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Top 5 Younko Commanders


The Yonkous are known and feared as the Supreme Leaders of the Seas (In the New World). Which is why they require Strong

Individuals to oversee their different territories as well as attack Anyone that Dares to trespass these strongholds. Moreover,

since the One piece manga and Anime have come a long way (22 years and counting), I feel Now’s the time to unveil my Top

5 Yonko Commanders which will be based entirely on their Strengths, Bounty (if they have any), Status in the One-Piece

Universe and finally their Devil Fruits (if they have one ). Also, they will be Spoilers ahead. So for anime folks, this is where the

road ends (or you can just read the manga and catch up). Finally, I will be listing them in a descending order to raise everyone’s

expectations of who will be my Number 1 pick. So without further delay, here are MY Top 5 Younko Commanders


Number 5: Jack the Drought Bounty (Bounty 1 Billion Berries)

Jack The Drought

The first time this guy made an appearance in One Piece, I knew things were going to get sweet in terms of Action for the story.

So why does he come in at Number 5 on my list? It’s simply because of one thing which is his astonishing Endurance. Look,

Jack is the best when it comes to taking damage head-on (in my opinion). He did this twice in the story when he made the

impulsive decision to take on the island of Zou.  A country filled with strong fighters called Minks, that are headed by Two

beasts which are Dog Storm (Inuwarashi) and Cat Viper (Nekomamushi). This scuffle went on for 5 days with the two

leaders subbing In and Out every now and then. But this wasn’t enough to quench his thirst for battle because not long after that

incident, he goes back to Sea in order to intercept the fleet, that was transporting the Charismatic King (Donqixote

Doflamingo) to Impel Down. Even though this Convoy was heavily guarded by the Marines which included top executives

such as Sengoku the Buddha (Former fleet admiral) and Fujitora (A current admiral), Jack still had the Guts to attack the

ship Head On with full Confidence?. In addition to all his achievements, he is the only Devil fruit user currently known in

the One piece Universe that’s capable of surviving underwater. Which is as a result of him being a Fishman. Thereby giving

him an edge over other devil fruit users while at sea. Its quite clear Jack deserves his bounty of 1 billion berries which is why

he places at Number 5 on my list. However, to be a great Yonko commander, one must be able to take damage and also dish

out blows. Which brings me to the next Yonko commander on my list.




Number 4: Charlotte Katakuiri (Bounty 1.05 Billion Berries)

Charlotte Katakuri

The formerly Undefeated champion comes in at Number 4 on my list for he’s Great fighting skills. He’s also the second

person to push Luffy past he’s limit in the new world as well as, display amazing honor while in combat (checkout my Luffy

VS Katakuri review here). Also, the reason why I placed him over Jack is simply because of his outstanding Observation

Haki. If you subtract that, Jack beats him in every other category (in my opinion). Nonetheless, if you put he’s amazing

observation haki and awesome fighting techniques, I think he’ll come out victorious in that fight (Since the battle will be

over quickly). However, it’s still debatable because Jack has Excessive Endurance so it’s still possible for him (Jack) to keep

on fighting just like luffy in order to win (after all he fought against a country for 5 days without resting). But let me know what

you think in the comments(). In addition, he’s conquerors Haki and amazing devil fruit gives him an edge in most fights

(since it’s a special Paramecia that’s awoken). Which is why he comes in at 4th place on my list.


Now it’s just my personal Bias but I feel the Zoan Devil Fruits, are the best devil Fruits to own. I’ll discuss this on a later post.

However, this is going to be the reason I choose my next Younko Commander as number 3 on my list.



Number 3: King the Wild Fire (Bounty Unknown)

King The Wild Fire

King the WildFire is indeed a Force to be Reckoned with. Since he took out the entire Big Mom fleet with the flip of his neck.

Which he did by using his amazing Devil Fruit: The  Ryu-Ryu-no-Mi Ancient Zoan Devil fruit, Type Dinosaur and

Model: Pteranodon (AKA a flying Pterodactyl). Which was revealed in chapter 930 The reason I respect Zoans above all

other Devil fruit types is simply the fact that they can take immense amounts of Damage while fighting. Also, if you look at the

number of blows Jack received in Zou and at sea by the Admirals, imagine how kings Endurance will be??. Moreover, King

can fly and wields a sword so it will be very hard to land a hit on him. As of this moment, we are still yet to confirm the full

extent of his Devil fruit abilities (since Wano is Still Ongoing) however just knowing these things about him, is enough to place

him as number 3 on my list.


