

prepared into perfection.  If you ask me, He is the perfect version of Tsukasa Eiji from the Shokugeki no Soma series. But it’ll

be better to hear what you guys think in the comments below.


Number 3 Liu Mao Xing: Cooking Master Boy

Liu Mao Xing

I’m guessing most people reading have never seen nor heard of the Anime Called Cooking Master Boy. Even though this is

anime would be considered Old School??. (Since it was first aired in 1997), it still Nice and entertaining to watch. And the main

reason is because it exhibits several Cooking Styles as well as techniques that are used to cook in various parts of China (in

the anime). Moreover, this was the anime that got me hooked on Chinese Food?. Because it’s a Delight to watch Mao travel

across China as he learns and Experiences other ways of cooking, in the hopes of becoming a legendary chef (like his mother).

If you ask me, when it comes to Chinese Cuisine, Mao ranks in at number one and can wipe the floor with any other Chinese chef

in Anime (Including Kuga Teronori from Shokugeki no Soma??‍♂️). And that’s because Mao takes the extra time and effort to

expand on his cooking skills by drifting around China and battling other amazing chefs. And not choosing, to settle with his

mother’s teachings alone (Who was known all over China as the “Goddess of Cuisine”) However, I’m aware that some people

aren’t really addicted to Chinese delicacies (Like me). Which is why the next person takes the second spot on my list.  Due to

his vast knowledge in many ingredients. Especially when it comes to cooking Sea Food?.


Number 2 Vinsmoke Sanji: One Piece

Vinsmoke Sanji

There’s no way my list would be complete without giving a shout out to my Best anime (One Piece😎). When it comes to Sea

Food Gourmet, there’s no other person who does it better than Vinsmoke Sanji. This is because, since his early days at

Baratie, Sanji has always trained so hard in order to become a great chef. In addition, during his early childhood at the Germa

Kingdom, Sanji always dreamt of becoming a cook. Which was why he was regarded as an outcast in the Family. However, that’s

the main reason I respect him. Because it takes a Loving and Noble heart to choose the life of a chef. Rather than live a luxury

life as a Prince. Furthermore, after the two-year time skip, Sanji’s Culinary skills improved significantly. Which was because

of his gruesome training at the Kamabakka Kingdom. And these improvements could be seen whenever he prepared a feast

for the Straw Hats (Usually after an intense battle). After eating, everyone always got a Major Boost in their abilities

(Especially Luffy). TBH, the only reason Sanji isn’t number one on my list is because he’s yet to fulfill his dream of finding the All

Blue. Which would eventually turn him into the greatest chef in the Grand Line. Because the All Blue is a legendary ocean

said to possess various fishes from all the seas in the One-piece verse. And to have such resources at one’s disposal is the

Ultimate dream of every Chef. Which is why Sanji continues to journey with the Straw Hats. To fulfill his life dream of finding

the All Blue that would turn him into an amazing chef. Thereby, putting his family to shame for doubting his ambitions.


Number 1 Yukihira Soma.: Shokugeki No Soma

Yukihira Soma

A Year Ago, I made a post about Yukihira Soma because, in addition to being a great chef, he’s also one of the most Inspiring

Characters I’ve ever come across in anime (Click HERE to check it out). Moreover, after watching the latest season of

Shokugeki No Soma, I decided to make him my first pick on my list for just one reason. And that’d due to his amazing

Creativity while preparing his dishes. You see, At Totsuki Academy, students learn various cooking styles as well as

techniques such as Japanese cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Gastronomy Culinary logic, etc. Then, they adopt a specific

cooking style that suits them. In which they can further improve upon. However, when it comes to Yukihira Soma, he does things

quite differently. Soma doesn’t just learn but borrows other cooking techniques in order to improve on HIS OWN cooking style

. But don’t get it twisted. Borrowing techniques to enhance his own style is no easy feat. Because it takes a lot of Trial and

Error to adopt the necessary skills to improve his style. And this act stems from his amazing creative ability. If you didn’t know,

being creative takes a lot of Risks as well as Sacrifice. But most people aren’t willing to go that far because it’s more comfortable

to Play it Safe. That’s the reason Soma always puts himself in tough situations (like getting expelled). Because he’s constantly

thinking and evolving his cooking. In order to break away from ordinary cooking procedures. Which results in unorthodox, and

incredibly delicious dishes the school has never seen.


My Final Thoughts

Anime Girl Cooking

If you love Food and adore Anime, then you will agree with the list I have put forth. Also, there are several people I omitted

from my list (for specific reasons). But these ones, truly represent my views on what a great chef should look like?. In addition,

one thing they all have in common is the fact that they all lOVE what they do. This always drives them to create amazing

dishes that put smiles on the faces of their family and other lucky customers.

There’s really nothing else to be said about this topic. Which is why I would love to hear your various opinions. Do you agree with

my Top 5 list Or do you think there are other chefs in anime who can destroy the ones listed above? (Would really love to know

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As always, Thanks so much for reading my post. I truly appreciate it. Also, if you enjoyed the post, feel free to share it with your

friends and loved ones.


Until next Time





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