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Top 5 Entrepreneurs In Anime!!!🤑


When people hear the word entrepreneur, they immediately think about MONEY🤑. In other words, people who make SO much

money in today’s climate will be considered Entrepreneurs. Even though this is true. It’s still a flawed misconception of what

it truly means to be an entrepreneur. In my opinion, Entrepreneurship isn’t just about Profits and making tons of money,

however, it’s all about knowing the inside out of any given industry in order to exploit that knowledge to Create newer and

better opportunities for oneself, and in rare cases, others as well😂. Now if you claim to be an Anime Veteran, you must have

come across certain individuals in these shows that have displayed superb knowledge in their various fields. And due to this,

they’ve made a fortune or at least, have made a name for themselves in their various expertise. And since everyone is entitled to

their own opinion, I think as an Anime Blogger, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to list out what I think to be the Top 5

Entrepreneurs in Anime, the world has ever seen. And they Include:


Number 5 Arataka Reigen: (Mob Psycho 100)

Arataka Reigen: Mob Psycho 100

This is the purest definition of a CON MAN as far as Reality and Anime is concerned😂. But to be fair and honest He’s one of the

best entrepreneurs I’ve ever come across in anime. One of the reasons he falls on my list is due to his nature of always wanting

MORE from Life. What do I mean? In Season 2 of Mob Psychoo 100, it was shown that Arataka Reigen was like every

normal person who did what they were told without batting an eyelash. However, the difference was the fact that he did not settle

for a mere 9-5 job which was the norm. He ventured out in search of how he could improve the condition that was imposed on

him (unlike other people ) and he did this by becoming a “Ghosthunter”👻 who exorcise spirits for a living. Now one might

argue that he was just deceiving people and if not for Mob, he would have amounted to Nothing. (which is very true). But the

reason, why he kept going, was because he wanted to CHANGE himself, just as Mob wanted to change. And that’s the number

one quality an entrepreneur should possess which is the ability to GROW into someone Special. Moreover, he’s Creative

nature makes him earn a spot on my list since he was able to take his business to the next level with the use of a website, just like

Elite Artifacts?(Check out my review of WA if you’re interested in making a living online).  That’s why Arataka Reigen is one

of my top 5 entrepreneurs in Anime. And that is going to lead me to another GhostHunter who I’ve grown to admire and respect

as well.


Number 4 Kazuya Shibuya: (Ghost Hunt)

Kazuya Shibuya: Ghost Hunt

Kazuya Shibuya AKA Naru the Narcissist is a real GhostHunter👻 who’s in charge of the Shibuya Psychic Research

company (SPK) which specializes in researching  Psychic Phenomena (hunting down ghosts). However, that isn’t the only

thing that makes Kazuya an exceptional Entrepreneur (in my opinion). First off, Kazuya is only seventeen years of age, yet he

has six people on Payroll for services rendered on behalf of the SPK. That proves that Age is Just a Number and in

addition, it only takes Hard work & Determination to run a company Efficiently. Secondly, Naru doesn’t work for MONEY

(unlike other businessmen), Rather, he works for the PURPOSE of bringing to light that Psychic Phenomena should be

viewed as a Science so it would gain Credibility in the public eye👀. Which explains why he uses several Gadgets such as

Night vision cameras, microphones as well as other analytical gears whenever they venture into Hot spots to conduct their

investigations. Moreover, he’s very confident in himself and what he does which is why he doesn’t take on any job that comes his

way but the cases that he’s really interested in solving. For those reasons, Kazuya Shibuya earns a spot as one of my top 5

entrepreneurs in Anime. However, Kazuya isn’t the only one who makes use of his outstanding skills to earn a great living for



Number 3 Eizan Etsuya: Shokugeki no Soma

Eizan Etsuya: Shokugeki No Soma

Even though he has a Disgusting personality, coupled with he’s Shady way of doing business😈, there’s no doubt that Eizan

Etsuya AKA the Alchemist has made a fortune for himself as well as Totsuki Academy as a result of his Cooking skills🧑🏽‍🍳.

As a matter of fact, the reason Eizan was given a seat at the table of the ELITE TEN is because of his financial contributions

towards Totsuki Academy from his numerous cooking consultations. And this wouldn’t have been possible if he didn’t possess an

Intuitive and Exhaustive understanding of cooking. Most people still think that in order to become very rich and successful,

one has to subject themselves towards learning Business OR coming up with an Invention that could sell and make tons of

Cash🤑. However, Eizan has just proven with his cooking skills that you or anyone can become an outstanding entrepreneur just

by doing what you want or in his case (Eizan Etsuya), what you’re really good at. Moreover, I don’t believe that Eizan, as well as

Nakiri Azami, are bad people (check out my review of Nakiri Azami). That is because the goal of every chef is to make their

various customers HAPPY through the use of Food. This is why despite his rude nature, I still respect him as one of the greatest

entrepreneurs in Anime?. But let me know what you guys think in the comments below.