But get this

Having the best kind of Devil fruit doesn’t always guarantee one Victory in battle. Because my Second top Yonko commander

is one who didn’t have any Devil fruit in the past but was still able to conqueror his victims with an iron hand




Number 2: Shiryu Of the Rain (Bounty Unknown)

Shiryu Of The Rain


Before Shiryu of the Rain became a Younko Commander for the Black Beard pirates, he was formerly stationed at

Impel Down as the former Head Jailer. And We all saw what a force Magellan (the current head jailer of impel down) was to

Luffy and company. So you can imagine how Cruel and Bloodthirsty Shiryu was for him to be terminated of his position. In

addition to all that, he’s an accomplished Swordsman who now possesses the Suke Suke no mi which turns him completely

invisible (seen in chapter 925. ). Now all I’m about to say is purely Speculation (theories), however, I want you to imagine

for a quick moment, the Potential this gives him and where he stands in terms of Power level in the one-piece universe. Some

might argue that opponents such as Katakuri who have Amazing Observation Haki would be able to see him coming from a

mile away. But I beg the differ cause if you apply the fact that one is able to Awaken their Devil fruit, coupled with Shiryu’s great

swordsmanship, then he might become a Behemoth in the future. And he’ll probably faceoff with  Zoro who by then, will be

known all over the new world as the Greatest swordsman by the end of the series.  However, we will have to wait and see if this

all comes True or Not.




Number 1: Marco the Phoenix (Bounty Unknown)

Marco The Phoenix

I stressed earlier on that Zoans (to me ) are the Best Devil fruits, someone in the one piece universe can acquire. Well, it

should also be known that Zoans are split into several types. However, the 3 main ones that are normally seen and have the most

Destructive capabilities include The Carnivorous Types (Rob Lucci) The Ancient Types (King) and Mythical Types

(Marco). Furthermore, it’s also rumored that the mythical devil fruits are Rarer to obtain than  Logia Devil Fruits?. Which is

going to be my Main reason for making Marco my number one pick as Top Younko commander because he possesses the

Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit. Which grants him increased Physical attributes as well as

the ability to Regenerate by transforming into a Phoenix. Meaning the only way to deal damage to is by having Tremendous

Haki (like Garp ) or an Insane devil fruit (like Blackbeard) to compete with him.

Moreover, Marco is the only Known survivor of the Whitebeard pirates. Who were decimated by Marshall D Teach, who has

a bounty that’s over 2 billion berries( seen in chapter 925). And, possesses the Two strongest devil fruits known (the

Gura Gura no mi & Yami Yami no mi). So, if there’s something Marco has over other Younko commanders is

Experience.Due to the fact he was able to tangle with a Yonkou (which other commanders are yet to do) and come out Alive.

Right now he is currently keeping a low profile, however, I’m sure he’s going to make a comeback sooner or later because a

Phoenix can never Know Defeat since every time they fall, they Rise Again from their Ashes.




My Final Thoughts


As far as Younko Commanders go, they are many Honorable mentions I could have called out such as Ben Beckman for

example. However, my decision was Heavily centered on what we currently know in the Manga and Anime.  Also, just because

most of my top Yonkou commanders have insane devil fruits or amazing accomplishments, doesn’t mean they are not prone

to defeat from other characters in the Series. Nonetheless, if you were to match all the Yonkou commanders against one another

in a tournament (just the ones currently known), I feel the ones listed above will be my top 5 picks and quite frankly, the

ones I’ll be willing to bet My money on to Win the contest.


However, that’ll be all for my Top 5 Younko Commanders. So let me know what ya’ll think about my choices in the comments

below. Do you think the Top 5 Yonkou commanders listed are the best ones in the series OR, you have your own list that tops my

list hands down? Moreover, if you enjoyed what you read, feel free to share it with your friends, loved ones or anyone that’s

stoked about One piece (like me ). Also, if your interested in Japanese artifacts, check out my review of J-List Japan and

Right Stuff Anime for more info on where to procure such goods.


Thanks so much for reading my post!!! Really appreciate it??.


Until Next Time








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