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Yukihira Soma: Success Born From Failure


As much as Anime can be entertaining and exciting to most, if not all its audience, it also has the underrated ability to

inspire its viewers to act upon the things they’ve always aspired to accomplish in the real world. Even though it lacks

the Authentic and Realistic nature other forms of media may possess such as Movies, Tv shows, Games and Music, it

still does a fine job of portraying some form of Philosophy while at the same time endeavors to entertain one in a Cool or

Goofy way. There are many animes that fall into this category such as Naruto Shippuden, History’s Strongest Disciple

Kenichi, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Death Note, Parasyte the Maxim, and many more. Check out my post on Top 5

animes that will change your life in 2018 to have a feel of what I’m saying. However, the issue with these kinds of animes is

the fact that the conditions set before the protagonist are most times nearly impossible to conceive which makes it seem

unbelievable and dismissible to the eyes of viewers (especially new anime watchers).

That is why I have decided to use the character called Yukihira Soma from the anime Shokugeki no Soma to prove my

theory on how a failure can become a successful figure in the real world by analyzing he’s Persona based on three

criteria’s which include;


He’s Normal Nature

He’s Risk taking Habits

He’s Constant Self-Improvement


He’s Normal Nature

If you’ve seen the anime Shokugeki no Soma (which I strongly suggest you do if you haven’t!), then you’ll know exactly what I

mean when I say Yukihira Soma has a normal nature like everyone else. But for the sake of non-anime watchers, I will explain

further so nobody feels left out. You see, just like you and I, Yukihira Soma was born a normal boy with no lucky star over he’s

head. He wasn’t brought up in the best household nor did he get the best training needed to become the great chef (at Totsuki

Academy) he is today. Unlike his peers e.g. the Nakiri’s or the Aladini’s who have trained under Elite Restaurants or use

Sophisticated Equipment’s & Techniques while cooking, Soma continues to excel as one of the best students at Totsuki

Academy by making use of rudimentary equipment’s and resourceful cooking skills he learned from a common Diner.

Unfortunately, most people believe that in order to become successful in life, you must first possess Special or

Distinguished qualities that can aid you along your journey which often comes in the form of “Luck” or “Talent”. Usually.

you hear people voice out complaints such as “If I were lucky as him” or “If I were as talented as her” then I will be


Well, I’m happy to tell you that Success is not a Right nor a Belonging that is passed-on or given as a Title or crown.

Anyone and Everyone (Endowed, Normal and Unfortunate) has the latent ability to become successful in life and that

ability is simply Hard work. If you want to become successful at anything, you must be willing to work your Ass off

because Hard work always beats Talent & luck in any given case. The reason Yukihira Soma often comes out victorious in

most Food contest isn’t because he’s talented or lucky rather, he’s always willing to work harder than he’s opponents who

often rely on their various Gifts while competing (example the Umami Tight Rope battle between Hanyama Akira and

Yukihira Soma). In other words, if you want to be successful as Yukihira Soma, you must work hard like any Normal 

Person would and not hope for something magical or unreliable as Luck or talent.

Even though Hard work is a major factor of Success, it’s still not the only thing that guarantees victory in one’s life and

that’s because we could learn a thing or two from Yukihira Soma’s Risk Taking Habit.



He’s Risk-Taking Habits.

Now I’m sure everyone is aware that most, if not all world leaders or successful entrepreneurs would never have made it to the top

without taking some sort of “Risk” along the way. Right from the very famous Bill Gates (who took a risk & dropped out of

college to start a multi-billion-dollar company called Microsoft) to the most recent Justin Kan (founder of Twitch who took a

risk of live streaming he’s daily life which eventually grew to dominate the online game streaming platforms), have all gambled in

some way or another to achieve that, which some have yet to phantom (Success). Well, the same could be said and seen in the

life of a normal anime character called Yukihira Soma. Each time Soma participated in a food battle, he always found the need

to take his dishes a step further by taking drastic measures in order to impress the judges

. A very good example is shown in the Final Episode of Season 4 in the the scuffle between Kinkuni Nene and Yukihira

Soma. Even though Kinukuni made the perfect Soba noodles that couldn’t be beaten, Soma was still able to prepare an amazing

dish that blew hers out of the park and that’s simply because he did the unthinkable by taking a risk of using a different

flour that wasn’t necessary for the preparation of Soba.

Look, taking a risk is not an easy thing to do. As a matter of fact, it’s unnatural for anyone to willingly put themselves in

danger. However, that’s what you need in order to be successful & that’s because you’re willing to take the route that no

one else dares to embark on. So, if there’s anything stopping you from taking that next step towards achieving your goals

in life, remember this quote “The greater the Risk, the greater the Reward”.

But the final nail in the coffin, that doesn’t just make one successful but keeps you on the right track of success is the

relentless need for self-improvement just like Yukihira Soma!