Number 2  Koko Hekmatyar: Jormungand

Koko Heckmatyar: Jormungand

I may not be a Hardcore Feminist. But I’m still a firm believer in equal rights for all Women💁🏽‍♀️. Which is why Koko

Hekmatyar gets a spot on my list as one of the top 5 entrepreneurs in anime. Also, apart from being a female, Koko is a

renowned Businesswoman who specializes in Arms dealing🔫(selling weapons) for the HCLI weapons transport Division.

Moreover, what makes her exceptional from the other guys listed above is her ability to Negotiate while conducting business.

Koko has good instincts and uses that to make wise decisions whenever engaged with a client. In addition to her amazing

instincts, she goes a step further to always conduct extensive research on her customers as well as her rivals, in order to always be

a step ahead of her competition. However, the distinctive trait that qualifies her to be on my list is her amazing Charisma.

To me, Charisma isn’t just about Attraction but more about Devotion. Which is why I consider Koko to be a Charismatic

character because she is able to lead a squad of bodyguards who are truly devoted to her at all times (which includes 4 veteran

soldiers from the Army). It could be debated that charisma is the Best trait any aspiring entrepreneur could Wish for. Because

it’s not an easy thing to get people to stay devoted to you or your cause. That’s why I have no regrets making Koko Hekmatyar my

second best entrepreneur in anime. However, when it comes to Charisma, Koko pales in comparison to the first person on my



Number 1 Donquixote Doflamingo: One Piece

Donquixote Doflamingo: Onepiece

You might think I am Sick or perhaps, a Psycho for saying this. But I don’t give a Damnn🖕🏽because to me, Doflamingo is the

Best entrepreneur I’ve ever seen in Anime HANDS DOWN🙅🏽‍♂️. Apart from Gol D Roger (the former pirate king),

Doflamingo remains the only person who amassed so much Wealth for himself as well as his pirate crew. The reason I consider

him an entrepreneur is because he was the only pirate who succeeded in running his pirate crew as a Business Enterprise🤑.

Which was later halted after he got dethroned by Monkey D Luffy. Some of his fortune and treasures included

  • Weapons Transportation🔫

  • Drugs (AKA Smile Factories)💊

  • A Colosseum (His own Pirate UFC)👊🏽

  • Intel/Connections to various intelligence agencies (including CP0)😎

  • And Many More

In addition to his various Wealth and Riches, Doflamingo possessed the Conquerors Haki which made him very

Charismatic and as a result, made all his subordinates, as well as business partners, stay Devoted to him always. Now you

understand why I have no problem nominating Doflamingo as the best entrepreneur the anime community has ever seen. If

Anyone has Anything to say, let it be said in the comments below.



My Final Thoughts

Top 5 Entrepreneurs In Anime

The road to entrepreneurship is often Treacherous and, filled with unexpected Detours, Roadblocks, and Dead ends☠️.

This is why most people often shy away from such a path. Moreover, if you take a closer look at where the word originates from,

you’ll discover that the word Entrepreneur actually stems from the French word “entrependre” which means to Undertake Or

to commit oneself. And to my knowledge, the Greatest entrepreneurs on earth have always undertaking difficult tasks to solve

problems for themselves as well as society. When it comes to Anime, they are several characters who meet the monetary

standards of that definition however, they lack other qualities that define a true entrepreneur (e.g. Saiko Metori😂). That’s the

reason I’ve compiled a shortlist of people who’ve made the Effort or Succeeded in creating a legacy that outlasts them. Because

at its Core, Entrepreneurship is all about the Mindset of Creating or Imagining new ways to solve problems as well as

creating value for yourself and others in the process.


But that’s just the thinking of an entrepreneur who’s still a Fledgling. Which is why I would admonish anyone who reads this

post to tell me what they think in the comments below. Do you think the top 5 entrepreneurs listed are truly good at what they do

OR my list is comprised of Despicable people who care about themselves and nothing else👀. Moreover, if you’re into Cool

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about that?. Finally, if you enjoyed the post, feel free to share it with your Friends and loved ones.


As always, Thanks so much for reading my post. I truly appreciate it🙏🏽.

Until next Time








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