He’s Constant Self-Improvement

If you’ve read up to this point, you might be wondering why I used the words “Success born from Failure” to describe the

Icon called Yukihira Soma, despite stating he’s numerous accomplishments earlier on. Well in case you didn’t know, Soma

has tasted his fair share of defeat countless times (499 times to be precise) by the hands of the great Saiba Joichiro (he’s

Father). At a young age, Soma often challenged his dad to countless food battles and each time, he lost miserably thanks to the

Age difference and Years of experience separating the two. However, the remarkable thing about this ordeal isn’t the

numerous times Soma lost to his dad but he’s endless need for improvement after each loss.

You see, Yukirhra Soma wasn’t competing for the sole purpose of beating his father but he wanted to expand his

cooking knowledge by tasting different dishes that were prepared by his dad each time he lost. This phenomenon is

commonly referred to as Growth in the real world. Saiba Joichiro made him grow (Yukihira Soma) by Competing with him

thereby Exposing him to different cooking techniques and styles which improved his cooking skills over time. That’s why Soma

was a Beast when he got to Totsuki Academy. Even though he was a transfer student who had no previous knowledge of

the culinary arts, he was still able to destroy his opponents because he had experienced many styles of cooking prior to

his enrollment in the academy and it’s all thanks to the 499 times he was defeated by Saiba Joichiro.

So, what am I Saying?

To be successful, you must be willing to Grow and to experience growth, one must be keen on trying “New” and

“Different” things constantly no matter how uncomfortable, stressful, and scary the task may seem. Stepping out of your

comfort zone is not easy but it’s the most important thing needed to attain success in one’s life because you learn more

about yourself in terms of your Strengths and Weaknesses and with that knowledge, you become creative and confident

when dealing with challenges in any situation just like Yukihira Soma does every time.



My Final Thoughts

It feels so amazing to know that characters such as Yukihira Soma, who don’t exist in the real world can have a major impact

in your life. With the number of Challenges thrown at you every day, it becomes a relief to realize those that entertain you can

also lend you tips on solving problems that plague you in the real world. Most of us who yearn for success quit along the way for

numerous reasons like fear of having little or no Talent, fear of taking necessary Risks (which is quite normal) and worst of

them all, the fear of Failing. Moreover, since I’m human and I also exist in the real world, I occasionally face some of these fears

that can keep one from reaching their goals. However, to break free from these shackles, I always go back to those anime

characters like Yukihira Soma, that inspire me with their Wits and Guts, to overcome the trials and tribulations that I face along

my own journey of success.


But let me know what you think about all of this. Do you think that anime characters like Yukihira Soma, from their actions,

can inspire one to become successful in the real world or its nothing but a work of fiction and has no place or jurisdiction in

the real world? Also, if you watch anime, I will love to know who your most Inspirational anime character is. Is it Yukihira

Soma or perhaps someone much better than him? Let it all out it in the comments below.

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That’s all for now. Thanks so much for clicking and I hope you stop by again for another read!!

Till Next Time





  1. tim

    I really like how you have breathed some life into this anime character by exploring his psychological makeup and character.  From a philosophical standpoint you’ve nailed down the things that make him a success (in spite of being a cast-out of sorts) and the driving personal traits that make him special.   I agree that risk taking and seeking to make our selves better often puts us in a better position to succeed than the majority who play it safe and stick with where they are in life.

    • Kemdi

      Your Right!! Sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zones in order to get the success we’ve been looking for just like Yukihira Soma does every time.

      Anime is something that most people take for granted but to some its the trigger to get things done in the real world. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Really appreciate it.

  2. justin

    Hey i really enjoyed this article, it was really interesting.  I have never seen this anime or even heard of it.  The anime i always watch is dragonballz and super which i am watching right now actually lol.  I have not tried any new anime out yet but maybe i should.  I always judge anime to fast and i dont like watching it if its Japanese dubbed.

    • Kemdi

      Glad you enjoyed reading my post Justin!!!

      I also enjoy watching Dragon Ball Z and other anime’s like it but sometimes, i just want to get away from the action and watch something that’s calm and filled with life lessons. However i hate watching anime in English Dubbed. Just like you, i cant stand it. The only one’s I’ve seen so far in english dubbed are Soul Eater and Death Note.

      Thanks again for your comment really appreciate it.

  3. Dora

    Great Article I found it very inspirational and most certainly true.  I have tried a couple businesses in the past, but they were not what I was looking for so I moved on to Affiliate marketing, because once i got into the mine set of owning my own business I couldn’t go back to working for anyone else ever.  I believe anyone who thinking of becoming a business owner, should step out of their comfort zone and go for it, because you never know unless you give it try .



    • Kemdi

      Hey Dora

      Im glad you found my article Inspirational. Sometimes we ask alot but aren’t willing or committed  to do the work. That is why its encouraging to see characters like Yukihira Soma go far and beyond by taking risks to accomplish their goals just as you’re doing with your business. 

      Thanks for your comment. So glad i could be help!!  


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